MONEY® Magazine Names Ally Bank “Best Online Bank” For Third Straight Year

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October 23rd, 2013 at 11:50 am by Ally

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Ally Bank has been recognized by Money® Magazine as “Best Online Bank” in America for the 3rd year in a row.   Being an online bank allows Ally to provide an overall better banking experience by offering consumers highly competitive rates and award-winning customer service.

Here’s what Money® had to say:

“Best Online Bank”

“Ally offers stellar interest rates on fee-free checking and savings accounts,” says MONEY®. In fact, the magazine adds, the Annual Percentage Yield on our savings accounts “handily beats the average for online banks across all balances.” Another plus: “Customer reps – real live people! – are available by phone and instant message 24/7.”

“A Best One-Year CD”

Recognized for the interest rates we pay on balances below $15,000, Ally Bank tied for first place in MONEY®’s “Best One-Year CD” category.

“Best Checking Account”

The magazine named ours the “Best Checking Account,” thanks to our competitive interest rates, which “outdo those on savings accounts at most banks.”

We’re very proud of the recognition from MONEY® and think you’ll also be impressed with just about everything we have to offer, including our competitive High Yield Certificate of Deposit, Raise Your Rate CD, Money Market Account and IRA accounts.

What do you appreciate most about banking with Ally? How can we serve you even better?

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  1. 12/10/2013
    10:41 am
    Jason says:

    One thing you can do better is vastly improve your mobile app on iPhone. Such features as 4-digit code authorization (after a 1-time full sign-in on the device) would help tremendously when checking out at the grocery store. Also allow sorting of accounts alphabetically by nickname.

    • 12/13/2013
      3:33 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for reaching out, Jason. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback – it helps us create a better experience for all our customers. We’ve shared this with our team and we’ll be sure to keep the community updated of any changes.

  2. 12/19/2013
    9:58 am
    Rohrer says:

    Free Webroot to protect my bank account is unheard of these days.
    Ally has the right idea when it comes to people and their needs.
    Thanks Ally !!

  3. 2/3/2014
    6:50 pm
    Les says:

    My comment is not particularly about Banking “per se”.I cannot recall ever being treated as nice and courteously as I have each time I have spoken to a representative at Ally. First, they are all real live down to earth people.Always available when I call and unbelievably pleasant on the phone. This is not the “norm” these days. It seems in many companies in serving the needs of the average (below average in my case} client or customer.” Ally,don’t change anything. Stay just the way you are! THANKS!

    • 2/4/2014
      1:43 pm
      Ally says:

      Les, your comments made our day! We’re sharing this with our team. We promise to talk straight and do right by our customers. Glad to have you as one!

  4. 2/16/2014
    7:57 am
    Star says:

    Out of many banks, when I first started young, my parents helped me opened an account at a Brick and Mortar bank, because they banked there. I’ve been there for several years. Ally bank was the first choice that I made on my own, without anyone, who I wanted to bank with. Also the first bank of opening CD’s also. Congratulations with the awards.

    • 2/17/2014
      4:47 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for sharing your story with us, Star! We love hearing how our customers came to Ally Bank.

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