Ally Bank Asks More Questions About ATM and Bank Fees

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  1. 5/12/2011
    11:55 am
    Robert Prather says:

    I think it is #1 – Talking to a teller.

  2. 5/12/2011
    12:52 pm
    nyc317 says:

    Talking to a teller sounds like it could be the answer because someone has to pay for the employed person, a teller rather than the other three choices that need no middle man to take action on their account.

  3. 5/12/2011
    1:38 pm
    Johnny Long says:

    I am absolutely sure it’s #2. After the Durbin Amendment, banks are looking to recoup on lost revenue by charging annual fees on debit cards.

    • 5/12/2011
      4:06 pm
      Ally says:

      Really liking the feedback, guys! Don’t forget to vote on our Facebook Wall too if you haven’t already:

  4. 5/12/2011
    5:38 pm
    Vicky says:

    I’m going with #2 also, but from my point of view using a debit card is only good if you actually have money to cover the amt being charged. Either was which ever the answer is I can’t see as any of the choices make sense, I just keep saying I’m glad Ally operates the way they do and am glad to continue keeping money there.

  5. 5/12/2011
    5:48 pm
    Amy says:

    I would go with the debit card fee. I can only imagine a teller fee would lead to more fights about why there was a fee and if it was a legit (non-fee) teller transaction. But I would also bet that they start staffing fewer and fewer tellers at banks so the lines are long enough that people don’t want to wait for a teller.

  6. 5/17/2011
    10:49 pm
    Dan says:

    Regarding ATM fees, I’ve always wondered: what does it actually *cost* to run an ATM? It’s not free — the machines cost money, they use electricity, need to be refilled, etc. ATM fees seem ridiculous, but without any data, I can’t tell whether banks are gouging customers or fairly representing their cost to provide a service.

    If I get $100 from an ATM, how much does it actually cost to get those five twenties into my wallet? I’d really like to know.

    • 5/17/2011
      10:50 pm
      Ally says:

      It’s a really interesting question and one that we’ve actually addressed before, Dan. Check out our blog post on The Real Cost of ATM Fees for the details: Short version of the answer? The average cost to a bank in the U.S. when a customer uses an ATM is just $0.36. With fees coming from both the traditional brick and mortar banks and the ATM averaging just over $4 now, it could mean big business for some banks.

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