Ride in Style: The Reason Behind Buying That New Car

When shopping for a new car, what is it that makes someone choose a particular vehicle model? About half of Americans tend to be loyal to a preferred automaker, brand, or even a local dealership, which can help to narrow the search quite a bit. And for those who aren’t loyal to a brand, reputation of the manufacturer can carry about the same weight as price. Regardless of the manufacturer or brand, there are always several models to choose from and plenty of decisions to make.

A recent J.D. Power study suggests that our vehicle purchase decisions may be all about the looks. Vehicle style was found to be the top reason shoppers decide to purchase a certain model. Car shoppers are more likely to be influenced by style than by reliability, fuel economy, or even cost! Exterior style, specifically, is also the top reason a person avoids purchasing a certain model, followed by vehicle cost and interior style.

As long as the vehicle’s style is top-notch, vehicle reliability and cost are still among the top considerations most have when shopping for a new car. Although it is looks that persuade a customer to even think about a certain model, vehicle reliability has been on the rise as a top motivator for actually purchasing the vehicle. On the other hand, fuel economy currently has the lowest impact on vehicle purchases that it’s had in the past five years.

All in all, car shoppers are willing to take the time to weigh all factors before making a smart vehicle purchase. And all things considered, they’re not likely to budge on style.

What do you look for in a new car? We want to hear it in the comments below!

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    I’m partial to the Mopar minivan, must have a moonroof. I’m single, childless, but choose a van for over all value, convenience and practical purchassing decisions for my needs in life!

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