Taking Care of Your Car In the Heat

Summer is finally upon us, and while it may be great for your soul, the sun can do a number on your car. Fortunately for you, some of the most common summer car problems can be easily avoided. Keep tabs on your battery It’s common to hear that batteries fail most during the winter, but… read more

Emergency Apps: Smartphone Apps for Your Safety

Our phones are our constant companions – we use them to check emails, monitor bank balances, pay bills, take pictures and as technology continues to advance – even save lives. Emergency apps for your smartphone are the best way to monitor your own safety and the safety of others important to you. There are many… read more

Driver’s Guide to National Park Road Trips and Scenic Drives

Each year, millions of Americans make their way to one of 59 designated National Parks. Even though most people visit to camp, hike, or enjoy the wildlife, there are a few sections of each park that are best seen by car. Here are five of our favorite routes to check out this summer. Yellowstone National Park… read more

Memorable Family Vacation Tips

With so many distractions nowadays, family vacations are becoming increasingly important. Vacations provide ample time to step away from our other commitments and focus solely on enjoying time with family and loved ones. We sat down with two family travel experts in an effort to break down the formula needed for a memorable vacation. So,… read more

How Studebaker Shaped the IRA

2015 marks the 40th birthday of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Born under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, Congress introduced this new type of retirement plan in response to private pension breakdowns – most notably that of car manufacturer Studebaker-Packard. In 1963, Studebaker-Packard filed for bankruptcy and couldn’t afford to pay… read more

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