Ally Mobile Banking: Answering Your Questions

Ally mobile banking will arrive in 2012, and we know many of you are eager to learn more. Here, we’d like to answer some questions we’ve received and give you more insight into the upcoming Ally mobile experience.

What can I expect during the first phase of the Ally mobile rollout?
We’ll be rolling out Ally mobile banking in several phases during 2012. During our first rollout in early 2012, you’ll be able to:

  • Log in and see your account activity, balances and a detailed transaction history.
  • View your checking, savings, and IRA account details.
  • Transfer money between your Ally accounts.
  • Find ATM and cashback locations.

What can I expect from later rollouts of Ally mobile?
Later in 2012, we’ll add even more mobile features including the ability to send money to other people with Popmoney, the ability to move money between Ally and other banks, paying bills, the ability to make check deposits with your phone’s camera, plus more.

Which devices will Ally support for mobile banking?
The first rollout of mobile banking will feature native applications for Android-powered phones, as well as the iPhone. During this first rollout, you’ll also be able to access your Ally Bank accounts from any web-enabled phone through its mobile web browser.

What about BlackBerry and Windows users?
We’re working on a BlackBerry application to be released during one of the later phases of our rollouts in 2012. Before then, BlackBerry and Windows users will be able to access and manage their accounts through the web browser on their web-enabled mobile phone.

We want to make sure we’re addressing your questions and including you in the conversation so feel free to contact us about mobile banking via Facebook or Twitter. We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress, so be sure to keep your eye on the Straight Talk blog for further details and updates.

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  1. 5

    The lack of any increasingly specific ETA is comical. Everything is “coming soon” or early next year. The technology exists. Other banks are doing it already. Your sliding interest rates, delayed deposits and lack of any mobile support (app or optimized site) are a joke. What are you all working on back there? Security and encryption standards exist already. You tout your openness. Tell us something more that “we take it to heart” or “we hear you and are working hard” this all feels like lip service. What is a clear and actual reason why it is taking so long and moving at a glacial pace (deposits will not even be on the initial release of an app taking over a year to get here) to get to us. When will it be here more specifically than a six month window. I hope you really do take our frustration to heart. With your sliding interest rates and lack of accessibility it is getting harder and harder to stay a fan despite my wanting to badly.

    • 6

      We understand your frustration, Jared, and appreciate your comment. Our work has been on making sure we put the best product out there. It’s been a trial, but we’re confident in the progress we’ve made here. While an exact ETA isn’t available just yet, we have one here that we hope to get you sooner than later. The feedback is appreciated though and we hope to keep you as a fan.

  2. 8

    I agree with Jared. It’s just so frustrating. My goal is to never have to see a teller again. USAA have been letting their customers deposits check by phone for a while now. What’s taking Ally so long?!! eCheck alone took months and months of rollout. I’m done bragging about Ally to friends and family. Take that to heart! If a better product comes out, I’m leaving in “early 2012”.

    • 9

      We sincerely appreciate the comment, Carter, and want you to know that we are working on and making progress behind the scenes in moving towards a better mobile solution.

  3. 14

    Any news or progress on being able to deposit checks by phone? As Carter mentioned, USAA has been letting their customers do that for quite a while now…. It’s a very cool option to have!

    • 15

      We’re definitely working on it, Damon. It will be in one of the later updates for our mobile apps slated to come out in 2012. We’re looking forward to it too!

    • 21

      That functionality will be included in one of our later mobile rollouts in 2012, Rachel. We’ll keep you posted with updates on this end, though!

  4. 24

    This is pretty bad. I used to tell people that they should switch to Ally because of the refunded ATM fees. I no longer recommend them because I’ve been with them for over a year now and have been reading “coming soon” regarding mobile for that entire period. It’s so ridiculous for an online bank to have no apps or even a mobile site going into 2012. The “early” timeline is not helpful either.

    Also, it is really disappointing to see that check-scan depositing is not in the list of early features. That would address the bank’s one major disadvantage compared to brick-and-mortar banks. I just checked my local credit union, Bellco in Denver. They have a mobile site, banking via SMS and an iPhone app. Now, I’m wondering how long into “early” 2012 I wait for Ally before switching.

    • 25

      Thanks for your comment, William. We want you to know that your sentiment is definitely noted, and we are passing each and every one of these comments to our team over here.

  5. 26

    I would to strongly suggest that you start developing a Windows Phone 7 app. The platform is gaining market share pretty steadily. It would great for you guys to support all major platforms, seeing as how you’re an online bank. It would just make sense to support everyone, not just those with iPhones and Android phones.

    • 27

      Thanks for the feedback, Ryder. In addition to our iPhone and Android apps, we’ll be launching a mobile optimized web experience in early 2012 that you might like to try. Thanks again for your comment, though. We’ll be sure to pass it along to the team here.

    • 29

      A credit card is currently not in the pipeline for Ally but if that changes in the future, we’ll be sure to let you , Ricky! Thanks for your comment.

    • 31

      Our first mobile launch will start in early 2012 and will focus on iOS and Android Apps, Victor. We will have a mobile optimized version that you might like to try for the WebOS platform. Here’s more information for you:

    • 33

      Thanks for your patience, Tony! We’re very close with the beginning roll out of Ally’s mobile offering. We’ll have more updates for our community soon.

    • 35

      We’re almost there, Tyemoe! We’ll share the launch of the mobile apps with our community on the Straight Talk blog once it’s ready to go live.

  6. 36

    Now that its 2012 is there an actual ETA for app release? I joined ally assuming there would be soon, but I am getting tired of waiting and I am considering switching again if one will not materialize soon.

  7. 38

    So depositing checks with the mobile app will not be available until late 2012 now? You guys do realize that is the most important thing you will be rolling out right? Not to mention that feature is more important to your customers than it is for other banks that already have this feature! Right now it is downright time consuming and AWFUL to try and make a deposit with the scanner.
    I am really starting to regret my decision for switching to Ally because of this.

    • 39

      Thanks for being patient Patrick. We’re working extremely hard on the mobile apps and continuing to improve our Ally eCheck Deposit service as well. Thanks for your feedback, we’ll definitely pass it to our team over here.

  8. 42

    Is there a way we can get added to a beta test list for the mobile deposit feature coming in “late 2012.” I would love to be part of the consumer test and provide my feedback to Ally.

  9. 44

    I would like to see more alert options. I am interested in being notified regarding every withdrawal transaction that takes place on my account, yet there isn’t even an option to be alerted of any withdrawal activity- say, alert me if a withdrawal occurs above $100. Please submit to the project management team and put this suggestion in the queue for implementation.

  10. 46

    honestly, for a bank who’s only presence is online this should have been done much sooner. It does not take a year to develop a mobile banking application. Please provide your customers with a REAL Timeline not just a “coming soon” smoke screen.

    • 47

      Our mobile solutions are very close to launch. We’ll have an iPhone and Android, along with a mobile optimized site in the first rollout with additional features coming in the second rollout.

  11. 48

    I am surprised that Ally has not realized customer’s patience is running low. I switched to Ally last year (June) from a major competitor. Where is the mobile app? When can I expect an announcement on at least a release date? Saying “soon” or “we’re very close” is not “straight talk.” In fact with all the clear frustration from your customers it feels more like a slap in the face. I am beginning to regret my decision and without at least an update soon I will be switching back to my previous online bank. You can’t “thank me for my patience” anymore, I have very little left.

    • 49

      Thanks for your feedback Ken. We truly do understand our customers’ desire to see these apps released, and – trust us – we are just as anxious as you are! We’re working extremely hard on the mobile apps and are almost there. We’ll have an iPhone and Android app in the first rollout, with an additional rollout later in the year.

  12. 50

    Considering Chase Bank already has an app that does everything Ally is proposing here, I can’t imagine what is taking so long. This is existing technology. I was part of the angry Bank of America crowd that left. At least BoA had a mobile app that allowed me to manage my account. Too bad I left before they reversed their decision …

    • 51

      We’re very close to the launch of our mobile banking apps. An iPhone and an Android app will be released during the first phase of the rollout. We’ll have an update for our community as soon as we can.

  13. 54

    I just switched to Ally thinking it had a mobile app/mobile check deposit functionality…glad I haven’t closed my other bank accounts yet. I’ll be switching back until the “online bank” mobile app is developed. My fault I didn’t read closely…another lesson learned on assuming. Reading some of the frustrated customers above…not sure how the development of a mobile app as slipped through the cracks for so long.

    • 55

      Trust us, we hear you Carl. We saw your comment on Facebook as well. We understand that you’re anxiously waiting for our mobile release. We’re anticipating the release as well and we’re working extremely hard on getting it ready to release to our customers. We appreciate your patience and we’ll have an update for our community as soon as we can.

  14. 56

    1) Yes copy CHASE’s technology on the phone app. It’s the best one. Especially the deposit via phone camera option.

    OTHER GOOD ADVICE TO Improve ALLY in General
    2) ALLY also needs to change its overdraft rules a bit. They allow you to connect overdraft to your savings account but will only withdraw in increments of 100 and it counts towards your 6 transactions or 600 dollars without fee. So if you overdraft one payment of 700 your going to get charged even if you have a million dollars in your Ally savings.
    3) With Ally to Ally transfers make it instantly available like ING.
    4) Dont charge foreign transaction fees like Capital One.

  15. 57

    P.S. Having a soundboard like this is genius. Hope the company bigwigs heed some of the suggestions here and implement them. It will only make Ally better.

    • 58

      Thanks for the suggestion, Travis! And we hear our community’s need for a mobile solution. We’re working hard to meet those needs and will provide an update soon. So stay tuned!

  16. 60

    Forget this “early Q1” nonsense. Tell us an earliest and latest date and what the status of development and testing are. We are all adults here, don’t hedge with vague generalities designed to keep you from missing a date. In fact, ‘early Q1’ does have a date it’s Feb 15th. After that it’s officially not early Q1.

    Just give us some information.

    • 61

      We hear you, Chris, and we’re working hard to get the mobile apps to our community as soon as we can. We’ll have an update with for our community as soon as we can. Thanks for being patient with us.

  17. 62

    Having switched from wells fargo, I’m quite disappointed in the mobile support ally has. Considering the fact that you have no physical locations, i would expect that you would at least attempt to make your web experience as competent as possible. You really should’ve had mobile apps the day you opened. You guys really need to get this done, and quickly, or you WILL lose customers.

    • 63

      We hear you, Josh! And we’re working hard to get our mobile offering ready so we can roll it out to everyone. We’ll provide an update just as soon as we can.

  18. 64

    Everyone needs to calm down. They’re working on it. Would you rather they release an app that’s full of bugs? Defer to their judgment, they know what they’re doing.

  19. 65

    Can you incorporate some sort of checkbook register info the mobile app? Some place to log pending transactions that may not show up online yet. That and some budgeting tools would be good too.

    • 66

      Thank you for the suggestions, Dave. We’ll pass this information over to our team here. We’ll update our community with a blog post soon, highlighting the upcoming features of our first mobile rollout. Keep an eye out for that!

  20. 67

    It is probably safe to say that the Ally team would be the first to admit that not having a mobile app already in place is a significant customer relations issue. With that said, one would hope that the Ally team is making every effort to have a successful launch of their first app and not disappoint their customer base. I’m sure they understand it needs to be a WOW experience. Not much room for disappointment at this point. Good luck to the Ally team and look forward to the initial offering.

    • 68

      Thanks for your patience and understanding, Matt. We’re eagerly anticipating our mobile offerings, too, and will work hard to get them to our community as soon as we can. Look out for an update on our Straight Talk blog very soon.

    • 70

      We’ll have an update on our progress soon, Ryan. We want to make sure we have everything in order before we release our mobile offerings to the community. Look out for that update soon.

  21. 71

    Anyone defending this is crazy. An online-only bank without a mobile app is unacceptable. And you would think after having to wait so long that the first release will be one of the best, but they are only offering basic features (no echeck deposit or billpay). If we have to wait so long for just basic features, you can imagine how long it will take for the next releases to come out. I’m glad I didn’t move all my accounts over here because I’m switching back to a Real bank.. No ATM fees is cool, but not worth this inconvenience.

    • 72

      We hear you and understand your concern, Earl. We’ll have iPhone and Android apps during our first rollout, but you are correct there will not be mobile deposits in the first launch. Mobile check-deposit with additional features will come in our second rollout, later this year. Thanks for your comment and we really appreciate your patience.

  22. 73

    Hey, I’d rather the app be “right” rather than “right now” to be perfectly honest. Besides, Ally’s site looks pretty good on my iPhone and iPad, so no worries.

    • 74

      Thanks for your patience, Larry! We’re working hard to get the mobile apps to our community as soon as possible. We’ll have an update for our community soon! Stay tuned for that.

  23. 75

    I think everyone has to realize something—the mobile app means nothing without mobile deposit!!! You can check balances already on your phone’s browser, so ally’s first rollout will be pointless. Ally, don’t even bother until you have the capability to do mobile deposit.

  24. 77

    I chose Ally over a local bank that already had a mobile app when I switched from Bank of America a few months ago. I’m thinking this was a huge mistake. In retrospect, it makes zero sense to join an online-only bank that didn’t launch with a mobile app or even a competent mobile version of their website. If the app doesn’t roll out in February I’m going to switch to First Tennessee, which already has a great mobile app that allows for check deposits via the camera. I don’t see how it’s possible an online-only bank is behind in technology compared to a statewide bank based in the South.

    • 78

      We appreciate your patience, Adam, and understand the anticipation for our mobile offerings. We’re working hard to get the mobile apps to our community as soon as we can. We’ll have an update on our Straight Talk Blog soon. Keep an eye out for that.

  25. 80

    Lots of complaining around here. After calculating that BOA cost me around $600 dollars in fees (I’d list ’em but there are hundreds) switching to Ally has been a blessing. I really don’t mind mailing in a check every once in a while :)

    • 83

      We agree, Travis. While we don’t have an exact ETA on the mobile offerings, we’ll update our community on our Straight Talk Blog soon. We really appreciate your patience.

  26. 84

    If there is not a more specific date posted as to when mobile banking / mobile deposits will be added you will lose me as a customer.

    • 85

      We’re sorry to hear that, Eric, and appreciate your patience. Our team is working hard on the mobile offerings and will have an update for our community as soon as possible.

  27. 86

    If something went wrong in development, say it and live up to the Straight Talk name. Hey, just come out and say it anyway so we don’t have to read another comment telling us to look out for something “soon.” I’ve already set my direct deposits to go back to my old bank account. If you guys can’t even give a new timeframe other than soon, why should I stay? I honestly have never had a problem at my big bank. The only reason I came over was the interest rates, but I’ll trade the <$10 a year for the modern convenience of mobile access – something everyone else has and has had for some time. It's not even mobile check deposit; I would really just like to see my money situation while out and about. I'll begrudgingly stick around until March 1 but if there's not an update besides soon by then I'm done with this experiment. On second thought, I'm pulling the plug tomorrow morning if you reply to me with soon. It's absurd that this blog is titled Straight Talk and you've been recycling the same non-answer for a month.

    • 87

      We hear you, Max, and appreciate your honesty. We want to ensure that we have the best mobile experience for our customers before rolling anything out. We’ll pass your feedback along to our team over here.

  28. 88

    It’s me again… I agree with Eric. I work with programmers and know how projects take longer than they are projected to. So, I understand why you’re hesitant to give us a date and then suffer our wrath when you have to postpone. But believe me, at this point in to February of 2012, I’m in complete agreement with Travis (above) that you need to give us a time. Soon IS too vague. Whatever you think the date really is, add 60 days. Just give us a date. It’s probably the only thing that’ll keep me from ditching you guys by the end of the month and going to my local bank like I’ve mentioned on here before.

  29. 89

    I’m shocked at all the people here wanting a date for the release of a mobile app. I mean… .really?!?! Quit being so pushy. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can to get this to us. I want it too, but I’m not complaining about it.

  30. 91
    Jay Tavares

    As a programmer myself, I totally understand the delays that plague software development; however, as a software project manager, I also know the trap of “not good enough” thinking that terrorizes most software projects. It’s so common for developers and other stakeholders to get caught in a cycle of endless improvement and bug squashing in order to create a great initial product, all the while delaying the initial release again and again (and maybe even losing customers.)

    I sincerely hope this isn’t what’s affecting Ally, because it’s a difficult problem to have. Since it’s a banking app, security should be the only well thought out/refined aspect. Secure access to the app and encrypted communication between the app and the back end. Everything else should be “just good enough.” And when I say “everything else” I mean a couple features MAX. Maybe only one. Just give us the ability to see our balances to start. Use a product like GetSatisfaction to gather user feedback and then use that feedback to gauge the importance of all those other features you’re planning. (and maybe even trying to “perfect” right now.)

    It’s much better to get a small useful product into the users hands than none at all. Judging by how long Ally has been working on this app, I think it is probably “good enough” to release today.

  31. 93

    This article should be studied a bit by the Ally Marketing team, as this was a horrible announcement. Take a look at how apple announces a product, let people say/speculate whatever, then about a month or so before releasing a new product announce the product with an EXACT date of release. People prefer that rather than coming soon with something. Try telling your girlfriend you’re going to propose soon and keep postponing it with no date in sight, and see how that turns out. Yeah that’s what I thought.

    • 95

      We agree, Travis, and we’ll have an update on our progress for our community soon. Stay tuned for that on our Straight Talk blog! Thanks!

  32. 96

    Ditto on all the “hurry up” comments. What’s the hold up? Chase, USAA, and others already have an app that does deposits. Wells Fargo has an app that lets you work with your account. What’s the hold up? This is the biggest annoyance of working with Ally. Get your act together and release the app. Please!

    • 97

      Thanks for your feedback, Mark. We’ll pass this along to our team over here. And we’ll have an update on our mobile progress for our community on our Straight Talk Blog soon.

  33. 98

    The appropriate response to all of the comments is the release of the app…not another “we understand” or “we agree” …if that were the case then the app should be on our phones. c’mon.

    • 99

      We understand the anticipation, Mark. We’re working to ensure the best mobile experience for our community. We will provide an update on our mobile progress soon. Stay tuned for that.

  34. 100

    It must be nice to be all of these people and not have any real problems besides not being able to access their banks website from an app. You can still access the full website from your cell phone you know? Works fine for me. I’m using my iPhone to type this up right now. Afterwards I’m going to pay a bill with it. Ally may be a little late to the whole “mobile banking” game, but they’re also pretty late to the whole “being a bank” game. USAA and BofA and whatnot have all been around far longer than Ally, and have a larger base to work with.

    I’d like to thank Ally for having an interest rate on their checking accounts, returning all my ATM fees, and for working on a mobile app – even if there is no concrete date yet. Everyone else, please calm down and find something serious to get so upset over.

    • 101

      Thanks for your support and patience, Steven. We’re continuing to work on the mobile apps and will provide an update on our progress for our community soon. Thanks again for your comment!

  35. 102

    I will for sure be switching to Chase or USAA if this is not figured out by the end of Feb. As for everyone who says that we are being too pushy, look at it this way: we are giving our money to Ally in return for certain services. If services are promised and not delivered or delayed then we have ever right to be upset. Especially, when these services are standard at other companies.

    • 103

      We hear you, Rick, and we’re working to ensure our mobile applications provide the best mobile experience for our community. We appreciate your patience and thanks for your feedback.

  36. 104

    The frustration outlined by customers here is very simple. Given that Ally is an online-only bank with a physical infrastructure that is negligible, we have every right to be perturbed with the lack of online functionality.

  37. 106

    i see the app seems to be a low priority for ally . i use ally as like a back up and would want to use it as my main bank but like the app , its not a very good “ALLY” for customers . have high hopes . love the commercials .

  38. 107

    Here we are, half way through the first quarter. Yet, we have nothing but empty promises from a bank that claims “no nonsense” and for “straight talk.” We have yet to receive a concrete update in nearly four months (realistically, its longer as the past couple blog posts haven’t really been much of an update). That is nonsense. Peoplesense is providing an actual update including an expected date of release. Peoplesense isn’t pulling our chain by saying “very close” or “very soon” for four months. Ally has failed the PR test in this area, a massive disappointment for me, when your biggest claim is to listening to customers and not giving us the run around. I am disturbed at the lack of respect Ally has had towards their customers in regards to this issue. Ally says I should expect be able to expect more from my bank, clearly if you expect more from Ally it leaves you with nothing but disappointments and inconveniences.

    • 108

      We hear you, Steve, and appreciate your feedback. Our team is continuing to work on the apps for our community. We’ll have an update on our progress in a Straight Talk Blog post soon. Stayed tuned for that.

    • 110

      We appreciate your patience, Tom. We will let our community know about our mobile progress in an upcoming Straight Talk blog post. Look out for that.

  39. 111

    @steven: Not if the Ally Bank website segregates people who do not use popular devices and hardware. Try to login to ally bank on a nokia e71 it won’t let you! Also I’ve tried to even use Opera which is a modern web browser and even then they won’t let you. Please do not reply that Opera might not have a certian feature or anything because of every feature comming to IE was already introduced in Opera years ago.

    • 112

      Thanks for your feedback, Tom. We’re always working to improve our online banking features and feedback like yours will help that process. Sharing this with our team over here. Thanks again for your feedback.

  40. 113

    Your announcement on October 25th, 2011 has really not been updated with fresh information just short quips to questions, comments, and complaints.

    Just as everyone above I am also eagerly awaiting the release of an iPhone application. How about posting a serious update to the development status.


  41. 115

    I’m not in a rush to have the product, but after nearly 4 months of “coming soon” all I want is something a bit more concrete about a date. Can you at least say Q1?

    What would be incredibly insulting is if we’re consistently told “soon” and “nearly there” and the other meaningless words that have been shared… and then suddenly a “It’s here!” and the product is launched.

    You can consistently add and improve behind closed doors for years and years. If Ally would just commit to a date, then the effort would switch to FINISHING it rather than having much more flexibility in terms of what to add, how to do things, etc. Products like these are never *finished*, they are simply released, and improvements happen throughout the lifetime of the product.

    Ally is supposed to be *the* cutting-edge online only banking experience, and they are BEHIND brick-and-mortar banks and credit unions. So there is actually *NO* reason to use Ally, when I can have everything Ally currently offers AND MORE by using a physical credit union. Free checking, ATM refunds, overdraft protection, interest checking… AND I can deposit checks instantly from my phone or a physical location, use mobile banking to move funds anywhere, any time… and most importantly to me…

    I CAN MOVE FUNDS BETWEEN ACCOUNTS 24 HOURS A DAY. It is absolutely infuriating that between the hours of 8pm and 11pm PST (11pm-2am EST) EVERY DAY, Ally does a “system update” which prevents me from moving funds between my accounts. SERIOUSLY? For 3 hours a day I can’t manage my finances, all I can do is LOOK at my money?

    Dear Ally: You are supposed to BE our Ally. You consistently prove to me that you’re against me, and honestly if it wasn’t for the fact that switching banks is months of arduous labor and annoyances I would be closing all 6 of my accounts immediately.

    Your posts say that you appreciate our feedback and communicate our suggestions internally. PROVE IT. SHOW us that you care about your customers. Give us a release time frame for the features that we ALREADY USE with other banks. Improve your online experience. BE the bank that you say you are.

    • 116

      Thanks for your feedback, Tamir, and we appreciate your understanding. We will update our community on our Straight Talk Blog post on our mobile offerings. Stay tuned for that! Thanks again for your feedback.

  42. 117

    Tamir, unfortunately the app has been “coming soon” for over a year. Then it was “early 2012” and now it is just “in 2012”. I opened an account with alliance credit union (online, has the features we want from Ally) in case I get even more frustrated with Ally.

    • 118

      We appreciate your patience, Dan. We will provide an update on our mobile progress for our community on our Straight Talk Blog soon. We hope you’re otherwise a happy Ally customer.

  43. 119

    I’m just opened a Bank of America account. This whole “app” thing for the phone has been said to be release for too long and nothing have materialized. Then we find out you don’t got a check deposit option for the app. Closing my account with Ally. Thankyou for the short run

  44. 120

    I just got an email from citibank saying that they have rolled out mobile deposit… Where is ally? I have been keeping my saving with you… But I won’t wait much longer… Going to the scanner is really painful vs snapping a photo

    • 121

      We understand the anticipation for the mobile apps, Rod and we’ve updated our Straight Talk Blog with an update on our mobile progress and a targeted mobile launch timeframe. More information for you here!

  45. 122

    After a certain point “It’s Coming!” and “We appreciate your feedback” start looking like “We don’t know what we are doing right now, we’re trying to figure it out”!

    I’ve had a BofA account for years and their mobile app is top notch. I still bank with Ally because of other benefits, fees and interest rates. However, that can only keep me going so long. Spend the money on a few top notch mobile programmers and you will more than make back that money… stop delaying this stuff.

    You keep saying you hear us… well hear this. You spend money on commercials, mirror that amount to paying some good programmers. A commercial may pull in a customer, good products keep a customer.

    This post is brought to you by the customers who are getting fed up and are soon to leave.

    • 123

      We appreciate your feedback, Brian. We’ll pass this along to our team here. In the mean time, look out for a blog post on our mobile progress.

  46. 124

    I too need a way to deposit checks through a mobile app on my Android phone. Is this not going to happen? If not, I will have to move my money somewhere else.

    • 125

      Our mobile apps are definitely coming, Joe! Mobile deposit via phone won’t be in our first mobile release, but it will be in one of the following releases.

  47. 126

    I’m sure it’s taking so long to roll out because this is an extremely technologically advanced app. The most advanced bank app ever. No way it takes this long for your average run of the mill bank app right Ally?

  48. 127

    Hey Guys – Thought I’d report that today in the mail I received an update to the account holder agreement that says Mobile Banking will be coming out in April. It was basically a bunch of legal jargon, but it did mention that the service would start in April. Hope that makes some of you feel a bit better about the delay. FWIW, using a scanner to deposit is really not that much of a pain. My fiancee has one of those camera phone deposit apps, and she has to retake the pictures all the time because it’s hard to get it to be just right in the frame. It takes me less time using the scanner.

  49. 129

    I got a new online banking agreement in the mail that referenced mobile banking AND an app. Can we get an official release date?

  50. 130

    I just take the picture using my iPhone and the PayPal app. Then I wait a few days for it to clear, then I transfer the money to my Ally bank.

    Takes forever, and Paypal has been accepting check images over my phone since October 2010 I believe…

  51. 132
    Eric Spencley

    It’s march already. Is there any guess when the Ally Bank app for iPhone will be ready? I consider march early 2012. If ally is all about customers, then please get this app out. Not having an app is the one thing that does not secure me to ally. As soon as I get the app, I will be locked in. Until then, I’m not so sure I will stay.

  52. 133
    Thomas Horton

    I just opened my Ally account today. The whole process was technically plagued with errors, and it required 20 minutes on the phone with customer service. I still don’t have money in it, despite two accounts linked to it. They said it may take three days for the microdeposits to show up.

    Then I investigated PopMoney. Cool to send, but you can’t receive PopMoney.

    Now there’s no mobile app, and nothing of when one will be available accept “soon.”

    My first impressions as an Ally customer are not exactly roses and lollipops.

  53. 134
    Dan Krause

    I’ve been waiting for a long time to get a useful mobile app for Ally. I haven’t gotten rid of my local bank accounts yet because Ally is dragging their feet on getting an app working. And even when they do finally get one it will be of no use until it has mobile deposit. Even the local WI bank here has a mobile app. What’s taking so long?

  54. 135
    Biff Webster Jr.

    I’ve been depositing checks on my iPhone with Chase for over a year. I got an Ally account so I could get better customer service. Now I have to wait for more months just to get it here? Sorry Ally. I like you, but not enough to give up iPhone check deposit.

  55. 137

    I just wanted to post quickly and say that I was about to move my accounts from Chase to Ally, and then I found this thread. I almost fell out of my chair when I realized the premiere online bank didnt have mobile check deposit. Thats a deal breaker for me.

    I guess I am back to looking for other solutions.

  56. 139

    It’s become increasingly challenging to promote Ally amongst my friends as other companies continue to roll out mobile check deposits. Can we get this app out already so that I can stop using State Farm bank for depositing checks?

    • 140

      We’re working as quick as we can to get the apps into the hands of our community, Harry. We appreciate your patience and thanks for your feedback .

  57. 141

    I am looking for an online bank and I was trying to chose between Ally and ING. From reading the questions here, I have became concerned with the statement of one poster that EVERY night the bank performs a “system update” that makes it impossible to do any online banking… 8-11 PM is prime time for paying bills in my family, considering that we all work until 5-6 PM…

    Could anyone confirm?

    I am relieved that the mobile app is coming in April… I guess for now I can live with just scanning the checks.

    • 142

      Calvin, our system updates follow a schedule and don’t happen on a daily basis. Also, the mobile eCheck Deposit feature is scheduled to be available during our second rollout. We’ll update our Straight Talk Blog on our progress. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  58. 143

    Seriously guys, Ally is the best out there now, I was a long member of ING and once they were bought by Capital One, I was outta there. Yes they don’t have the app up yet, but you can use the site on your phone in the mean time, if your lives are TRULY that chaotic where it’s too much work to do the latter until the app is up and running… then buy a tablet.

    • 144

      Appreciate your support and understanding, Alex. We’re very excited for our upcoming mobile apps and working hard to get them into the hands of our community. Look out for updates on our Straight Talk Blog. Thanks!

  59. 145

    @Calvin, I’ve never had a system update affect me paying my bills online or transferring money from one account to another. I don’t believe the system updates are as frequent as you heard. Ally has been great so far! Way better than my local credit union.

  60. 146

    @Calvin, I can confirm. 8pm-11pm PST, or 11pm-2am EST, Try to go online and move money between your accounts. You will see that it’s scheduled to happen “immediately” but will not reflect in your available balance. When you then call, they will tell you that their system is doing planned system updates, and the funds will be available once that window closes. I have been caught by this OVER a dozen times; since I can’t check balances on my phone, I’ll have to step out of a bar if my card account doesn’t have enough $ in it, and try to move it from my main account. And when you talk to them on the phone, they will tell you that yes, this happens *every* night. Call a customer agent and ask them yourself, if you don’t believe me.

  61. 147

    Further first impressions for anyone else considering Ally. I just tried to deposit my first check using Ally’s eCheck and a scanner. After several failed attempts in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (and another failed Hail Mary attempt on my phone), I called Ally customer service to see if they could help.

    The good news, their customer service phone line is awesome. Zero wait time, and the person I talked to was competent and fast.

    The bad news, for security reasons new customers are not allowed to use eCheck for a month after signing up! They fail to make this clear beforehand. Understandable security, but totally lame communication.

    I didn’t think switching to an online bank would force me to use snail mail. The stamps are less expensive than other bank’s fees, but my time is more expensive. Maybe I need to reconsider this decision…

    • 148

      We’re sorry for any inconvenience and miscommunication, Michael. Ally eCheck Deposit is available to all customers and you do not need to wait a month to sign up. The only difference with new customers is their funds may not be available immediately. In addition, we do offer the option to transfer from a non Ally bank account. We will have one of our agents reach out to you and we hope you hang in there and begin to see you made a good choice in banking with us. Thanks, again!

  62. 149
    Jason Wilson

    I have an Android phone and I just tried the mobile website, has anyone else had an issue with this as well. I tried like the guy told me over the phone. Is there really a website for mobile phones and what’s up with this Android app coming out, I’m ready for the instant access, we are in 2012 not 1960

    • 150

      We hear you, Jason. We’ll have an Android app available in our first mobile launch. We’re still on schedule to launch the apps in April. Look out for updates here, on the Straight Talk Blog.

  63. 151
    Michael G

    I agree with Jason. What’s the hold up? It shouldn’t take this long to develop an app. With as long as it has taken, this should be the best banking app on the market…..

    • 152

      We understand the anticipation for the mobile apps, Michael. We’re working to get a secure banking app for our community and we’re still on schedule to launch the mobile apps in April.

  64. 153
    Juan U

    Geez, how long is it going to take you guys to develop this? This has been out for so long for so many other banks, waiting for your might not make it worth the low interest rates we are getting…. C’mon, don’t disappoint us….

    • 154

      We understand the anticipation for the apps, Juan. We’re looking forward to them, too! We’re still on schedule to launch the apps at the end of April. Look out for updates on our Straight Talk Blog.

  65. 155
    Denise P

    I just spoke with an Ally bank rep and she said the Android mobile app should be coming out anytime next week. Is this really true? She said it was.

    • 156

      Denise, Ally is releasing mobile banking to a small group of employees as a final quality check step and our plans are still on track to have it in the hands of our customers by the end of April. We appreciate your patience.

  66. 157

    I just joined ally and made a search for an android app and was shocked to find there is none. It never even crossed my mind that an online only bank would not have a phone app.

    From what I skimmed through on this 6 month old topic I think I joined at a good time with the app comming out this month right?

    It’s not going to be a huge thing for me but the camera deposit thing in the app is what I want to see the most.

    • 158

      We’re happy to have you here at Ally, Michael. Our mobile apps are still on schedule to launch in April. Ally eCheck Deposit through mobile is scheduled to roll out later this year. Look out for updates on our blog.

  67. 165

    Well, here we all sit. April 23 @ 2pm EST and no app. After literally MONTHS of promises, it’s crunch time for Ally and I – for one – have little faith they’re going to pull off a release. If THEY were confident, we’d have already heard a firm release date. 5 days to go in the month. Wishing for the best, expecting less.

  68. 167


    I think you all do a fantastic job. Don’t listen to the haters out there. They just don’t understand the security and programming involved to release a mobile application. I for one have no problems logging into the website from my iPhone. I would rather wait another 6 months for a great app, than one that was released early only to find it has several bugs and possible security issues.

    • 168

      We appreciate the understanding and support, Russ. We’re still on schedule for our mobile apps launch. We’ll update our community once we’re ready to go live with the apps. Thanks again!

  69. 169

    On this blog ( ally had mentioned that they working hard on a mobile app on 8/13/2010 at 3:05 pm. If my maths is good, its been 1 year and 8 months since then. I work in a technology company and this time is more than enough to implement much larger applications from ground up.

    Even after all this delay i am still hoping the app will be in my app store by 30th April (considering apple take up to 10 days to approve an app).

  70. 172

    Four days till the end of April. it’s disappointed that a Bank big as ally does not have an smart phone app. Even when it does come out it will not have any bill pay or picture check deposit, will come out after. A credit union I belong too all have these features.

    For the time being I will remain at ally but I’m actively working for a new bank.

  71. 173

    I don’t want to come off sounding rude, but “still on schedule” tells us nothing. There really is no schedule; Early/Spring 2012 is a rough guestimate, not a schedule. I really do not want to drop, but I can’t help but wonder what other areas might be behind the times.

  72. 174

    Ally has become not only an inconvenience to work with but a major disappointment from my initial excitement. The novelty of crediting back the ATM fee was nice at first but this seems to be offered by many banks now. The interest rates on checking and savings are also similar to other banks. The echeck deposit is a pain to work with and there is no way to do this on my iPhone or iPad. This is also disappointing. Lastly there is no mobile banking app yet and it’s 2012. Think about that for a second… The April promise has been the only thing that has kept me hanging around but I’m skeptical as the final days of the month approach. It’s such an inconvenience to switch banks but out of principal I will be moving all assets from Ally at the end of the month if the release of the mobile app is pushed back yet again.

    • 177

      A Windows Phone mobile app is currently not in the pipeline for our next release, Jay. We are recommending that Windows Phone 7 users use our full site at since it has full functionality. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  73. 178

    Its September 18 just wondering if there is a timeline yet on the second phase of the rollout. Check deposits by phone are desperately needed. I hope its not December 31 when phase 2 comes out.

    • 179

      Andrew, the second mobile rollout is scheduled to launch within the next few months and is expected to include the Ally eCheck Deposit feature for mobile. We’ll have an update for our community as soon as we’re able to. Stay tuned!

  74. 180

    When are you going to make a Windows Phone 8 application? I and a growing number of people love our windows phones and want you use ally on them to make deposits. Its sad that I currently have to keep my Bank of America account just so I can use their mobile check deposits.

    • 181

      Hi, Tim. Thank you for being an Ally Bank customer. We are working on a Windows app and hope to share a timeline with our community shortly.

  75. 186

    Ally Banking App will not open on my HTC One M8 (Verizon). It used to, and for a long time worked fine. Then I started getting a warning every time I tried to log in that they were encountering system errors. But that’s been for over a year now. Help!?

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