Ally Asks: What Financial Decision Are You Most Thankful That You Made?

A lot of financial decisions are made in the hopes that they’ll someday pay off. That payoff might come as significant earned interest generated by a thoughtfully created CD ladder. Or it could be a Money Market Account used to build up a vacation fund.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we’d like you to tell us what financial decision you’re most thankful that you made. Did an early start on retirement savings lead to a big nest egg for your later years? Or did you recently manage to pay down your debt? Maybe you just switched to a new bank that doesn’t charge you for making basic transactions.

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it. You can share your story in the Comments section below, or tell us about it on our Facebook page or by sending us a Tweet.

What past financial decisions are you thankful that you made? What are some of your financial goals?

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    Scott M.

    I am most thankful that I decided to start paying myself first. I made myself the first and most important bill that got paid. If I didn’t have enough money for my other bills, then they didn’t get paid and I knew I had to earn more money. At times I’ve had to adjust the amount I saved, but ever since I started, I’ve been amazed and how it adds up. Now I feel more financially secure and am more prepared to deal with unforeseen financial emergencies. I let Ally Bank pay me interest on this savings too, and that just makes me want to save more!

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    When home values were falling we decided to refinance and pull out 100K worth of equity in our house before our value dropped far enough that we wouldn’t have 20% equity. We got a fantastic rate and had a cash reserve in case of emergency.

    Because of our foresight we were able to take advantage of a great opportunity to buy a rental property and were able to replace our roof with a lifetime roof…all financed by borrowing from our cash reserve. We have over half of it left in the bank still for anything else that might come up. It was a really great decision for us (though I know it might not have been right for everyone) and I’m really thankful for the good timing and instinct I had.

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      Wow, Amy. That’s a really great story about success and we’re very happy that you shared it with us. Good for you and thanks for letting us know!

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    Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural

    Now that my job is gone, I’m glad I decided to make savings be a real part of my life. I have enough to live off of until I get another job. That kind of security is great. You’ll be seeing one of my savings accounts with you drop when it was going up, but it’ll be going up again soon. Thanks, Ally!

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