Ally Bank’s New Commercial: Turning Skeptics Into Believers [VIDEO]

This week, we launched our latest TV commercial that shows why “Your money needs an Ally.” Watch below to see how our leading customer service and ease of banking wins over one particularly cautious customer.

Read more about our new ad campaign here.

Check out our new TV commercial above, then tell us how Ally Bank has won you over.

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    The ad that aired on GolfChannel today: Boss Wins, was way below your usual quality. Both my wife and I saw it and said, nearly simultaneously: Stupid, not funny, juvenile, probably written by kids in the creative department who don’t know anything abut golf, golfers, or people who watch Golf Channel.

    Drop it before Ally gets a bad name. —- Please.

    The other stuff is so much better — Especially “Surprises” and “New Things”.

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