Ally Bank Looks at What Americans Spend on Clothes

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  1. 1/18/2012
    8:00 am
    Denise says:

    We are too interested in saving for our future & paying off our house to purchase items that are not necessary. We might spend $300 to $400 per year on items that need to be replaced. If I need a special dress & can’t find one at a reasonable price (in my book that’s $40 or less) I call my girlfriends & raid their closets.

    • 1/18/2012
      9:06 am
      Ally says:

      That’s a hilarious but effective method, Denise! Do your friends come raid your closet when they need something from you?

  2. 1/18/2012
    11:29 am
    Ed says:

    You mean you can spend over a hundred or two for clothes a year? Maybe more people should consider going to a Goodwill store for clothing occasionally.

  3. 1/18/2012
    1:10 pm
    Sharon D says:

    I have stopped shopping in department stores for everything except socks and underwear. During the 18 months my husband was unemployed we had to learn a new game plan. Now I wear all designer clothing, dress better and spend less then $500 a year on clothing. I buy at thrift stores and charity stores. My most recent purchase was 9 sweaters for $42. The retail value on the sweaters based on their label would have been $1296. I went from wearing Walmart to Coldwater Creek and Orvis by thrift store shopping.

    • 1/18/2012
      1:16 pm
      Ally says:

      Wow! Thanks for sharing, Sharon!

  4. 1/18/2012
    4:27 pm
    laura says:

    i purchase everything except shoes (usually) and undies (always) at second hand stores. i also take advantage of a clothing exchange that is sponsered thru our local elementary school. we drop what we no longer can use and whatever we take away is FREE! it is not mandatory to drop in order to take. so i would say i spend around 150 to 200$ on myself through out the year.

    • 1/19/2012
      4:29 pm
      Ally says:

      The exchange program is a wonderful idea, Laura! More exchange programs like this would benefit many across the nation.

  5. 6/21/2012
    5:36 pm
    Mackenzie says:

    I don’t remember the last time I bought clothing in a physical store. Fabric, yes; clothing, no. The last garment I bought was a cotton slip for under tea-length skirts, and I got it on Etsy. I tried to buy one in a department store, but I was disappointed with the choices (too short, made of non-breathable polyester despite the local climate).

    My refrain in considering clothing purchases seems to have become “screw it, I’ll sew one out of linen.” It’s not the cheapest fabric, but it breathes wonderfully and lasts forever–linen is quite happy to be used & abused, washed roughly etc. No wonder it was the go-to fibre for a thousand years!

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