4 Free Mobile Apps For Managing Your Finances

Do you manage your money with your mobile phone? More than one in five mobile phone users have used their device to access their bank accounts in the past year, according to the Federal Reserve – and twice as many plan to use mobile banking at some point.

Ally customers can enjoy the benefits of managing their finances on the go with Ally Mobile Banking. But lots of other mobile apps can make managing your finances as convenient – and many are free. Here are four that caught our eye.

Adaptu (Android, iOS) – This app promises a “comprehensive view of your financial life,” letting you create budgets and receive spending alerts. Adaptu also lets you store insurance and rewards cards, so you don’t have to carry them.

ProOnGo (Android, Blackberry, iOS) – If you’re a business owner or working professional trying to track expenses easily, this app might become your new best friend. ProOnGo helps you track mileage, send receipts, and even approve employee expenses. (Some features are available by subscription.)

Key Ring (Android, Blackberry, iOS) – If all you need is an app to manage your rewards cards, Key Ring may be for you. It lets you scan and save the bar codes associated with your loyalty programs – and even your gym membership card.

Wikinvest Portfolio (Android, Blackberry, iOS) – Need an easy way to track your financial portfolio? Wikinvest is a beautiful application that can let you manage portfolios from more than 60 brokerages.

Which free mobile applications do you use to manage your finances on the go? Have you tried any of the apps on our list?

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      That’s great to hear, Peter! Sounds like you have the right tool for managing all of your finances. How often do you login to check your accounts?

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    I like Expense Manager. It’s like Quicken or Microsoft Money. The interface is simple, and the app runs light. The best part is the customizable widget, which gives me my account balance(s). Now there’s no guesswork when I’m getting ready to make a purchase.

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    Keyring is ok, but most scanners won’t work with it. I have 6 cards in mine and only 1 place can successfully scan the bar code, and when you ask the cashier to manually input your number, you get the “you’ve got to be kidding” eye roll and gum chewing look of disgust.

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      Thanks for the feedback, Dan. This should help our community make better decisions on the mobile apps they download to manage their finances.

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      Thanks for reaching out, Maggie. We focus mainly on Ally Bank deposits. Let’s get you in touch with our Ally Auto partners. Give them a call at 1-888-925-ALLY (2559). They will be able to assist you.

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