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September 17th, 2010 at 10:53 am by Ally

Ally and Social Media - Ally Facebook Page

We’re an online bank, so it stands to reason that we should have a broad online presence that enables you to easily communicate with us. With that in mind, we’re creating social spaces that make it simple to connect to everything Ally.

Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date about Ally Bank (@AllyBank). We even have an account dedicated to customer service (@AllyCare) in case you have any questions or comments on how we can better serve you.

Check out our brand new Facebook Page (launched just this week!) for useful information, interesting content and the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals. We’ll also be releasing plenty of exclusive content there including your favorite Ally commercials before they air.

Our YouTube channel currently hosts all of our commercials and our behind-the-scenes shorts about making our most recent ads with the kids. We’ll also be expanding what we add there, so make sure to subscribe!

Ally Blog – Straight Talk
Lastly, there’s the thing you’re looking at: our Straight Talk Blog. Here, you can read our articles on personal finance and related issues, comment on stories and stay up to date on current financial news, tidbits and updates.

Where else would you like to see us online?

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  1. 9/20/2010
    4:37 pm
    Austin says:

    Well I’d like to see you in the Android marketplace!

    I would switch to you but I would need remote deposit and would prefer a mobile site (one that lets you manage your account) or, even better, a native mobile application.

  2. 10/13/2010
    10:01 am

    [...] list is by no means exhaustive. We’re seeing impressive social initiatives by Intuit, State Farm, Ally Bank and a host of others. The best financial services companies are listening, responding and providing [...]

  3. 10/1/2012
    6:58 am
    Hensley20Bridgett says:

    Make your life more simple take the mortgage loans and everything you require.

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