Ally Asks: What Changes Would You Like To See in the Financial Industry in 2012?

The financial industry has seen a good amount of change in recent years, not all of it positive. From ridiculous fees to declining customer service, several developments have led people to call for changes in the banking industry.

At Ally, we believe that having open conversations with our customers and the greater financial community is the first step in making positive changes in the banking industry. That’s why we want to hear about the changes you’d like to see in the banking industry in 2012.

Would you like to see the return of debit card rewards programs? Fewer bank fees? Leave us your thoughts in the comments, or tell us on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll post a round-up of our favorite ideas from you, and share them with everyone.

What changes would you like to see in the financial industry in 2012?

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    David Strauss

    “At the end of December, we’ll post a round-up of our favorite ideas from you, and share them with everyone.”

    Considering this was posted today, presumably this isn’t continuing through all of 2012.

    • 2

      Good catch, David! Our team has fixed the issue over here. Should see something in the coming weeks as far as a round up post. Thanks for your comment!

  2. 3
    Dustin S

    US Banks really need to get on board with Chip & PIN cards. I am overseas constantly and every year it becomes harder and harder to use my cards outside of the US. Why are we the only country in the world who is left behind using very old technology?

    • 4

      Sorry for the inconvenience, Dustin. A Chip and PIN card is not something we’re currently considering, but we’ll pass your comment along to the team over here. If that changes, we’ll be sure to update you on our Straight Talk blog.

  3. 5
    Matt K

    @Dustin – totally agree. I just returned from Canada and was constantly told “oh, you’re using an old card” when I used my various credit /debit cards. Their machines accept the old magnetic swipe method, but the newer chip cards seem to be the standard.

    • 6

      Thanks for the comment, Matt! We’ll pass this along to our team over here and let you know if we consider releasing this feature in the future.

  4. 7

    I would like to see more transparency ( I think that’s what you folks call it) in the banking industry.Like,why don’t you just claim that if you liked GMAC you will love ALLY since it is the same banjust now under a different name.Sincerely,FS

  5. 8
    Chris in AK

    Typo Correction:
    I agree about the transparency. I have all but loved this bank, but was unfortunate to deal with a concern on my account and had limited reliable feedback. This was mainly over the eCheck deposit system. 1) This system does not flow smoothly so that the customer service rep can understand what checks have been deposited (The eCheck is not available in Realtime like other banks…USBank and USAA) 2)One of the users on my account was discretionary not allowed the same eCheck service but then can still use my account to make deposits. The reason was far fetched and was we were given a very unclear answer, or to the reason why. For these reasons, we are now using a credit union as a back up option and will likely switch if the service continues on the downward trend. Transparency does not equal using statements that “per the deposit agreement” we can rewrite the rules.

    • 9

      We’re sorry for the inconvenience Chris. We’re working to improve our Ally eCheck Deposit and feedback like this will certainly help us along the way. We’re making sure your comment gets in front of the right people over here. Thanks again for the detailed feedback.

  6. 10
    J Richards

    I would like to see extra payment amounts automatically post (or at least after one call) to the principal and not the interest on loans. Ally Bank is the only company that I know of that you have to call EVERY time you send a payment and tell them you want the extra amount to go towards the principal.

  7. 12

    I would LOVE to see a Mobile App without a “Promise” of “coming soon”. I don’t deposit many checks but I would love a photo check deposit. I am guessing Chase (or the app company they use) Patented the function. I hope this changes very soon. I love the no fees, I love the returns on a simple checking account that does not have 25k in it and I love the customer service folks I have talked to. But I really find it hard to believe someone messed up this bad and put out the word in September that a Mobile app was coming soon when it is 5 months later and no app… I would hope this sort of lack of management and Over promising and under delivering has lead to someone’s demotion. I don’t like people being fired but demoted is well justified. Basic Customer Service of under promise OVER DELIVER should be revisited in this banks operating procedure. And a Straight Talk answer with a deadline would be great. “Coming Soon” Only leads to more angst in the users.

    • 13

      Thanks for the feedback, Dan. We understand our community is anticipating the launch of our mobile offerings. We are too! Our team is continuing to work on the mobile apps and we’ll have an update on our progress soon. Thanks again for the feedback.

  8. 14
    Aaron Wilson

    The financial crisis began with the death of the Glass-Steagall Act. Hopefully all the deregulation that turned this country upside down can be reversed. (Dodd-Frank is a start)
    It would actually be wise to just put an end to any instrument of structured finance.

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