Understanding the Misconceptions of Manual vs. Automatic Transmission

Manual transmissions were once the standard.  But as the demand dwindled in recent years and technology improved, they’ve only grown more rare.  Pretty soon, knowing how to drive a manual transmission may become a lost art.  But before going extinct, let’s address several of the most common misconceptions associated with it.   Anti-Theft It seems far-fetched for would-be… read more

Thanksgiving Float

AutoNation Cure Bowl

In the United States, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes, and every year over 40,000 lives are lost from the disease. To better understand, prevent and treat breast cancer, scientists around the country are conducting critical research that will lead to continued advancements in the fight against breast cancer. AutoNation, The… read more

10 Essential Items to Keep in Your Car Emergency Kit

You never know when a car emergency kit will come in handy. And that’s exactly why clever car owners never drive without one. Here are ten essential items that belong inside your vehicle.   First Aid Kit Even something as small as a paper cut can become a big nuisance in the car. That’s why first… read more

Swap that Driver’s License for an Artistic License and a Chance to Win a Trip to Cancún!

At the Miami Auto Show, your car’s design could get you on a plane. As the (proud) presenting sponsor of the Miami International Auto Show, we know there’s a ton of stuff to see and do at the big event. But if there’s one can’t-miss attraction, it just might be the Cars Meet Art exhibit.… read more

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