Ally Bank’s Game Show Debut

The Ally Bank wedge on the Wheel of Fortune

Photos by Carol Kaelson

Did you catch us on Wheel of Fortune last night?

Contestant Jennifer Renna of Chatham, New Jersey, took a 5,000 dollar checking debit card courtesy of Ally Bank after landing on the Ally wedge and correctly solving the puzzle.

Jennifer auditioned in June and made it through the final stages, a process involving written puzzles and multiple practice games. But when she didn’t hear from the show, she was worried that she didn’t make the cut.

“I didn’t hear anything,” she told us. “Then after 5 weeks, I got a letter saying I was chosen.”

Before she knew it, she was on stage with Pat, Vanna, and that famous wheel.

Was she nervous?Jennifer Renna with Pat Sajak and the Ally Bank wedge after she won the $5,000 prize.

“I’m very competitive and was pretty stressed out when I went out there,” Jennifer said. “My husband was so nervous for me, too.”

She says it’s that competitive spirit that fueled her solid performance. Right after hearing that she’d be on the show, she and her husband went to work.

“We had been practicing for weeks. [My husband was] helping me by creating puzzles,” she said. “We’d play every night, and it definitely helped me a lot.”

Now, after her big win, Jennifer’s still thinking ahead. She’s putting a portion of her winnings into a savings account and possibly building a college fund for her daughter.

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