Ally Asks: What Are Your Summer Vacation Plans?

Everybody loves a good vacation. Time off doesn’t just improve your health and overall well-being, but it’s also good for the economy. Spending by domestic and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $24,000 per second in 2010, according to a report from the U.S. Travel Association.

We’ve talked a bit about traveling recently on the Straight Talk Blog. Now we want to hear about the travel plans you have lined up for the summer.

So tell us – what are your summer vacation plans? Do they involve an exotic trip abroad that you’ve been saving for all year? Or have you decided to visit some part of the U.S. that you’ve never been to before?

Let us know in the comments, or tell us on Facebook or Twitter.

What are your summer vacation plans? Did you use an Ally product to save up for your trip?

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    I think we’re saving money this summer and only do a short, driving-distance vacation over Memorial Day weekend (also our anniversary). In the long run, however, we are trying to save for a much larger trip in the next year or two, so this will help with that ultimate goal.

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      Thanks for sharing this with us, Jessica! We’d love to hear more about your bigger trip and how you plan to save for it. Let us know if you’re okay with sharing your story with us!

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    Of course! I went back to college a year ago, but was only able to complete a semester before some new finance issues started getting in the way unexpectedly. Instead of dipping largely into our savings, I decided to return to work. We had learned to live (mostly, except for large “need” purchases from our savings) on my husband’s paycheck in the interim, so we decided to get the big financial issues causing us some worry out of the way and then stow my entire paycheck in savings to bulk up our emergency savings and our general savings. We have slowly been saving for a larger trip overseas to New Zealand, but decided to make that a priority as well. Each of my paychecks is automatically deposited directly to our main savings account. We then set up a once-a-month transfer of $100 from our main savings into our trip savings. We figure that within the next two years, we’ll have enough in that account to pay for the trip completely along with some bonus side trips while we’re over there.

    We’ve had to be much more frugal than we were before I left work to go to college for that semester, but the benefits of knowing that we can cover any emergency (major or minor) AND that we will be able to take a trip we’ve been wanting to take for several years far outweigh any minor inconvenience when it comes to socking the money away for when we need something instead of for temporary wants.

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      Thank you for sharing this with us, Jessica! It sounds like you have a plan and are executing it very well. Curious…are you using any Ally Bank products to save? PS hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day/Anniversary weekend!

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    Yes, we switched everything (all savings accounts and checking) over to Ally a while back (we had a local bank, credit union, and another online bank but switched everything but some local “emergency” money that’s in our local credit union). My husband and I are discussing the CD rates and options right now to see if putting some in there would be a good option for us at this time.

    We had a GREAT weekend that included a ton of hiking. Thanks for asking! :)

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