Ally Celebrates Giving Back Month

At Ally, we believe it’s important to give back. That’s why each November we celebrate Giving Back Month – Ally’s annual giving event when we further amplify our year-round spirit of giving and organize volunteer events across the country.

Each year, our associates show true spirit and commitment in all of our communities, and we applaud their generosity and efforts by matching their contributions.  Last November, we collectively volunteered more than 2,100 hours and donated more than half a million dollars. And our efforts continue throughout the year, with events such as a co-sponsorship of the pre-game tailgate for the AutoNation Cure Bowl, and our support of Junior Achievement during Financial Literacy Month each April.

“Whether we are teaching financial basics to young people or addressing more urgent needs through food banks and homeless shelters, we’re demonstrating the true spirit and commitment of being an ally in our communities,” said Gina Proia, Ally chief communications officer and head of corporate citizenship. “The commitment by our associates to improve our communities and give back is a reflection of our leading culture.”

This Giving Back Month, we’re encouraging everyone to join us in supporting their community and share stories of their volunteerism.  Please share your story in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter using #AllyGivingBack and follow our efforts at @Ally.

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  1. 1
    Rhonda Smith

    I know your programs are wonderful and so are the many volunteers that you have and this is a program recruitment of volunteers. But , I have an urgent request if you could possibly help. I know a mother that left an abusive now ex spouse and just recently through the housing authority just got into a place of her own for a fresh start with her five young children and is in very bad news of two matching day beds with the pop-up trundles underneath and was hoping you might be of assistance to help me to locate these for her. I have very limited income and have helped her with other things but I can’t provide the children with these beds that they have need of far more than toys and was hoping that if your program could be able to help you would be so kind to consider this if at all possible. With all the Christmas programs to get children toys it’s very hard to find anyone that could help with providing the much needed beds for them. I Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this request. Have a beautifully blessed Thanksgiving. PS: These children truly would be very appreciative and totally whether have beds than a bunch of Christmas gifts. It will get them off of the cold floor and blanket pallets they are sleeping on now.

  2. 2
    Kenneth Bush

    We will have to agree to disagree on this issue. As one person commented, she has a specific need which she would like to see met. If, instead of your giving away funds to causes about which your customers and stockholders have no input, why not give the money that you would give to these causes to the customers and stockholders so that they can make informed decisions as to where it should go? The policy of corporate giving is wrong. It takes money which belongs to the stockholders and gives it to causes about which the stockholders have no say. It is much better to give the money to the stockholders as dividends and let them decide the causes to which they will give.

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