Ally Returns to Wheel of Fortune

Longtime readers of Straight Talk may recall having seen Ally Bank featured as a prize wedge on Wheel of Fortune’s spinning wheel. Well, last night we appeared again. Ally Bank sponsored a $5,000 wheel wedge that was picked up by lucky winner Alyssa Pautsch of Albany, Oregon.

Pautsch told us she prepared for her game show debut by playing the Wheel of Fortune game on her iPhone and watching episodes of the show that she recorded on her DVR.

“I was really nervous!” she says of the time leading up to the show’s taping. “But once you’re up there, you kind of get into the zone. But I also sort of don’t remember any of it; it all went by so fast!”

Pautsch currently attends Oregon State University where she studies accounting and works at the campus veterinary teaching hospital. The treasurer of her sorority, Chi Omega, Alyssa plans on donating a portion of her winnings to Make-A-Wish, her sorority’s charity of choice. She also told us that she plans to use some of the money to cover her college expenses and do a bit of shopping before dropping the rest into savings.

Alyssa grew up watching Wheel of Fortune with her family, and is thrilled to have walked away with winnings totaling $10,650 in cash. All of us here at Ally couldn’t be happier to have contributed to her significant haul. Congrats, Alyssa!

What would you do with $10,650? Have you or anyone you know ever appeared on a game show?

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    We saw this one, and my husband caught my attention by saying, “Hey, Ally’s on Wheel of Fortune tonight!” We’ve been spreading the word to family and friends about Ally, so it’s good to see you on television to help them keep you in mind, too.

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      We’re thrilled to hear you caught us on tv, Jessica! And thanks for spreading the word about Ally! Did you enjoy the episode?

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