An Update on Apple Pay

Your mobile device is your co-pilot. You pay your bills together, share a calendar, and shop as a team.

We get it.  And we love it.

That’s why we’re excited to share that we now support Apple Pay®. This feature is available on iPhone® 6 or 6s Plus (with iOS 8.1 or later), iPad Air® 2, iPad mini™ 3 or later, or iPhone® 5s when used with the Apple Watch®.

Apple Pay allows you to make payments for goods or services directly from your mobile device, without having to provide card information at each transaction. Once you add and verify your Ally Bank debit card information on your device, you will be ready to make secure payments with Apple Pay. Each transaction will require either your passcode or fingerprint with Touch ID® for added security.

A June 2016 update: We’re excited to share that we now support Android Pay® and Samsung Pay™ in addition to Apple Pay®. More details on Android Pay® and Samsung Pay™ can be found here.


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  1. 4

    I’m also having an issue signing up and the support line I was directed to by your banker said to try again Monday. Is activation down?

    • 5

      Hi Chase, give us a call at 1-877-247-2559 or chat us online at if you continue to experience issues with activating Apple Pay.

  2. 6
    Steve L

    I also tried to activate. No dice. Tried calling the support number. Some girl named Whitney (robot) repeated the same thing three times and then hung up on me. Great service Ally!

  3. 7

    I have tried multiple times and I keep getting the “Card Not Added. Contact your card issuer for more information.” I think I will just give Ally time to sort things out.

  4. 9

    Activation is simply not working. Pretty amazing that it’s just not working, given how long you’ve been saying it’s “coming soon”.

  5. 10

    Great feature…added it on my 6S and now activating it on my watch. Question: i presume not all merchants and stores accept apple pay, correct? At which point I would have to produce my card.

    • 11

      Hi Justin, that is correct. Each business can choose what forms of payment they accept. And if a business does not accept Apple Pay, you will have to use another form of payment for your transaction.

  6. 14

    Been on and off with support all morning, Looks like they are having issues setting some people up. Just need to wait a few more days for them to get all the bugs out.

  7. 15

    Like others have posted, I’m getting an error every time I try to add my card. I contacted the support line only to be told that “some people are successful and others aren’t – keep trying for a few days.” Bummer- I was really excited about this. Nothing worse then setting expectations and failing to deliver.

  8. 17

    I too am having difficulties adding my card to ApplyPay. I contacted customer care and they were unable to troubleshoot.

  9. 18

    I was able to add my card with no issue.

    Sidenote: Consider promoting Apple Pay on the main site so more people know about it. When I go to to log into my bank account, there’s no mention anywhere on the home page for Apple Pay. Also, when I log into my account: no mention anywhere for Apple Pay. I had to Google search “Ally Bank Apple Pay” and stumbled across the news on the Ally Facebook page.

  10. 20
    Jason Smith

    I have been suggesting this to Ally for a LONG TIME. Thank you Ally for FINALLY making it happen! :-)
    Now next time when new technology comes out, try not to be the last to the party, k?

  11. 22

    Looking forward to using it with my debit card. I have 4 credit cards in Apple Pay, but can’t add the Ally card. I will try again tomorrow, don’t need to call yet. Clearly there is an issue that will eventually be worked out.

  12. 27

    Apple Pay is great, but I think the chip is more important. Seriously, almost all banks have it now. I’m actually considering switching my Checking to other banks for the extra security.

    • 28

      Hi Mon, we don’t have any updates to share about rolling out chip cards, but will keep the community informed if this changes.

  13. 31

    I just added my Ally bank card to Apple Pay and it went smoothly.
    One trick I learned from adding another card, check that your name agrees with the name on your iTunes account.
    That was the only thing we could find that seemed to cause trouble with the other card. And the name difference was
    whether I used Mr. in my name or not. If you have trouble, it is worth a try.

  14. 33

    If I can ever get this card added to Wallet, I’ll have a truly mobile banking experience! Plus the security features will tide me over until Ally gets chip and pin.

  15. 34

    Just called Ally and they said the issue is not them and transferred me to some mobile activation center. They said the issue is Ally. Poor rollout. I’ve had zero issues with other cards.

  16. 35

    This is not working for me either. Why is it that we all have to be troubleshooted for this to work? Can the issue on your end not be corrected to keep us all from calling in to get your issue fixed?

  17. 36

    Called a second time. Still not working. Service rep totally unhelpful and told me I’m uninformed. But the only information I’ve received is from Ally. So its they who are misinforming me. Recent issues with mobile payments and their new $10 limit on ATM reimbursements makes me wonder if it’s time to find another bank. So many choices.

  18. 38

    I couldn’t add my card either, but as it turns out the error was caused by an address mix up. My home address is different from my mailing address and my debit card was using my mailing address. Apple Pay requires that your card be linked to your home address instead. I called Ally, they told me all of this, they changed my debit card’s address from billing to home, I tried again, and it worked perfectly. Hopefully this might help some others who are having the same address issue.

  19. 40
    Steve de Bode

    Great! it works, with a little help authorizing it – shame it’s on a per device basis though!

    when are we getting chip and pin?

    • 41

      Hi Steve, we have no update at this time that we will be changing to chip cards. We’ll keep the community updated if that changes in the future.

  20. 42
    Steve D

    Doesn’t work on my iPhone 6. Says “not a supported financial institution”, and when I called Ally tech support, they told me I needed to call Apple for help. Poor response, given I’m clearly not the only one that’s run into this issue.

  21. 44
    Gil Lopez

    I registered my card successfully, then call support for activation with no issues. My issue is that it is not completing transactions with merchants via Watch or iPhone. Failed twice with Walgreen’s and once with Best Buy requesting the card to me used.

  22. 46

    The image on the post says I can login to the app on my phone using TouchID but I don’t see that as an option. It only presents putting in my password as an option. Any suggestions or has this feature not been released yet? Card is added to my Wallet and is activated. Thanks a mil!

    • 47

      Hi Javy, you should be able to use Touch ID as a secure log in method if your device supports Touch ID and it is enabled. Give us a call at 1-877-247-ALLY (2559) so we can troubleshoot with you.

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