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For many people, keeping up with the do’s and don’ts of financial issues can be overwhelming. From budgets to credit scores and everything in between, finding the right guidance can make a huge difference to your wallet. The good news is that with Ally Wallet Wise, you’ll find the resources to answer your questions on personal finance in simple and clear terms.

Ally Wallet Wise is a free financial education program created by Ally Financial that teaches consumers the basics of budgeting and credit, banking and investing, and financing a vehicle. The program contains information and reference materials that are helpful for those exploring the topics for the first time, as well as those who have more experience but are in need of a refresher.

Here are just a few of the informative tools you’ll find on the Ally Wallet Wise website:

  • A financial IQ quiz to help you determine how much you know (or what you need to better understand)
  • Free online courses covering budgeting, banking and investing, credit and auto financing
  • Reference materials, such as worksheets, checklists, an auto finance calculator and a glossary of financial terms

Ally Wallet Wise also hosts educational videos highlighting personal finance topics, such as budgeting for the future and deciphering between wants and needs.

We have additional resources for those in the market for a new vehicle. Check out Car Buying 101, featuring an expert from Kiplinger’s who delves deeper into understanding the benefits of a larger down payment.

If you’re looking to improve your financial know-how, check out Ally Wallet Wise for the resources to improve your money IQ.


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