Stay, Shake and Sit Your Way to Pet Vehicle Safety

Does your four-legged friend go everywhere with you? Does his head tilt and ears perk at the mere mention of a R-I-D-E? Trips in the car can be fun for your pet, but as a responsible owner, keeping Fido safe should be top of mind – whether you’re taking a quick drive around the block or an extended road trip.

These three tips can help you and your pet reach your destination safe and sound:

STAY in the back.

In a 2011 AAA survey, 52 percent of dog owners admitted to petting their dog while traveling in their vehicle. Putting your pooch in the backseat will help keep your focus on the road, but is getting your pet to stay there a problem? According to CBS News, safety barriers can help keep Fido exactly where you want him.

Interested in getting a safety barrier for your pet? Check out these customer reviews from before shopping.

SHAKE bad habits.

Your dog might love to stick his head out the window, but according to Animal Planet, allowing your dog to ride with its head out of the window can expose its eyes to dirt, dust, and other road debris. Even if your dog wore goggles, there are other dangers like ear trauma and injury (or worse).

SIT in your seat.

Are you looking for a product that can help keep Fido safe during an accident? A crate or harness might help. In fact, AAA suggests both devices can protect your pet, but be sure to research the pros and cons of each to find a product to meet your needs.

For more great tips, check out Pooch Protection 101: Keeping Your Dog Safe In Your Car from our friends at AOL. And don’t forget to consult your state’s laws on pet restraints in vehicles or contact your state’s motor vehicle agency before hitting the road.

What is your doggie travel preference?

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  1. 1

    My dogs are my babies, so if anything should happen (such as a car accident) I want them to be safe. I wouldn’t let my 5 year old hang his head out of the window, why would I let my dog?

  2. 3

    My dogs are crated in the back of my vehicle. The crates are attached to the body of the vehicle for added safety. When I’ve saved the money, I plan to purchase Variocages for the dogs (passes both frontal and rear collion tests)

  3. 11

    We like them to sit in the back seat and stay there. I do not want anything in my space while I am driving. Nothing hangs out the windows not even the dog. I want full view of everything at all times including my mirrors. I use all of them collectively and I avoid accidents more importantly.

  4. 14

    People laygh, but we have car seats for our two miniature schnauzers. Best purchase I ever made for them. We travel frequently and i am confident they are safe in thier care seats. They love them, a stabel place to lay down adn still see out teh window.

  5. 20
    emt loving dogs

    THANK YOU for this information. I have seen and heard from my colleagues of too many little critters taking the “hit” from crashes because the little guys were not secured in the vehicles. I will not even describe the injuries these innocent pets have experienced due to their owners poor decisions. Maybe someday, the owners will “get it.”

  6. 22

    My dog Mojo (90# boxer mix) loves to ride in the back seat and she tolerates her restraint harness, without putting up a fuss. It is less distracting for me and safer for her.

  7. 24

    My Jack Russell rides where ever he feels comfortable. In the window, on lap, or back seat. I don’t believe in restraining an animal. Its inhuman.I have never had an accident, and I also drive long haul.

  8. 28

    I choose restrained in the back seat because it is Safer in case someone hits you. My dog used to stand with his two front legs on the center console. Then one day an accident occurred and he flew to the front hitting the radio. Ever since hes laid down on the backseat floorboard once I put the car in motion. Thank God he still loves car rides.
    It really comes down to how much you love your dog. Do you love your dog enough to let him sit in your lap and get crunched between you and the airbag if something bad happened? Do you love your dog enough to let him hang out the window and a car t-bone you and then the love for your dog that you have is the tears as you stand by his grave side? Always properly restrain your dog that shows more love than anything in the world.

  9. 34

    I bought a car harness for my chocolate lab, Leia, and she took 2 minutes to tear it apart. She sits nicely in the back seat and has never been a problem.

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