Ally Asks: Do You Use All of Your Vacation Days?

Americans left $67 billion worth of earned but unused vacation days in 2010 alone.

CNN Money recently reported that Americans left $67 billion worth of earned but unused vacation days in just 2010. The average American worker used only 14 of their 18 available vacation days. Meanwhile, French citizens used 35 of their 37 vacation days, and workers in Great Britain used 25 of their 28 paid days off.

With 448 million wasted vacation days left on the table in the U.S., employees cite different reasons for staying at the office, including unsupportive bosses or even not being able to trust responsibilities with someone else. Only 38% said they used all of their time-off.

Did you use your vacation time last year? What do you think makes Americans less prone to use their earned vacation days?

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    Heck yeah I use them all! Do you cash your whole paycheck? I get 15 days of vaca, plus 10 bank holidays off. I’m out of the office 25 days a year. Plus sick days. Plus sporadic if something comes up like a burst pipe.

    Most Americans don’t even GET a decent amount of paid vacation, if any at all. I’m lucky to have what I do, and I know it. So I take advantage! And if your boss has a problem with you taking what’s given to you, that’s another issue alltogether. I’m sure in France, he’d be arrested for even suggesting you not take your 37 days!

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