Ally Bank Wins Best of the Web for Customer Service Innovation

We often hear people on Facebook and Twitter raving about their customer service experiences with Ally Bank, but even we were a bit surprised–and flattered!–to find out that Netbanker had given us a 2011 OBR Best of the Web award.

Since 1997, Netbanker’s Online Banking Report has conferred awards upon financial institutions that provide cutting edge online banking features to their customers. They’re particularly big fans of the timer on the Ally Bank homepage that tells you exactly how long you’ll have to wait to talk to a personal banker. After running down a list of all the reasons they love this, they declared, “It’s a complete win-win.”

At Ally Bank, customer service is important to us. That’s why the timer on our homepage is just one of the many things we do to provide an outstanding customer service experience. Whenever you call us, you’ll always get a real live person. We also offer live chat on our site and answer customer questions on Twitter and Facebook. And the best part is we offer all of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What’s your preferred method of contacting an Ally Bank representative? Are there other things about Ally that you think set us apart from the rest?

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    I think that you should add the ability to receive balance alerts via text message, I always have my phone on me and on the go banking is essential for me. That is why you also need an app out. For such an innovative bank, I think that ally isn’t living up to its potential with the technology that we all are used to and expect.

    • 2

      Thanks for the suggestion, Jeffrey. We’re definitely working on a mobile solution for you, so keep an eye out there. Hope we can be even better for you soon enough!

  2. 3

    Do you guys have any dates set for new features such as the iPhone App, Balances alerts via SMS, eDeposits, etc… I see eDeposits have been announced but i still dont have that option… :(

    • 4

      We’ll have some news about that for you in the near future, Dwane. Thanks for your feedback, and please stay tuned! Regarding eCheck, Can you give our customer service reps a call at 877-247-2559 and let them know you’d like to be added the next “eCheck Deposit roll out.”

  3. 5

    yes, i agree. i like using text messages to find out my current bank balances and get alerts from my other bank accounts. I am an ally customer and i hope you guys implement this feature, which is especially helpful for users who don’t have data plans on their phones. Thank you for reading and passing on our ideas and concerns!

    • 6

      We appreciate your feedback, Puneet. Passing this along to our team over here. If the features are implemented, we’ll be sure to post updates on our blogs. Thanks!

  4. 7

    It would be very awesome to be able to take pictures of checks on the Iphone to cash them just like Chase has on their App. It would make Ally bank that much more convinent and compettive.


    • 8

      We’re currently working on that feature for our second mobile rollout, Tyler. It’s scheduled to launch later this year. Stay tuned!

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