Ally Asks: Would You Rather Have Free Gas or Your Dream Car?

Purchasing a car can be quite the financial endeavor – and sorting out the associated costs of ownership takes careful planning, too. But what would you do if someone asked you to choose between a lifetime of free gas and the keys to your dream car?

We asked over 1,000 Americans this exact question. Their clear preference may surprise you at first, especially when you look at the Chicago Tribune’s list of top dream cars and their price tags. But the results make more sense when you consider that the typical American household spent about $4,155 – 8.4 percent of their income – at the pump in 2011, according to The Blaze.

Would you rather have a lifetime of free gas or your dream car? How have you coped with rising gas prices?

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  1. 1

    I’d take my dream car, which is the Tesla Model S. The gas problem takes care of itself.

    If you’d like to send me a Model S for having the best answer, I’d be happy to provide you with my details 😉

  2. 5

    My dream car…Yukon Denali! I work from home so gas is not a problem unless we are traveling. That is the point at which I start to panic!

  3. 6

    Free gas for life…definitely. Cars come and go, and my dream car today may not be my dream car in 10 years. Plus, the dream car of today would be getting old in 10 years, even if I still liked it. But with free gas, I could afford to upgrade every 5-10 years.

  4. 8

    free gas for life is better, because my “dream” car changes every few years and I like getting new cars. Now if it’s NO CAR PAYMENT for life on whatever I want to drive, I’d choose that over free gas :)

  5. 9
    Ida M. Thomas

    Regardless of the make or model of your car, all it does is get you from point A to B. You need gas to make it move. So FREE GAS is my choice.

  6. 10

    Dream car, I’m 63 years old and in very poor health. So just let me enjoy the rest of my days, note days instead of years, Ford mustang with 750hp, ha,ha. yeah.

  7. 16

    I finally got my dream car but at a high gas price, since it takes 93 octane for the high performance engine. So, needless to say, free gas for life would be a wonderful thing for me.

  8. 17

    I already have my dream car, my ’63 split window coupe corvette, but I wouldn’t trade it for free gas for life!!! My ’09 Dodge Mega-Cab 3500 uses diesel anyway and gets 22 mpg on the highway.

  9. 20
    Blond on the river

    Without a second thought I’d take the free gas. Gas prices, even now, keep me from driving where I want and when I want…What good is a fantasy car if I can’t afford to drive it. I have simple tastes anyway.. I don’t buy used but I don’t go crazy either so gimme that free gas and I’m outta here!

  10. 23

    i would take my dream car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the money that i save from not having a car note, i could afford the gas and be a help to others. everyone have a safe and blessed Christmas may all your dreams be given unto you!!! pray for healing of our world!!!!!!

  11. 25

    While the Tesla Model S is a fine choice, especially if Ally is going to give one away, I’ll keep my preference with the free gas!
    Thanks for asking. Now, Ally, IF you’re giving the gas away, please just fill up my account!

  12. 26

    I would like to have my dream car. Why, well whatever car you want should be if concern how much gas it going to use. If its a V8, or a V10 you might want to consider driving it slow and on weekends. If you buy a smart car well that is common sense . It will be your daily work and run errand type of car to save on gas. But gasoline will soon be out of the picture in the near future and electronic will take over its just a matter of time.
    My dream car the Super Snake Mustang from Ford is my dream car.


  13. 27
    Sendy Romero

    Definitely free gasoline without thinking, the car of my dreams can wait for when I retire and I can enjoy. My children are very small and would not let me enjoy it.

  14. 35
    Fireman Ed

    the free gas let’s me afford to have any car I want and not worry about milage. Although I do like that Tesla Model S, I think I might opt. for something bigger that would fit my family lifestyle and cargo needs a bit better.

  15. 36

    Always free gas… day my car will be paid for, but I will always have to pay for gas. Any chance of getting some free gas??? LOL

  16. 40

    I’d like my dream car paid in full! I can deal with the gas prices, but paying a car note, insurance, and gas prices are a bit much at times.

  17. 42

    Do to the fact that im totaly disable and on a fix income for life i would reather have the free gas and keep the upkeep of my truck. And keep on keeping on with life.

  18. 52
    Carol B

    I’m dreaming of the free gas
    Just like it’s never been before
    Where the highways beckon
    The Garmin reckons
    I hear traffic evermore

    I’m dreaming of a tall gas pump
    Beside the door of my garage
    Where I smile at the nozzle
    And my van can guzzle
    Oh yes, it isn’t a mirage

    ‘m dreaming of a free road trip
    With every Rand McNally page
    May just “Full” be writ upon your gauge…
    And your miles be costed out to Zip!

    Merry Christmas!
    And may all your Christmases be white

  19. 54

    Seventy years old, retired and driving about 5000 miles a year, I think I could afford to put gas in a Bugati Veyron at 14 mpg and something over 200 mph top end I probably wouldn’t be driving very far.

  20. 59

    I should would like to say a corvette, but at 64 , i cannot get in and out of 1 now—so i will say a snazzy caddy, sure am tired of my 2001 explorer, but i will keep on dreaming-and spend my little extra cash on my 1 and only 6 yr old grand daughter–thanks for asking though–now i have to go buy a lottery ticket—Merry Christmas

  21. 62
    Brian B.

    I chose the dream car because … potentially, gasoline powered cars might not exists in the not-so-distant future. So gas for life could end up … not being for life after all. :-)

  22. 68
    randy Lester

    i would like to have gas for life than a dream car i already have a dream car an truck that is the only ones i will every need yes the free gas Randy

  23. 74

    i would like my dream car as well. i would like a 63 lincoln continental sedan with suicide doors. black on black. i don’t drive much so this makes sense way more than gas for life. i would love and rub and hold my lincoln tight. i promise. please give me my dream car. i will take you all for a sunday drive i promise. my dog gets the front seat though. :) thanks for your consideration.

  24. 76

    I would take the lifetime of free gas. My wife and I both are driving our dream cars already. Me in my Chevy Silverado pickup truck and she in her Kia Sorento with the heated seats and sun roof, just to mention a few of the bells and whistles it has. Thank you.

  25. 78
    Ken Shaw

    To cope with the gas price, I just insert my credit card and don’t look at the total cost. Then just hope I can pay it off at the end of the month.

  26. 79
    Ramon Martiez

    Free gas meand unlimited driveing, thats what I want, I can always by my dream car and drive it without worry if I could just have the free gas.

  27. 100
    MaryLee Midgette

    My husband and I are on very fixed incomes, we have a car but not enough money to barely keep it on the road throughtout the month, absolutely would want gas!

  28. 103

    I said I’d like a Corvette ZR1 yesterday. I know there are a lot more expensive exotic supercars out there but I’m a GM guy. I don’t want just any ZR1 either. I want the white one from the rocket building commercial with Tim Allen doing the voiceover. Its an incredible ad if you’re into factory built streetcars with more horsepower than the race version. Oh yeah, can I get a couple sets of tires with that?

  29. 107

    I chose the car, but the laughs I got from reading some of these is what I really needed. Thanks for keeping humor alive, Merry Christmas To All!

  30. 111

    My dream car would cost over $100,000, gas over my life time would cost less than $30,000, plus I have my dream car now, not over my life time. This is a no brainer.

  31. 113

    Please send the Tesla Roadster to my address and I will have my dream car and not have to pay for any gas. Kind of my cake and eat it too.

  32. 114

    The Tesla Roadster uses 6,831 small “commodity” lithium-ion cells—the same kind used in mobile phones and laptops—to provide 0-to-60-mph acceleration under 4 seconds and a real-world range of 150 to 240 miles, Keep your gas, I would not need it.

  33. 123
    Patty Mac

    Gas prices are so bad already that I’m considering moving to the North Pole. I suppose everything from there would be downhill, so I can just put the car in neutral and go.

  34. 131

    Free gas will last longer than any car these days and gas will never not be needed in my lifetime! Electric cars will never replace gas or maybe CNG or another medium for over the road travel!

  35. 141

    Free gas for a life time is worth a lot more then just a dream car, if I could save the money I spend on gas would be a great deal for me and more practical. It would actually be my car payment.

  36. 143

    If I had my “Dream Car” I wouldn”t be able to pay the taxes and insurance on it much less the gas costs. I woldn’t be able to enjoy it now. But with free gas I could save up for a better vehicle than the old clunker I drive today! Free gas definitely!!
    My dream car? Black on black Lamborghini Diablo.

  37. 147

    I’d prefer the free gas. We travel to Upper Mich every summer
    and the gas prices kill us.It’s 1800 miles. The further north you go the higher the price.

  38. 153

    I recently purchased a 2012 Dodge ram to pull a travel trailer. My parents sold there home and helped buy the trailer. We all dreamed of traveling different places.However gas is so high now we cannot take very many trips. So yes I would gratefully take the gas over my own selfish want for a dream car. Family time cannot be replaced, but dream cars can.

  39. 155

    Its a no brainer i would choose my dream car because for one it would be paid for and second being a mechanic i know that gasoline will be around for a while so gassing up versus a car payment, ill take the gassing up. Its much cheaper than a car payment!!!!!!!!!

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