Ally Asks: Where Did You Go on Your Winter Vacation?

For a number of sublime days last winter, you saw your savings at work. Maybe you were relaxing on a faraway beach, skiing down a black diamond slope, or lingering in a Parisian café. Wherever you went on your winter vacation, you saw your money well spent.

While you were away, you might have taken photos worthy of publishing in National Geographic, or at least worthy of posting to Facebook. If you did, we’d love to see them.

Share your photos with us on our Facebook Wall. We’ll highlight the best and create an album. And while you’re on our Facebook page – or on our Twitter page, or in our comments section below – tell us where you went, what you did there, and how you spent your vacation money. Was it for an unforgettable meal? A restorative day at a spa? An amazing performance? Tell us about it.

With winter finally over, it’s time to start looking ahead. In no time, you’ll be snapping pictures of your summer vacation.

Where did you go on your winter vacation? How did you spend your money there?

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