Ally Bank’s Interest Checking Account Named One of 2010′s Best by Kiplinger’s

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  1. 4/16/2011
    2:46 am
    Yomar says:

    really appreciate ally bank philosophy of talking straight. That is what we your customers want. A bank that we can trust! But don’t just sit to wait until some other banks acknowledge the no fee, free, no strings bank strategy. You will have competition. Specially with the free stuff. But, have you ever asked yourselves…”what could be better than free?” I got the answer, ally… Free + giving!! yes, why not give your customers? I’ve got some suggestions, like bonus points we can redeem for cash added to our accounts, or maybe some cash back % when we use our debit card from our checking accounts, or maybe a link online where we can get discounts from major online sellers…OR MAYBE ALL OF THEM!! Why not, after all, ally, our customer satisfaction is the guarantee of your financial healthiness and subsistence at this times. A happy customer makes a happy Bank, don’t you think?

    • 4/16/2011
      2:50 am
      Ally says:

      We made sure to respond to your comment on Facebook, Yomar, so rest assured that your feedback has been heard! Thanks again for the kind words and suggestions!

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