The Continued Rise of the ATM Fee

Here at the Ally Straight Talk Blog, we often talk about bank fees and the negative effects they can have on you and your money. We reimburse all ATM fees our customers incur in the United States, including those charged by other banks, but for many people, ATM fees are an inescapable reality. We pulled together information from The Wall Street Journal and to show you just how high some of those fees are, and how all signs are pointing to their continued growth. Click on the infographic below to enlarge.

Have you noticed the spike in ATM fees over the past year? Have you changed the way you bank because of them?

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    It is great to see a financial institution (Ally) finally take a stance on looking out for the people who pay to keep them in business (customer) this is called GREAT customer service and not what appears to be greed by other financial institutions that are charging for everything or charging high fees like most ALL banks and even my credit union are doing. I feel it builds trust and loyalty for the financial institution (Ally) and is one reason I LOVE doing all my banking with Ally.

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      Thanks, Randy! Always nice to hear from happy customers. Some of the info above is really startling and we want you all to know that we’re on your side. Thanks again.

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      Thanks for that article, Juanne. We shared another on the same story on our Facebook and Twitter pages recently. Pretty interesting stuff. Hope you’re a happy customer with us!

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