Ally Asks: When Did You Become Financially Independent?

The Fourth of July is almost here. As you prepare to celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s independence, we’re asking you to think about your own independence – specifically, your financial independence.

Simply defined, “financial independence” refers to the point at which you can afford your basic necessities without help from others. In the ideal sense, that might mean having enough money so that you no longer need to work. Or you might think of financial independence as the moment you can stand on your own two feet without monetary support from Mom and Dad.

So what does financial independence mean to you? And when did you realize you were financially independent? Tell us on our Facebook page, Tweet us or leave a comment below.

How do you define financial independence? When did you become financially independent?

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    Dan Ryan

    I’ve never been financially independent. There’s always taxes, fees, the wife, more fees, more taxes, the kids, more taxes, bank charges, more bank charges, etc.

    • 2

      Dan, our definition of financial independence is referring to your ability to do things on your own without relying on others for financial assistance. From what you described above, you’re already financially independent!

  2. 3

    I saw the headline “Financial Independence From Mom and Dad” but there are several articles of them and all of the “articles” are vids, NOT text. So, how about it? Are we supposed to remember everything that we are told simply by listening to the vid? please.. if you take the time to make a vid, take the time to also add in the text for those that would like to print it out and keep it.

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