Ally Asks: What’s the Best Thing You Did All Summer?

August is over, and while the official start of fall isn’t for a couple of weeks, many people are already talking about their summers in the past tense.

We want to hear from you about the best thing you did this summer. Did you take a vacation using money that you put away in an Ally account? Perhaps you tracked how much you saved in ATM fees by using an Ally debit card. Or maybe you just went surfing for the first time and want to share a picture of you riding your first wave.

Whatever it is you accomplished this summer, we want to know about it. We’re looking for pictures of your memorable summer experiences. And if Ally helped get you there, we want to know that, too. You can send us your photos by posting them to our Facebook Wall or tweeting them to us. We’ll then collect our favorites and share them with our community in a couple of weeks.

What was the best thing you did all summer? Have you already started planning great experiences for next summer?

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    Yolanda Romero

    Every kids dream is to get their first car at the age of 16, my daughter was no different. We shopped around and found a nice red Chevy Cobalt for her and worked with Ally for the loan. We had the car delivered to our house, put a blind fold on my daughter and walked her outside to her new car. She was so surprised she had no words to describe her feelings. All she could say was “oh Wow!!” over and over again. Thanks Ally for all your help in making our 16 year olds dreams come true.

  2. 2

    The best thing I did all summer was move my banking to Ally and my residence to a new house. My new place is much more suited to what I need and I’ve just started finishing up some projects and started to move in. Last week I was looking for a ceiling fan and I found an awesome LED light at Lowes so I picked it up. The next day there was a $5.00 deposit into my savings from Ally. A perk! I didn’t even realize there was a perk for Lowes active. All I had to do was spend over 50 bucks and use my card. Too easy, I mean who uses cash anymore anyway? Honestly though this summer was the first in my life where my bank PAID ME and nit only never charged me to use an ATM but reimbursed every cent these PNC, BOA, and TD Bank ATMS charged me. I

  3. 3

    Went to the Guadalupe river for some river tubing! Oh dang, everyones hungry for some hot dogs but no one wants to pay the ATM fee. I whip out my Ally bank ATM card and buy everyone food. No ATM fee for me :)

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      Ha! That’s a great story about convenience, Lee! We hear a lot how nice it is to not have to go foraging for an ATM without a fee. And river tubing sounds pretty amazing too.

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