Ally Asks: Where Do You Draw the Line for Nonsense?

We all know there’s a lot of nonsense in the world, but how long does it take for the average consumer to finally say enough is enough?

We asked more than 1,000 people how much nonsense they were willing to put up with from banks, lawyers, cell phone providers, doctors, and even hairdressers.

We found that it takes an average of 2.3 bad experiences with a financial institution for people to take their business elsewhere.  But, breaking it down a bit, 42 percent of men said that just one bad run-in with a bank would be enough to send them packing.

Meanwhile, 54 percent of women said they would leave a personal care provider, after only one bad experience.  But looking at all respondents, regardless of gender, the survey revealed that people would leave such a  professional only after an average of 1.9 negative encounters.

Take a look at our findings below and see how your threshold for nonsense measures up.

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    I just read the results and it seems like a litany of comparisons between apples and oranges.

    E.g., The interpretation suggests that tolerance might be age-related based on this sort of evidence: 43% of young adults would leave a financial institution after 1 bad experience, whereas 49% of older adults would leave a travel company after 1 bad experience. How does that support the conclusion? Are financial institutions the same as travel companies?

    I don’t count this as a “bad experience” with Ally, but it’s mildly disconcerting to have my savings with a company that doesn’t seem familiar with comparing apples to apples.

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