Ally Bank Looks at What Americans Spend on Coffee

This week, the Ally Straight Talk blog is examining consumer spending, to find out what the average American spends on everyday costs like gas, dining out and clothing — and where in the U.S. these expenses cost the most and the least. Today, we’re looking at the average spending on the commuter’s best friend: coffee. recently examined where in the U.S. we buy the most coffee – and found that the famously caffeinated states of Washington and Oregon lead the pack in terms of their number of coffee purchases. There, the average citizen buys 14 to 16 cups a month. In Seattle, that helps put them at the top of the list for average monthly coffee spending with a whopping $36 a month going to java, followed by $34 in San Jose, California. In fact, the 10 cities with the highest spending on coffee are all west of the Mississippi River.

Looking to the east, you’ll find consumption is highest in the Northeastern states of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, with citizens also buying between 14 and 16 cups a month. Customers in West Virginia, Delaware, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina buy between 8 and 10 cups a month on average, significantly less than any state on the West Coast, according to Mint.

Top 10 Coffee Citis

How much do you spend each month on coffee?
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    Typically, when I am at work, I consume an average of 4-5 cups of coffee. Luckily, my employer provides the coffee, so my spending is at a bare-minimum. In the morning, I brew my own, and do not spend a lot of money on gourmet lattes’ or other types.

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    I spend $3.54 on coffee every morning, seven days a week. That is $1,292 per year. I also brew coffee at home in the evening twice a week for bible study and dinner with friends. The coffee I use is $17 per lb. I go through a pound of coffee every 2 months, so that’s an additional $102 per year. Grand total = $1,394 per year…Its worth every penny.

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