5 Great Apps For Managing Your Money

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December 20th, 2011 at 2:48 pm by Ally

Mashable recently published a list of their favorite financial apps, and we thought we’d do the same. Here are five great applications that help with everything from sticking to your budget to finding the best price on gasoline. Take a look.

Smart money management begins when you sit down and draw a full picture of your monthly income, expenses and debt. Mint.com’s personal finance app is a popular one for helping you do this. Just set up a free account on the Mint website, then download the free app for your smartphone or tablet. You can set up alerts to give you a heads up when you’ve received a large deposit, gone over a specific budget or when you need to pay a bill.

Is there anything more frustrating than filling up your tank, only to drive down the road and see another station offering fuel for less? GasBuddy is a free smartphone app that helps you avoid this scenario, pointing out the best gas deals near you. The app even has details on gas prices all throughout the U.S. and Canada, so it’s especially handy during long car trips.

Are you ever out running errands when it suddenly hits you that your energy bill is due that day? Pageonce is a convenient application that allows you to easily pay bills from your mobile device. Just choose which bill you’d like to pay, which of your accounts you’d like the funds to come from, and you’re finished. It can also be used to track your daily banking transactions and stock portfolio activity.

Tax Organizer
If you’re one of the growing number of professional freelancers, or you simply find you have a lot of work-related expenses, chances are you closely track your spending for tax purposes. Tax Organizer is an easy-to-use tax application that lets you keep detailed records of your spending. You can even use your phone’s camera to back up your receipts and export information to an Excel or CSV file. The application is free, but there’s a fee of $14.95 a month for the service.

You’ve probably stood in a store’s aisle and wondered if another place across town offered the same products at better prices. The free RedLaser app takes the guesswork – and potential legwork – out of landing the best deal by letting you scan an item’s barcode and see how much it’s going for at other stores and online retailers. All you need is a cell phone with a camera, and the insatiable itch to get the best price around.

What mobile apps do you use to make the most of your money? Have you found any that aren’t on this list?


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Responses to this post (9 comments)

  1. 12/24/2011
    7:21 am
    Phillip says:

    I use Mint. Google Shopper is good. Hoping to use Google Wallet with my Ally account soon.

    • 12/24/2011
      8:01 am
      Ally says:

      We’re big fans of Mint over here too, Phillip! Thanks for your comment and suggestions.

  2. 2/6/2012
    12:30 pm
    Joe t says:

    You’d think a virtual bank would be the first one to tackle mobile banking, let alone be the best at it.

  3. 10/12/2012
    5:52 pm
    Mark says:

    I looked all over for a link to set up interest rate increase alerts and can find absolutely no links. Help files mention it but nowhere can I find the link to set it up.

    • 10/12/2012
      5:55 pm
      Ally says:

      Mark, we have a rates RSS feed that will provide you with the most recent rates. You can find the RSS feed here: http://www.ally.com/rss/. Let us know if you have any other questions about rates. Thanks!

  4. 1/5/2013
    2:50 pm
    feYerwerks says:

    If get an ally account will I be able to use mint.com and have it link to your bank?

    • 1/7/2013
      2:40 pm
      Ally says:

      We’ve heard from many customers that they link their Ally Bank accounts with Mint.com. Please refer to Mint.com’s terms of use for additional details.

  5. 1/31/2013
    1:13 pm
    Sheridan Wendt says:

    feYerwerks, I actually heard about Ally through Mint.com. They suggested it to me and the account I created on Ally scyned up with Mint.com perfectly! :)

  6. 2/2/2013
    8:37 pm
    Nannette says:

    I tried Mint and the app could not add my credit cards. So I could not keep track of spending. The financial institutions were not available for mint to connect to.

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