Ally Asks: What Matters Most to You When Buying a Car?

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February 28th, 2013 at 5:34 pm by Ally

Buying a new car can be very exciting – but there are a lot of things you need to take into account before you hop into the driver’s seat. For instance, do you want a hybrid? The latest in navigational bells and whistles? Or are you most concerned with having the safest ride on the road?

Whatever it may be, we want to hear from you:

What Matters Most When Buying a New Car

Leave your thoughts in comments below.

What matters most to you when buying a new car? What’s the least important thing?



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  1. 3/4/2013
    12:50 pm
    Robert Rocque says:

    Features mean a lot but fuel economy and pricing are just as important. The question should have “all of the above” for E instead of “other”. All of these things will be taken into account when purchasing or leasing. thanks.

    • 3/6/2013
      6:18 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your response, Robert!

  2. 3/4/2013
    12:51 pm
    HAROLD E. HALL says:


  3. 3/4/2013
    12:51 pm
    Dennis B says:

    When I’m looking to purchase a new vehicle, I look for all the above options ~ not for just one or the other.
    IF every option you’ve listed above, isn’t a part of the deal; I’ll keep looking, until I find a car that does offer them all!

    • 3/6/2013
      6:17 pm
      Ally says:

      Great strategy, Dennis!

  4. 3/4/2013
    12:55 pm
    D. Wray says:

    I tend to look at the features; my husband focuses more on the ‘total package’ when contemplating buying a new or used vehicle.

    • 3/6/2013
      6:17 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, D. What are some of the features you look for?

  5. 3/4/2013
    1:01 pm
    Jackie says:

    Pricing is 1st concern, how much car will I get for my dollar without having to add a lot of upgrades- what is standard on the vehicle – leather seats, GPS systems, new safety features.

    Extra features not really applicable to driving are least concern-
    such as “BlueTooth,” or Sirius radio; upgraded speakers, etc.

    • 3/6/2013
      6:14 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for responding, Jackie. We appreciate it!

  6. 3/4/2013
    1:06 pm
    Con says:

    Safety is most important for me. All of the other choices are also important, but I don’t want to buy the cheapest made car or even the best on fuel economy and then realize it is too small and not safe enough for my family.

  7. 3/4/2013
    1:18 pm
    Pascual says:

    Most important : pricing with features included and reliability.
    Least important : the brand name (car manufacturer)

    • 3/6/2013
      6:14 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Pascual!

  8. 3/4/2013
    1:31 pm
    Lisa says:

    Of Course price matters for me. Features used to be in second. Now with the high price of gas it will have to be in 3rd place. When time come for me to trade vehicle I will need to consider one with a better fuel mileage, due to lots of traveling. Safety is also of great concern.

  9. 3/4/2013
    1:31 pm
    Doug says:

    I’m mostly concerned about price or monthly payment cost. I can decide which features I can live without on my vehicle. Fuel economy is important to me but the auto manufacturers don’t care about fuel economy. The other bells and whistles on the car can also be purchased on a new smart phone.

  10. 3/4/2013
    1:40 pm
    Lew says:

    I look at pricing as the most important, as I decide what features and fuel economy that we want and then I work with the dealership on the best price!

  11. 3/4/2013
    1:54 pm
    Bill says:

    Pricing & mileage, that is what it is all about today.

    Quality has much improved and most every car today has all the latest features.

    So what is left? Price (including finance costs) & mileage.

    • 3/6/2013
      6:13 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Bill!

  12. 3/4/2013
    1:54 pm
    Rick says:

    The most important thing to me when buying or leasing a new vehicle is the quality and honesty of the dealer service department. We have dealt with the same dealer service personnel for 20 years now. I trust them and they understand my family’s needs. I have no qualms about sending my daughter to the dealership and having her tell the service writer, “Do what the Jeep needs.”

    Everythng else is secondary!

  13. 3/4/2013
    1:55 pm
    Frank Saroka says:

    With getting up in the years a little, comfort of seats ,controls, back up camera that is usable and exiting and entering are matters of great concern.

    • 3/6/2013
      6:12 pm
      Ally says:

      We appreciate your response, Frank!

  14. 3/4/2013
    2:00 pm
    ssrock says:

    Pricing makes the biggest difference,then features.

  15. 3/4/2013
    2:31 pm
    Jeff says:

    The car we will want to purchase will have to be comfortable and be able to get in and out easily.

    • 3/6/2013
      6:11 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

  16. 3/4/2013
    2:41 pm
    eddie s says:

    safety far ahead of other options.

  17. 3/4/2013
    3:06 pm
    james says:

    depends on what it is to be used for.
    daily driver-fuel, price, features
    fun car – performance, features

    • 3/6/2013
      6:11 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for responding, James. And by the way, thank you for replying in verse!

  18. 3/4/2013
    4:16 pm
    Tammy says:

    If I were going to buy a new car I would want cheaper car payments and fuel economy. But it is my high car payments that bugs me most right now. I love my vehicle though, because I wanted four wheel drive.

  19. 3/4/2013
    4:29 pm
    Michele says:

    I prefer safety, which is the most important factor when buying a car. But I also look at the price.

  20. 3/4/2013
    4:44 pm
    Raymond Maggard says:

    Pricing and Performance matter most to me when choosing a car.

  21. 3/4/2013
    5:07 pm
    John Pag says:

    Pricing..Safety of these new vehicles is above consideration, they all are safe..

  22. 3/4/2013
    5:07 pm
    amy says:

    I have already researched all the pertinent information by the time I select a vehicle. The bottom line is price. I have already considered all the safety, mileage, and features to make my selection.

  23. 3/4/2013
    6:07 pm
    Thomas Sutter says:

    I would love a new car but at this stage of the game, cant afford one. My wife went through Ally for her new car in 2009. But she only drives 3 miles to work and 3 miles home and lets the car sit in the garage on the weekends. As of right now, she only has 21,000 miles on it. So we arent really ready to trade hers in.

  24. 3/4/2013
    6:23 pm
    ahunsinger says:

    Safety first, all are important.

  25. 3/4/2013
    6:27 pm
    Milton says:

    Price and comfort
    pickup truck lease, Dodge

  26. 3/4/2013
    7:37 pm
    Patty Dixon says:

    W look at where the new car is . service… price.. safety.. features.. warrenty.. and we dont lease we buy and always had a good experience with Ally Bank…

  27. 3/4/2013
    7:39 pm
    Jacqueline Williams says:

    The price of gas has gotten and therefore fuel economy is at the top of my list.

    The least important is luxury features at this time.

    • 3/6/2013
      5:51 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for sharing, Jacqueline!

  28. 3/4/2013
    7:53 pm
    Peri says:

    If you’re a real “car person” it becomes a combination of all of the compnents. We all want the newest with the most features and we want it now. However, unless money is not an option, fuel economy and pricing are going to go hand and hand somewhere in the deal. In a perfect, no money worries world, I would have a both Corvette and the new SS on order and keep a Z71 LTZ Silverado, Suburban or Tahoe.

    • 3/6/2013
      6:19 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Peri!

  29. 3/4/2013
    8:36 pm
    Benjamin Jackson says:

    Safety first,and space and fuel economy.

  30. 3/4/2013
    9:19 pm
    Faye says:

    I picked features as my most important when looking at a new car and hopefullly I can work on the price. Fuel economy, I feel is part of the features that I would look for and safety follows if I have picked the right features.

    • 3/6/2013
      5:50 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Faye! What are some of the feature you look for?

  31. 3/4/2013
    9:44 pm
    Rebal says:

    Safety would be first then Pricing, only because if you think of it what good is having gas prices down if you can not a ford renting a car, then it would be lower gas prices.

  32. 3/4/2013
    10:17 pm
    171399 says:

    Pricing is very important to us. If you can’t afford the car you certainly cannot purchase it. Also, we go where we can get the most car, most features we want, and the best deal. We try to get the shortest loan time possible for what we can afford.

    • 3/6/2013
      5:50 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for sharing!

  33. 3/4/2013
    10:39 pm
    Ed from N.E. Ohio says:

    Priceing & Fuel Ecomony are the two main things I look at. Then I look at items that the car comes with and safety.

    • 3/6/2013
      5:49 pm
      Ally says:

      We appreciate your response, Ed. Thank you for sharing!

  34. 3/5/2013
    4:39 am
    Helen Lewin says:

    Value – To get the best possible car for the money you pay. This includes all of the above mentioned criteria.

  35. 3/5/2013
    7:04 am
    Roger says:

    I consider all the items, but styling is just as important. I don’t want just another cookie-cutter car.

  36. 3/5/2013
    7:42 am
    JerryDee says:

    Being retired, I look for features first and price next wanting the most features i.e. heated & a/c’d seats. Fuel economy is third because we drive less than 10,000 miles/yr. and in the long run, whether the auto gets 20mph or 30mph, it really isn’t significant to us to give up the luxury and features.
    Safety isn’t as high a priority. After seat belts, air bags and all the safety features packed into the vehicle, what more do we need.
    As far as “Other”, how about original equipment tires that last more than 30,000 miles? Or windshield wipers that last more than two years?

    • 3/6/2013
      6:20 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Jerry! Those are all very important factors when buying a car.

  37. 3/5/2013
    8:14 am
    robert says:

    being restricted on mileage, going over allotted mileage, an how much extra that would cost. will it even be worth it to lease versus buy.

    • 3/6/2013
      5:49 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your response, Robert!

  38. 3/6/2013
    12:02 pm
    Mario says:

    This is a loaded question. It’s all of the above and a few other more.

    • 3/7/2013
      12:37 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your response, Mario!

  39. 3/6/2013
    12:30 pm
    Mary says:

    Features and performance is most important to me

    • 3/7/2013
      12:36 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mary! We appreciate it.

  40. 3/6/2013
    1:15 pm
    Richard says:

    All of the above should be listed as one of the choices. However, after having been injured 2 times in car accidents that were not my fault, but were caused by the other driver not paying attention, “Safety” is of utmost importance for me when considering buying or leasing another car.

    • 3/7/2013
      12:36 pm
      Ally says:

      We’re sorry to hear about those accidents, Richard. And we agree: Safety is definitely an important feature when shopping around for a car.

  41. 3/8/2013
    10:04 am
    James says:

    All of the above are equally important.

  42. 3/8/2013
    10:34 am
    Susan says:

    When buying a new car all of these are important, but when I spend my money dependability is key. I purchase a new car and drive it for years, my last new car had 300k miles on it when I replaced it.

  43. 8/11/2013
    2:52 pm
    B Mills says:

    Safety is first, that’s why we drive pickups; visability of whats happening around you is the most important to avoid troubles while driving; there’s no price on life it self. Drive what works best for your needs.

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