An Update On Mobile Banking from Ally Bank

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September 7th, 2011 at 1:37 pm by Ally

We’ve got an important update for Ally Bank customers: We’re planning to release the initial version of Ally’s mobile banking application in early 2012.

Lots of you have asked us when you could expect a mobile solution from Ally and we share your anticipation. We’re excited to tell you that in 2012, we’ll release several mobile offerings, starting with apps for both the iPhone and Android as well as the ability to access your accounts through any phone that has web access. After that, keep an eye out for more Ally mobile services, including the ability to deposit checks using your mobile phone’s camera, bill pay and more.

We’ll be publishing posts here on the Straight Talk Blog with the latest details on our progress. In addition, we’ll also be looking at your mobile banking ideas on Idea Share, our collaborative space on Facebook, to be sure our mobile banking experience includes feedback from the Ally community wherever possible.

We’re excited to be sharing our plans as they evolve and come to fruition, so be sure to stay connected with all things Ally for more details and join in on the conversation on Idea Share.

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  1. 9/7/2011
    1:48 pm
    Kelley says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting mobile deposits. I also use Bank of America, and whichever of you gets that working first will be my primary banking institution!

    • 9/7/2011
      1:49 pm
      Ally says:

      We like to think that we’ve got more to offer than our old brick-and-mortar competitors, so hopefully we can get that up and running for you to help swing your decision, Kelley.

  2. 9/7/2011
    1:50 pm
    Alejandro says:

    How can we sign up to help test the app?

    • 9/7/2011
      1:55 pm
      Ally says:

      No news on testing just yet, Alejandro. Thanks for the comment though!

  3. 9/7/2011
    1:57 pm
    Jeremy says:

    This is a VERY welcome addition. I can’t wait to be able to access my Ally account via an app rather than having to zoom in and out using mobile Safari

    • 9/7/2011
      1:58 pm
      Ally says:

      We’re pretty excited too, Jeremy! Thanks for your comment!

  4. 9/7/2011
    1:58 pm
    Dustin says:

    Please make an application for Windows Phone as well. Not everyone uses only iPhone and Android.

  5. 9/7/2011
    2:01 pm
    Patrick says:

    I love Ally Bank and I am very excited about this. I also would like you to consider allowing an optional debit card that only allowed access at ATM machines or debit machines that required the use of a PIN. My Wells Fargo bank and My Union Bank accounts do have optional ATM cards that require PIN numbers to work.

    Thank you,

    • 9/7/2011
      2:03 pm
      Ally says:

      We currently have a debit card that comes with our Money Market and Interest Checking Accounts, Patrick. Have you given those a look?

  6. 9/7/2011
    2:31 pm
    Dustin says:

    I would love to provide feedback on Idea Share, but don’t have a FaceBook account. How can I participate?

    • 9/7/2011
      3:22 pm
      Ally says:

      We’re interested to hear your suggestion, Dustin. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can shoot us an email at too. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

  7. 9/7/2011
    5:09 pm
    Gordon says:

    I hope the iPhone app allows image deposits – I do not like or use the scanning method they have now. Instead I deposit my checks via iPhone at another financial institution. It is very nice to take a front and back image of a check and press “Deposit”.


    • 9/7/2011
      5:15 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Gordon. That won’t be in the initial release, but we’ll definitely be adding remote deposit capabilities in updates after. We’re as excited as you are!

  8. 9/7/2011
    11:18 pm
    Robert Prather says:

    This is excellent, exciting news! I also really appreciate your keeping us informed on future offerings. Great work, Ally!

    • 9/7/2011
      1:28 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Robert! We’ll have a lot more to share too, so keep coming back like we know you do!

  9. 9/7/2011
    11:29 pm
    Brett says:

    Windows Phone 7

    • 9/7/2011
      12:02 pm
      Ally says:

      We’ve got a solution on the way for Windows Phone users as well, Brett!

  10. 9/8/2011
    1:34 pm
    Dan says:

    I’ve been happy with my experience with Ally so far (about 6 months), mostly due to the free ATM’s, but the fact that it is taking this long to release a mobile app is unacceptable. Smart phones are completely mainstream now and other online banks have had mobile apps for a while. Ally doesn’t even have a mobile verision of its website. It is such a pain having to navigate the regular site on such a small screen. No ATM fees are great, but I’m not sure how much longer I’m willing to put up with its lagging commitment to innovation.

    • 9/8/2011
      1:55 pm
      Ally says:

      We’ve made some other great progress with some new features in the past year, Dan, and we’ve been readying everything on our end over here for mobile. That said, we understand your frustration and hope to get something out for you soon enough.

  11. 9/8/2011
    4:42 pm
    jason says:

    Some of us still use BlackBerrys! Please don’t forget about us!

    • 9/9/2011
      6:22 pm
      Ally says:

      A BlackBerry app is in the works for 2012, Jason, but won’t be included in the initial launch. You will have the ability log in through your mobile web browser, though. Thanks for your comment!

  12. 9/9/2011
    12:24 pm
    Ben says:

    I’ve been using the Mint mobile app so far to keep up to date on my account balance, but having an app that would allow me to make transfers or even deposits to my account sounds awesome!

    • 9/9/2011
      12:59 pm
      Ally says:

      Yup! Soon enough, Ben!

  13. 9/10/2011
    1:02 pm
    Nate says:

    Great news. I love Ally and this was the only thing that frustrated me. I am very excited about the Iphone App coming. I will finally have a bank that has everything I ever wanted. Thank you Ally team!

    • 9/10/2011
      1:14 pm
      Ally says:

      Glad you’re happy with the announcement, Nate! Thanks for the comment!

  14. 9/12/2011
    3:24 pm
    Casey says:

    While this is super exciting, I’m a little bummed by the estimated dates. We’re looking at early 2012 for a plain old check your bank account app and then sometime after that we can deposit checks via phone? So we could a year away from phone deposits. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ally and plan to continue banking. I guess I just expected a timeline more like… Mobile apps before the end of the year and mobile deposits first quarter 2012. Anyway, keep on keepin on Ally. I look forward to the day when I can close out my other bank accounts.

    • 9/12/2011
      4:02 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Casey, and we wholly understand. There was a lot of work we had to do beforehand to prepare on our end over here and we’re working as aggressively as we can to get you something great in the future!

  15. 9/13/2011
    2:47 pm
    Aly says:

    I agree with the other posters, I am really surprised that it has taken Ally this long to get with it on the mobile front. It seems like it is more important with an online-only bank than a brick-and-mortar one to have these capabilities. I also use a Blackberry and would like to say, don’t forget us either (I know it’s easier to make the apps for the other phones, but many, many business users are Blackberry people)! Additionally, it was very hard to talk my husband into moving to an online bank without the ability to deposit checks via a smartphone/camera, and so I hope this feature is planned ASAP because I was told when I signed up two months ago that it was being beta-tested in the next 6 months. Especially now that Chase has theirs up and running, and let me tell you, they are touting the heck out of it. It’s going to be a major issue if the B&M places have it and the ONLINE bank does not! I love Ally so far but this is a big, big issue.

    • 9/13/2011
      3:07 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks again, Aly. We’re really taking these messages to heart.

  16. 9/14/2011
    1:53 am
    TL says:

    Try not to say “We’ve got” it translates into “we have got” and that just sounds awful.

  17. 9/16/2011
    2:30 pm
    Eric says:

    I’m really happy to see this and can’t wait for mobile deposit. Although Ally is my main bank, I have another bank that I use just for depositing checks. Their mobile deposit app for my phone just came out and it’s awesome. For now, I can just use that and transfer money between banks, but hurry up!

  18. 9/16/2011
    11:49 pm
    TW says:

    Yes, many business users still use Blackberries because of their enterprise service and security, and probably will continue to for some time even though the iPhone and Android are dominate for every-day users. The availability of a simple yet effective app by BB&T was a reason I recently selected them as my local brick & mortar bank. I have an Ally account which is pretty much inactive at the moment, but will become my main bank as soon as three things happen: 1 – An ATM-only card WITHOUT the debit function is offered (some of us don’t need or want the debit function or the high risks that come with it); 2 – An online alert for debits FROM the account where we can set the $ threshold for the alert; and 3 – a simple, fast, and effective Blackberry app similar to ING and BB&T’s offerings. When these things show up, Ally will be King in my book,

  19. 9/19/2011
    2:15 am
    Eriks says:

    Thank goodness! I’d love to have this up and running as soon as possible.

    • 9/20/2011
      9:14 am
      Ally says:

      We’re in the same boat, Eriks! Just a bit longer as we square everything away.

  20. 9/27/2011
    1:25 pm
    ALBERTO Santiago Deida says:

    Are you guys planning a Google Wallet integration debit card? That would rock my world.

  21. 9/27/2011
    4:05 pm
    Christian says:

    Sorry folks, the mobile phone app has been “in the works” for well over a year and I would not hold my breath for 2012! Sorry, Ally, other brick and mortar institutions DO offer more than you do, WAY more. you have no phone app, no photo depositing, and nothing but excuses. Your eDeposit is a joke as well. How many people actually have scanners in their homes vs smartphones? and THAT’S where you focused time and effort? We released a fairly complex app with high level security features in less than 4 months. Since July 2, 2010 we’ve been hearing “it’s in the works”, “great idea”, “in the near future”…enough already Ally, step up or you’ll certainly lose customers. Chase is looking better and better…and that’s not a good thing! For anyone interested in the previous post on this,

  22. 9/29/2011
    3:54 pm
    Greg says:

    I came to the Ally site to open 4 accounts, I wanted to move from WF.
    After reading that they have no mobile app, nor looking like a useful app is coming in the near future, I will look eslewhere.

    Actually hard for me to believe the B&M banks rolled out before an online bank.

  23. 9/29/2011
    5:25 pm
    Brian says:

    Bank of America announces plans to start charging for debit card use, beginning early 2012.

    Get the app out there before this. It’s a race!

  24. 9/30/2011
    2:36 pm
    Nathan says:

    Any plans for an SMS “text for balance” feature for those not on smartphones yet?

  25. 9/30/2011
    4:11 pm
    Tom says:

    I just set-up my new Ally Checking account after I found out yesterday that Bank of America is opposing debit card fees. I called cusotmer service at B of A and was told that no one will be exempt if you are using your debit card at the grocery stores regardless of your balances. After I heard that, I researched and will slowly migrate my account to Ally. I hope it meets my expectations! I have been with B of A for over 10 years and a loyal customer. Too bad they will lose me. I am sure they need to show to their shareholders that they are profitable.

  26. 9/30/2011
    7:55 pm
    Barron says:

    What is the easiest way to find this blog? I had to search “blog” on then navigate my way through. I have seen lot’s of requests for this and I’m glad to see it being released but I would like to help others find this as well. Thank You

  27. 10/3/2011
    11:10 am
    NoahB says:

    After reviewing several online banks, Ally wins in my book for the ATM fee reimbursement and excellent customer service communication. I use the BofA app daily on my phone, but I can make the sacrifice for a few months if it means having the convenience offered by Ally. There hasn’t been a time where it was imperative that I use the mobile app. Everything I do can be done just as easily from my iPad or a computer. The delay on a mobile app is not going to push me away…..although I do find it a little humorous that the web based banks are slower to get out mobile apps than the brick and mortar places.

    • 10/4/2011
      3:49 pm
      Ally says:

      It’s on its way, Noah, and we’re happy to have you! Welcome to Ally!

  28. 10/4/2011
    5:44 am
    Jake says:

    I love ally… I have been waiting for this since I joined… let me know if you need any testers for iPad or iPhone!

    • 10/5/2011
      3:48 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Jake! We’ll definitely keep that in mind.

  29. 10/5/2011
    10:43 am
    Erica says:

    I really like Ally bank. I’m a loyal Blackberry user and would love to see an Ally app for Blackberry on the OS6, 7 or QNX system. If you need some testers for Blackberry, please let me know!

    • 10/6/2011
      3:46 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Erica, and we’ll keep that in mind!

  30. 10/6/2011
    7:01 pm
    Micayla says:

    With these banks starting to charge monthly fees for using a debit card, my boyfriend & i are trying to switch banks. I have researched Ally very deeply & love a lot of what you guys offer.

    What is holding us back from switching is the check deposit system. How long does it take to mail the check, have you guys review it & hit the bank account?

    I also rely heavily on my bank app for my iPhone — which you say you will have in 2012. Not sure i want to go without it until then.

  31. 10/7/2011
    7:53 am
    Andrew says:

    I agree with Micayla. With all the big banks pushing away customers with fees and bad service, remote/e-deposit is urgently needed sooner than later. Switching banks is a hassle and nobody wants to do it more then they have to. With everybody switching away from the big banks right NOW, Ally is already missing out on a lot of potential new customers without these features.
    Spring 2012 is not soon enough – please work fast!

    • 10/7/2011
      10:53 am
      Ally says:

      We’re working on it, Andrew. Thanks for the comment.

  32. 10/7/2011
    11:21 am
    Laura says:

    I hope to switch my accounts over to Ally, but I am very hesitant without an Android app. I use my current bank’s app all the time. It would be fantastic if you guys could get it up and running BEFORE some of the ridiculous ‘big banks’ start charging debit card fees.
    The addition of the deposit from your phone feature would have me (and most other people I know) running to Ally with reckless abandon, but for me, at minimum, an app is a must before I’m willing to part with my brick and mortar bank. Any idea how “early” in 2012 we are talking?

  33. 10/9/2011
    10:29 pm
    Michael says:

    I agree with the above posters, the only thing holding my wife and I back from switching banks is the fact that we need to be able to deposit checks quickly and effectively. Being an online based company, we would need a better option for depositing checks than just mailing them off. We look forward to the new app, hopefully it will come out sooner rather than later before we decide on a different bank.

  34. 10/11/2011
    1:08 pm
    DigitalAtrophe says:

    iPad app!

  35. 10/11/2011
    11:45 pm
    Tom says:

    I’m a new Ally customer, and I’m glad I switched to Ally in general. But the lack of a fully-released eDeposit feature or mobile app is pretty lame. I can’t believe it’s a lack of technological resources that’s stopping them. I’m wondering why Ally isn’t pushing this… We’re missing something…

    • 10/13/2011
      4:53 pm
      Ally says:

      First off, welcome to Ally, Tom. We look forward to delivering the best banking experience available. And you’ll be happy to know that we’re very close to releasing eCheck Deposit, so keep your eye out!

  36. 10/14/2011
    11:01 am
    David says:

    Also want to emphasize how important providing mobile banking, most specifically online deposits, will be to making Ally checking a competitive product. Online transfers and deposits thru mail simply don’t cut it. Ally customer rep today told me this would only be available END OF 2012. That’s way too long folks…is that accurate?

    • 10/14/2011
      11:09 am
      Ally says:

      We don’t have a public ETA yet, David, but we’re planning to release the initial version of Ally’s mobile banking application in early 2012. We’ll keep you updated on any other updates as they are released.

  37. 10/15/2011
    12:08 pm
    bobby says:

    i agree we need a online bank that would be accessible from all mobile devices or at least a mobile website where we can pay bills, and transfer money between accounts without a computer in sight! wells fargo already has a mobile site that allows bill pay and transfers on any mobile phone with mobile web like my net10 phone!! if Ally comes out with this i will gladly use Ally as my only bank!!

  38. 10/16/2011
    5:52 am
    Larry says:

    Will I be able to pay my car loan with the Android App even if I do not bank with you guys?

    • 10/16/2011
      5:55 am
      Ally says:

      Our first mobile offer will be specifically for Ally Bank customers only, Larry, and our bill pay functionality will be available in a later 2012 mobile release. Thanks for the comment though!

  39. 10/20/2011
    9:51 am
    NoahB says:

    As a few have said before, I’d love to test the iPad, iPhone and Android apps whenever they’re available.

    • 10/21/2011
      1:28 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for the comment, Noah! We’ll certainly keep that in mind.

  40. 10/22/2011
    12:10 pm
    Jame says:

    I agree with Bobby about the mobile website. This would help immediately.

    • 10/22/2011
      12:11 pm
      Ally says:

      We’re working on a number of mobile related improvements over here, Jame. This is definitely on the docket. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!

  41. 10/22/2011
    5:03 pm
    Matt says:

    Will the mobile app be rolled out in waves like remote deposit was? If so, is there a way to be added to the list for the first wave? Thanks!

  42. 10/22/2011
    6:47 pm
    matt says:

    I can’t wait for this iphone app.
    I’m so happy I switched banks.

    If anyone is on a B of A, Wells or Chase…I highly recommend moving off those banks. Their ads may be full of smiley faces…but they play games with your deposits. They put a 3 day hold on my friend’s paychecks…she makes well into the 6 figures.

  43. 10/26/2011
    8:45 am
    Zack says:

    Just wondering if Ally can put out a more up to date statement than the one I see which is dated 9-7-11. Is the mobile apps/site still targeted for early 2012 (any specific month)? Is the any further specifics to help ease our excitement to finally have this tool for our use? I have only been with Ally for a short time and so far so good. I really do look forward to having the ability to use my mobile devices as I did with my prior bank. Thanks

  44. 10/26/2011
    12:08 pm
    Rob says:

    Will we be able to see the details of each charge in pending activity rather than just a total amount? The way the regular website currently lumps pending activity together with no further detail is rather inconvenient. To me, this is a must-have feature, especially for mobile banking since you’re checking activity on the go.

    • 10/26/2011
      12:48 pm
      Ally says:

      Great feedback there, Rob. We’ll be sure to put your comment in front of the right people; you make a valid point. We’ve heard similar thoughts from other customers too. Thanks for that!

  45. 10/31/2011
    8:44 pm
    natr0n76 says:

    For an online only bank not to have a mobile option yet is really shortsighted. Your really missing the concerns of your core demographic by a long shot. This should have been an early offering and yet we have to wait until 2012? People that are switching to or using ally are individuals that are tired of the red tape you get with traditional banks, and like to have access to their accounts while on the go not just at their home computers. And with the development of tablets some are moving away from the desktop all together and thus have no printers ect. For having such a great service and other offerings this really is a huge oversight.

  46. 11/10/2011
    1:37 pm
    Alissa says:

    Ally looks like a great bank but I need the mobile app before I am looking to switch. I want to get switched by the end of the month and not sure I can wait until “early 2012″ I do most all of my banking through my Iphone and it has been a godsend! I have been looking at ING which has a mobile app and an ATM finder. Any further updates on a launch date?

    • 11/14/2011
      5:25 pm
      Ally says:

      First off, we reimburse ATM fees from every ATM nationwide, so whichever one is within eyesight would work for you! And no updates just yet on the launch date, but appreciate the interest. Also, if you’d like to try loading the site via your phone’s browser, might be an interim solution. Thanks again for the comment!

  47. 11/14/2011
    3:21 pm
    Kevin says:

    Hi, does the home capture solution you have run on a Mac?

  48. 11/14/2011
    7:56 pm
    Kyle says:

    I am really excited to hear about an Android app coming. The depositing of checks through my phone’s camera sounds amazing. So excited I made the switch!

  49. 11/15/2011
    5:55 pm
    Micayla says:

    I was just wondering where you guys are on e-deposits? The last comment was on 10/7/11 “We are working on it” Chase has the feature where you can take a photo of your check on your phone & send it through the mobile app… this gives them a HUGE competitive value with me.

    Also, I was just talking with your rep & he said that in order you to deposit a scanned check, the scanner needs to be compatible with TWAIN..? Apparently some scanners are not compatible – which forces a group of people to mail their checks in — which is such a hassle to wait that long for the money to hit their account.

  50. 11/16/2011
    12:37 pm
    Everette says:

    I just signed up for an account, and am pleased with what you have to offer. However, I will be switching my account in March if the IOS app isn’t out at that time.

    • 11/17/2011
      3:21 pm
      Ally says:

      First off, welcome, Everette, and thank you for your feedback. We’ll see some progress for you by then, so keep an eye out!

  51. 11/19/2011
    10:32 am
    Kyle Damron says:

    Will the app be released for the First Generation iPhone?

  52. 11/21/2011
    6:15 am
    sherry says:

    what is the release date of this app

    • 11/21/2011
      6:20 am
      Ally says:

      No exact ETA just yet, Sherry. We’re working hard to have this for you all in early 2012. Thanks for your comment!

  53. 11/23/2011
    4:33 pm
    Eric says:

    Do you plan on letting us see our pending activity on the online banking any time soon?

    • 11/23/2011
      4:40 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Eric. We appreciate it and we’ll pass it along to the team over here.

    • 11/25/2011
      10:58 am
      Ally says:

      Hey Eric, we’ve heard similar feedback from other great customers and we’re passing yours on to the team.

  54. 11/25/2011
    7:37 pm
    Eric says:

    That would be a great feature to have, it’s a standard feature at other big banks. It will also reduce the amount of calls to your call center because people wont have to call to get their pending activity.

    • 11/25/2011
      7:40 pm
      Ally says:

      Absolutely, Eric! We’re excited to roll out this feature for you. Let us know if you have any questions or recommendations

  55. 12/1/2011
    10:57 am
    Paul says:

    Can you guys stop rlgc
    Acomplaining? It is way obvious that for an online only bank that ally should have been leading in the mobile banking business.. They have realized this and took the steps to create an app. You guys keep stating the same tLhings over and over what do you want? Do you wNt them to let the app roll out right now incomplete? Then complain more about how it’s too buggy? They have been working on it for a year. Let’s wait! I my self can’t wait too but I’m not complying I rather have a working stable app! Thanks ally

    • 12/1/2011
      11:34 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for that Paul. We do appreciate it, and can assure you that we really are taking our mobile development seriously so that we can put the best mobile banking experience out there for everyone. We’ll keep you posted as things move forward. Thanks again for you comment.

  56. 12/6/2011
    2:28 am
    Chris says:

    Hi, so during what time approximately in 2012 will the mobile app(s) & mobile site be available? Are we talking first quarter, like jan-april ish?

    • 12/6/2011
      9:24 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for reaching out, Chris. The mobile apps and mobile site will be rolled out in early 2012, so definitely first quarter. A little more information on our blog post here:

  57. 12/10/2011
    9:36 am
    Johnathan says:

    Please include a Windows Phone App!!!

    • 12/10/2011
      9:40 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your note, Jonathan. We’ll be sure to pass your note along to the team here.

  58. 12/12/2011
    9:12 am
    sanjay basu says:

    It says there is no charge for ATMs but do we get charged by the other bank if we use their ATM machines? I’m not clear on the no ATM service charges. Thanks

    • 12/12/2011
      9:30 am
      Ally says:

      With Ally, you can use any ATM nationwide. If another bank charges you an ATM fee, you will be charged that amount; however we’ll reimburse you for that at the end of your monthly billing statement. Hope that helps!

  59. 12/12/2011
    10:24 pm
    Pete says:

    Don’t forget your Windows Phone customers!

    • 12/12/2011
      10:30 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for that, Pete. We’ll be releasing an iPhone and Android app in early 2012 but will also be launching a mobile optimized web experience that you might like to try with your Windows phone. We’ll keep you posted on all updates here!

  60. 12/19/2011
    10:26 am
    Dylan says:

    Since the dev started (presumably in Septemeber), Android 4.0 has been released, and will be pushed to devices in early 2012. Not to mention the Galaxy Nexus already runs 4.0. I imagine the dev team is already aware of this, but I hope there will be multi-version compatibility.

  61. 12/31/2011
    12:38 pm
    Dustin says:

    It would be very nice if “Ally” could partner up with “Netspend” so I could deposit any amount of money 24/7 and it would become availavle immediately. And for this service I would (and I’am sure everyone else would be willing) to pay a fee for this service. Please look into doing this or at lest some kind of pay card that we could load and reload at any time and anywhere. Do this and I know without a doubt “Ally” will be named “Bank of the year for 2012.”
    I have other idea’s too if “Ally” would like to hear about them. But this is by far on top of the list. A I-phone app is a MUST and that comes next.

    • 12/31/2011
      1:01 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Dustin! Netspend is not something in the pipeline right now, but we’ll certainly send your comment along to the team over here. And, if anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know on our Straight Talk Blog.

      As for the mobile app, it’s right around the corner. Here’s more information for you:

  62. 1/1/2012
    3:40 pm
    Tony says:

    Its the early 2012 and I’d like if you guys could give us a more concrete answer as in when we can expect the app to be available.

    • 1/3/2012
      9:05 am
      Ally says:

      We’re very close, Tony! We’ll update the Ally Straight Talk blog with mobile app news once we’re ready to go live with the apps.

  63. 1/4/2012
    9:23 pm
    Jeff says:

    I hope this is coming soon. My mobile browser is no replacement for an App. Getting restless……..

    • 1/5/2012
      9:04 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for being patient, Jeff. We’re working hard on our mobile solution and will have an update on our Straight Talk Blog once they’re ready to launch.

  64. 1/6/2012
    2:11 am
    J.J. says:

    Hoping this is coming soon, as it seems Ally is way behind the times now, especially when they were initially ahead. Can you give a more specific ETA? Next 2 months? etc?

    • 1/9/2012
      9:01 am
      Ally says:

      We’re very close J.J! And thank you for being patient. We’ll be updating the community as soon as we are able!

  65. 1/8/2012
    6:34 pm
    Jose says:

    I would love to see this on the iPhone, great idea, also great idea with the camera deposits, that’s the kind of service that will win you thousands of more customers.

    I’ll make a blog post about it as soon as it comes out.

    Thanks guys!

    • 1/9/2012
      9:12 am
      Ally says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jose! We want you to know that we’re working hard on getting the mobile apps released soon. Thanks very much for your feedback.

  66. 1/9/2012
    6:20 pm
    Akanimo says:

    I tried depoiting a check and it was a major fail. I need that iphone camera deposit thing. Otherwise it will be hard to use this bank acount.

    • 1/10/2012
      8:59 am
      Ally says:

      We’re sorry for the inconvenience Akanimo. Check out our eCheck Deposit FAQ page for some trouble shooting tips We’re continuously working on our Ally eCheck Deposit feature, so your feedback is appreciated.

      As for mobile apps, we’re almost there! We’ll have an update for the community when we’re ready to launch.

  67. 1/12/2012
    9:18 pm
    JOn says:

    As long as there isn’t a credit check involved with the mobile deposit, I’m all in! I got rejected for mobile deposits because I’m a recent college grad and barely have any credit history!

  68. 1/14/2012
    10:41 am
    Dave says:

    Seriously, your most recent update on the mobile app that’s coming “soon” is from 4 months ago and you’re telling people to come back soon for more details. You’re costing yourselves customers by how poorly this mobile issue is being handled by Ally.

    • 1/17/2012
      9:11 am
      Ally says:

      We’re working hard on the mobile apps, Dave, and will have an update for our community soon. Thanks for your feedback!

  69. 1/14/2012
    10:27 pm
    Tyemoe says:

    Yep. Ally…..all talk and nothing to back it up. First it is “iPhone app soon.” Then “early 2012.” Well, guess what? Now half way through january and still no app. Don’t expect it until Dec. 2012.

    • 1/17/2012
      9:11 am
      Ally says:

      We’re very close with an iPhone mobile app, Tyemore! We’ll have an update for our community soon.

  70. 1/16/2012
    10:53 am
    Straight talk says:

    Ally – way too much talk with little action.

    This has been a problem with many areas with Ally.

    • 1/17/2012
      9:31 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ll pass it along to our team over here.

  71. 1/17/2012
    10:56 am
    Becoming Impatient says:

    Ally, many small community banks are adopting mobile/transactional apps quicker than you. As an online only bank this points to serious concerns if you can’t handle your own niche. Why is this app taking so long?

  72. 1/18/2012
    9:00 am
    Past Impatient says:

    I’m switching.

    • 1/18/2012
      9:08 am
      Ally says:

      We’re really sorry to hear that and appreciate your patience.

  73. 1/18/2012
    9:45 pm
    IB says:

    When can we expect to hear some concrete dates from Ally Bank on the release of these apps? And “soon” clearly does not provide anything specific, so if that’s the answer to this post, please don’t bother replying.
    Being an Internet based bank, I would have imagined Ally Bank to be one of the early providers of eBanking services via apps. But I guess I was wrong about that.

    • 1/19/2012
      9:07 am
      Ally says:

      We hear you and understand your anticipation for our mobile solutions. We truly appreciate your patience and want you to know that we’re working hard towards getting our first release of mobile ready for release. Thanks again for being patient. We’ll provide an update for our community soon.

  74. 1/19/2012
    11:51 am
    This is getting ridiculous. says:

    It is now 4 months since the initial “coming soon” post. Why in the world would you even post something if it was going to be this far away?!?!?

    I am only going to wait a couple more weeks. If there still aren’t apps available in a couple of weeks, I’m switching back to ING!

    • 1/19/2012
      11:55 am
      Ally says:

      We really appreciate your patience and want you to know that your comments are not going unnoticed. We’re sending them to the right people on our side and will update the community with more news as soon as we are able.

  75. 1/19/2012
    1:26 pm
    Thomas says:

    iPhone app now. And don’t delay a person to person payment function or a picture taking check depositor in the app. Being able to just check your balance is pretty worthless. You can do that online already.

    • 1/20/2012
      1:43 pm
      Ally says:

      Rest assured, we’re working hard on our mobile solutions, Thomas. Our first rollout will include an iPhone and Android app with additional features including the mobile check deposit feature coming in a rollout later in 2012.

  76. 1/20/2012
    12:31 am
    Patience says:

    People need to chill out. Obviously they’re working on putting the app together and while we all hoped it would be sooner than later, let’s all be grateful for the great rates they provide and no fees. We have a lot to be thankful for Ally community!

    • 1/20/2012
      9:05 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for that! We appreciate your patience as we work hard to get our first release of our mobile offering ready for launch. Our Straight Talk blog will have an update soon with more information.

  77. 1/21/2012
    8:21 pm
    Jose says:

    I’ve decided to come back and check if there were any updates to the development of the Apps, I’ve realized that there is not much to talk about yet nor white paper available. Even so, we have the Straight Talk Blog which directly answers a majority of our questions as I can clearly see right now.

    I didn’t come here to bash on my bank, since Ally has done such a good job in making my wallet happy. Even opening my accounts was such a simple and easy task to do, I have to commend them for that. The customer service is also worthy of applause, who would have thought a bank could be so swift and prompt with all issues?

    I’m so glad I won’t be making anymore trips in the rain or snow, or rushing to my bank before 5pm.

    As for the Apps, please take your time Ally, I know I prefer quality over quantity, so have those engineers and software developers grind the source code until it’s perfected and minified in such a way, that it is as simple to bank with Ally Apps as it is in a web browser.

    Thanks so much and we look forward to the release!

    I also wanted to let everyone know that I wrote this on my iPhone and I can login to Ally with my iPhone through Safari right now without a problem, although the convenience of having a mobile theme and iPhone/Andriod App will be a major selling point for me.

    -Joint Account Owners with Ally

    • 1/22/2012
      9:03 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for being patient with us, Jose. And for the kind words! We’re working extremely hard on our mobile offerings, and we’re anticipating the launch of the apps, like many others in our community. Stay tuned for updates on our Straight Talk blog. Thanks again!

  78. 1/22/2012
    10:57 pm
    Josh says:

    If you can get remote check deposit in the iPhone app from the get-go (or at least very shortly thereafter), you can have my business from Chase. It’s one of the few features that is keeping me there.

    • 1/23/2012
      9:01 am
      Ally says:

      That won’t be available during the first mobile rollout, Josh, but definitely in the later release in 2012. We’ll have an update for our community soon.

  79. 1/25/2012
    8:38 pm
    Sherri says:

    I truly love my bank, I can wait a little longer. I’m sure y’all are taking the time to make sure it’s done right the first time. Maybe these people complaining should think that Ally didn’t realize just how successful they would be and now they’re trying to catch up with the demand. Keep up the great work, Definite plus that when I call I get an ENGLISH speaking person o the line. Thank you so much for that.

    • 1/26/2012
      9:01 am
      Ally says:

      Appreciate your patience, Sherri! We understand our community is anticipating the release of our mobile offerings, so are we! Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post highlighting all the features of our fist mobile rollout.

  80. 1/26/2012
    1:49 pm
    Josh L. says:

    Any chance I might be part of any BETA for the iPhone app? I was part of the online check scan BEAT earlier last year… Please let me know


    • 1/26/2012
      2:00 pm
      Ally says:

      We’re currently not accepting any BETA testers for the iPhone app, Josh. But if that should change, we’ll be sure to reach out to you. Thanks for asking though!

  81. 1/26/2012
    5:47 pm
    Josh says:

    You guys are now legitimately years behind other banks in terms of mobile offerings. This is getting very, very frustrating.

    • 1/26/2012
      6:01 pm
      Ally says:

      We hear you, Josh, and we understand that our community is anticipating the release of our mobile offerings, so are we. We’re working hard to get the apps to our community as soon as we can. We’ll have an update on our Straight Talk blog soon. Keep an eye out for that!

  82. 1/27/2012
    12:23 pm
    Robyn says:

    How can an online bank not have an Android app?
    how much longer do we need to wait?

    • 1/27/2012
      12:25 pm
      Ally says:

      We hear you, Robyn, and we’re anticipating the mobile offerings too. Our first rollout is coming soon and will include Android and iPhone apps. We’ll have an update for our community soon. Thanks for your patience.

  83. 1/27/2012
    4:56 pm
    Tired says:

    Please give us a more accurate time frame something other than “soon”

  84. 1/29/2012
    9:59 am
    No deposits says:

    The single most inconvenient feature of a no bricks and mortar bank is deposits. I am a software and iOS developer and I am not clear why you wouldnt focus your mobile app on this most important feature. If I read correctly above you are not going to have deposits in v1, is this really true? I seriously have to consider if Ally is right for me to stay with without a sense of when making deposits will be made easier.

    • 1/29/2012
      10:01 am
      Ally says:

      We understand your concern, and we’ll have iPhone and Android apps during our first rollout, but you are correct there will not be mobile deposits in the first launch. Mobile check-deposit with additional features will come in our second rollout, later this year. Thanks for your comment and we really appreciate your patience.

  85. 1/29/2012
    12:39 pm
    Dana says:

    I opened an Ally account for my small home business. It has become difficult because I am paid primarily by check from my customers, so I am required to mail them for deposit, which is time consuming and frustrating.

    PLEASE hurry with your iphone app! I would love to scan checks via iphone and be assured that the deposits have been made.


    • 1/29/2012
      12:43 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for being patient, Dana. The mobile check-deposit feature for the iPhone and Android apps will be included in the second mobile rollout. Our first rollout will include check balances, transfer money between Ally accounts and an ATM locator.

  86. 1/31/2012
    9:24 am
    armando says:

    This posting was made in September. It is now almost February and still no app? I know about a dozen programmers that could have released at least 2-3 versions of a banking app in that time frame. 6 months for developing an mobile app that does absolutely nothing that hasn’t been done before? Seriously!?
    Ally should be embarrassed for itself. I realize your rates and lack of fees keep your customers in place, but your marketing, software, and management teams should have some PRIDE in their work. Especially when promises of an app are public announced like they were in this posting.

    I would never ask for someone to be fired over something like this, but an apology to your customers of some kind should be offered for this embarrassingly long and obviously poorly planned and managed product development.

    • 1/31/2012
      9:30 am
      Ally says:

      We hear you, Armando, and appreciate your feedback. We’ll be sure to pass this on to our team over here. We’ll provide additional details in a Straight Talk blog post soon. Stay tuned for that.

  87. 1/31/2012
    12:01 pm
    Bern says:

    I absolutely agree with ‘No deposits’, making check deposits with your iphone is key. The process via scanner/upload is just incredibly time consuming and could be handled so much easier with a mobile app.

    Also I would love to hear clear talk on a estimated release, instead of ‘soon’.
    Many people have been joining Ally bank with a leap of faith that there will be a mobile app coming out soon, and I get the impression that the overall tone of frustration in these comments is because there no one is managing expectations.

    I’m positive you would receive a larger share of respect and constructive criticism if you would put a realistic date out, even if it’s later than announced. It’s all about expectation management.


  88. 1/31/2012
    5:20 pm
    Patrick says:

    This is pretty sad guys. You are missing out on a lot of business because of this. Your phase 1 roll-out is just a tease. People want to be able to deposit checks using their phone. Right now, depositing checks is the most tedious part of being an Ally customer.

    Speed this up and don’t even worry about the phase I roll-out. It will just disappoint your customers anyways.

  89. 2/3/2012
    11:18 am
    Mark M says:

    I love this bank…. but as others have pointed out the check scanning function is not very useful and mailing checks in takes too long. Please release this app ASAP you will DOMINATE the market when you do. I had this function at one of the EVIL big banks and it worked great which was the only good thing they ever did for me.

    Lower my interest rate on my savings account and spend more money to get this app out quicker :)

    • 2/3/2012
      11:20 am
      Ally says:

      We understand, Mark, but rest assured, we’re working hard on the mobile offerings. Our team will provide an update on our progress soon. Look out for that on our Straight Talk Blog.

  90. 2/4/2012
    3:13 am
    jake says:

    We’re ready… i know it will come eventually, but do yall have a deadline set yet? Love ally, but starting to get tired of being in the dark ages…

    • 2/4/2012
      3:15 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your patience, Jake. Our team is working hard to get the mobile apps to our community. We’ll provide an update for our community in an upcoming Straight Talk Blog post.

  91. 2/5/2012
    10:37 am
    Mike says:

    All I can say is “Wow!”. You guys told me in 2010 that a mobile app was on the way.

    • 2/5/2012
      10:37 am
      Ally says:

      We hear you, Mike. And understand the community is anticipating the mobile apps and so are we. Our team is working hard on the apps. Look out for an update on our Straight Talk Blog soon.

  92. 2/6/2012
    9:24 am
    MLM says:

    On what day are you releasing the mobile app for Android and iPhone?

    • 2/6/2012
      9:30 am
      Ally says:

      We don’t have an ETA on the mobile apps but we will continue to update our progress for our community on our Straight Talk Blog.

  93. 2/6/2012
    11:18 am
    Rob says:

    Hard to believe the mobile App is not ready yet. Being an online banking institution, you’d think this would have been a priority. That’s kinda like ABC Trucking deciding to buy trucks 6 month’s after opening ofr business. Comon ALLY, you can do it!!! I’m routing for you!

    • 2/6/2012
      11:20 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for that, Rob! We’re anticipating the mobile launch as well and will provide updates for our community as we progress towards launch. Thanks very much for your patience.

  94. 2/7/2012
    7:05 am
    Vincent Phan says:

    Not to mention, Alerts and all kinds of notifications have now been all broken.
    Please get your act together Ally.

  95. 2/8/2012
    1:28 am
    Kyle says:

    I can TOTALLY agree with all of you above. As most of you are Ally customers already I can say that I work at a large bank and and as an avid tech guy in the tech world also I am waiting for them to release their app. I use the Chase app and LOVE it! We live in a world of “at your fingertips”. While that is good and bad, for my banking that is VERY good. Gotta say though that Ally taking this long is a little disappointing. Again Ally, it’s logic. If your an ONLINE only bank I’d say it’s safe to assume your customers are pretty good ONLINE and would want a native iOS app or Android app at their disposal. Please don’t bother responding to my comment with one of your automated responses just keep working on that app release. Seeing as how you’ve had this long and had a chance to see (and hopefully test) EVERY other bank’s app on the app store for example all I gotta say is it better be good! When you release your iOS app you’ll earn me as a customer. Until then I’ll be sitting on the bench waiting.

    • 2/8/2012
      2:31 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your patience, Kyle. We understand our community is anticipating the mobile release and we’re working on creating the best mobile experience for them. Again, we appreciate your patience while we continue to work on the mobile offerings.

  96. 2/9/2012
    9:33 am
    steevenofthenile says:

    I too anxiously await the ally mobile app (android for sure!). It would just make it so much easier to deposit checks on the go. Its actually the reason I am being lazy and not transferring funds from my other account as BOA wants to charge a freakking fee to send my own money to my new bank :) Ally as been rock solid to me as a customer so far, and even with my lame excuse, I still am happier with you than I am at 2 other banks that have mobile banking apps. It will truly raise the bar when Ally goes mobile!!!!

    • 2/9/2012
      9:35 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your understanding! And we appreciate your patience. We’re continuing to work on the mobile apps to provide the best experience for our customers. We’ll have an update on our progress soon. Thanks for that!

  97. 2/9/2012
    8:12 pm
    mdgi says:

    I researched a variety of online banks. I previously had an account at virtual bank. Ally bank has so many good reasons to be a customer but did it not even cross my mind that they would not have a iPhone app let alone an edeposit app. I am extremely disappointed. I am seeing threads as far back as sept 2011 regarding this complaint. How long does it take to make an app. At least one to access your account online and then roll out the edeposit at a later date. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    • 2/9/2012
      8:15 pm
      Ally says:

      Our mobile apps are coming this year and we’re anticipating the launch! We do appreciate your patience and feedback.

  98. 2/11/2012
    11:07 am
    Chris says:

    No reason you can’t give us an update now. You choose not to. Just tell us what’s going on, it’s called respect.

    • 2/11/2012
      11:11 am
      Ally says:

      We hear you, Chris, and we’ll have an update on our mobile progress for our community soon on our Straight Talk Blog. Look out for that.

  99. 2/11/2012
    5:49 pm
    Aaron says:

    I also anxiously await the mobile app and mobile check deposit features. Can you narrow down the timeframe a bit? 1st quarter? Mid-year? I dumped my old bank because I heard so many great things about Ally…I hope it’s worth the switch!

    • 2/11/2012
      5:50 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your patience, Aaron! We’ll have an update on the progress of our mobile apps for our community soon. Stay tuned for that.

  100. 2/11/2012
    8:58 pm
    nick says:

    Any update on the iOS app?

    • 2/11/2012
      9:30 pm
      Ally says:

      We’ll provide an update on the progress of our mobile applications on our Straight Talk Blog post soon. Stay tuned for that.

  101. 2/13/2012
    1:44 pm
    Chris says:

    Notice the switch from: “early 2012″

    to “Sometime this year”, does not fill one with great confidence:

    Ally says:

    Our mobile apps are coming this year and we’re anticipating the launch! We do appreciate your patience and feedback.

    • 2/13/2012
      1:46 pm
      Ally says:

      We’re continuing to work on our mobile offerings, Chris. We want to provide the best mobile experience for our community. We’ll have an update on our progress in an upcoming Straight Talk Blog post. Stay tuned for that.

  102. 2/14/2012
    2:40 pm
    tommy says:

    First i heard was 1st quarter of 2012
    Then early 2012
    Now its this year
    Hopefully not “end of 2012″

    • 2/14/2012
      2:43 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your patience, Tommy. We’re working on the apps to provide the best mobile experience for our community. Look out for an update, coming soon, on our Straight Talk Blog.

  103. 2/15/2012
    12:17 pm
    Dom says:

    My tiny local credit union has had an app for over a year now that offers everything I could ask for.

    How is it that Ally can’t figure this out? How embarrassing.

    • 2/15/2012
      12:20 pm
      Ally says:

      We hear you, Dom. We’re working on our mobile offerings. We’ll have an update for our community on our mobile progress, very soon. Stay tuned for that!

  104. 2/15/2012
    10:04 pm
    Aaron says:

    We need a mobile app like yesterday…. millions of phones out there. Every other bank offers this. Tired of no updates tell us somthing please. We know you want to give us the best mobile experience blah blah….

    • 2/15/2012
      10:05 pm
      Ally says:

      We understand the anticipation, Aaron. We will have an update on our mobile progress in an upcoming Straight Talk blog post. Look out for that!

  105. 2/16/2012
    5:07 pm
    Kevin Melanson says:

    How is the mobile app for Ally coming? Can you release a beta version with less options?

    • 2/16/2012
      5:08 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your interest, Kevin, but we do not have a beta version in our mobile plans. We’re continuing to work on the full version for our first rollout and want to ensure that we provide the best mobile experience for our audience. We will have an update for our community soon. Thanks for your patience.

  106. 2/20/2012
    5:18 pm
    Ash says:

    I bet the update coming soon is going to tell everyone that there is a big delay!

    • 2/20/2012
      5:20 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your patience, Ash! The upcoming Straight Talk Blog post will update our community on our mobile progress. Stay tuned for that.

  107. 2/21/2012
    6:17 pm
    Abe says:

    No more dillydallying! More straight talk please! What are your engineers still working on with the app that is preventing a launch today?

    • 2/21/2012
      6:20 pm
      Ally says:

      We understand the anticipation for our mobile offering, Abe, and we’re looking forward to them too! Before launching anything, we want to ensure the best security and mobile experience for our community. Our Straight Talk Blog will have an upcoming post, updating our community on our mobile progress. Stay tuned for that!

  108. 2/22/2012
    8:20 pm
    John says:

    That’s it Ally, I’m out! I don’t even care that much about the mobile app.. I was attracted to Ally because of the “straight talk” and Ally’s responses to these posts is anything but straight talk.

  109. 2/22/2012
    10:37 pm
    Chris says:

    Stay tuned for an update? It seems you are not currently working on building an app. Has Ally actually begun building the app or is it still in the “discussion phase” Please be frank with us because all of the stalling is angering everyone including me.

    • 3/1/2012
      5:05 pm
      Ally says:

      We understand the anticipation for the mobile apps, Chris. We updated our Straight Talk Blog with an update on our mobile progress here:

  110. 2/23/2012
    2:11 pm
    Dan says:

    This is getting ridiculous. In the comments above Ally keeps saying wait for an update blog post about an update on our non-existent mobile app. It has been 12 days and they can’t even come up with a blog post?!?!? No wonder they can’t come up with a mobile app in a year.

    • 3/1/2012
      1:13 pm
      Ally says:

      We have an update on our mobile progress on our Straight Talk Blog, Dan. More info for you here:

  111. 2/23/2012
    4:08 pm
    XXXXXX says:

    I’m just going to agree here with all the other posts. It is completely ridiculous and counter to the idea of “straight talk” to announce a product as coming soon when its been proven that is not the case! Just don’t announce something if you’re not sure it is going to happen when you say it will. Is that so hard?

    • 2/27/2012
      2:07 pm
      Ally says:

      We understand and thank you for your feedback. However, do have an update on our mobile progress on our Straight Talk Blog. You can read it here:

  112. 2/23/2012
    5:29 pm
    Alex says:

    I can agree with John. You guys offer great products, but have terrible customer relations/support in comparison with ING Direct. You should call them and you would know what I mean. If I have a question, I will get a non-transcripted answer. If I wanted to have a transcript read to me, I would read the FAQ’s instead…

    Learn something from ING and then ALLY will be the obvious personal banking option!

    • 2/23/2012
      5:30 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Alex. We’re continuously looking to improve our services over here and feedback like yours will go a long in helping us improve. Thanks again for your comment.

  113. 2/23/2012
    7:28 pm
    Nathan says:

    This seems like its one of those “magic 8 ball” type of things where every time a question is submitted a different answer comes up but it always means the same.
    What is Straight Talk? I’m not seeing it??? :-/

  114. 2/26/2012
    12:50 pm
    Edd Benson says:

    Is there a release date for the Android App yet?

    • 2/26/2012
      1:00 pm
      Ally says:

      We’re still working on the apps, Edd. No official release date just yet.

  115. 2/27/2012
    8:05 pm
    Jose says:

    You guys should just be patient for the App to be finished, it would make no sense to have a banking App if it can easily become hacked, bruteforced, sql injected, etc.

    Be patient, if you don’t want to wait then you know what to do, you can join one of those greedy banks.

    • 2/27/2012
      8:07 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your support and patience, Jose! We will have an update on our mobile progress in a Straight Talk Blog post soon.

  116. 2/28/2012
    2:55 pm
    A guy who works in tech says:

    You know…my company builds mobile apps. We would NEVER take this long without customer transparency.

    I am giving Ally one more month then it’s off to USAA for me. Seriously get it right Ally.

  117. 2/28/2012
    3:49 pm
    matt says:

    7/2/2010 is the first comment asking for a mobile app. JULY OF 2010! it’s been almost two full years and not only do we not have an app, you’re still stalling and dancing around announcing an actual release date.

    this is really getting pathetic, guys. it should not take two years to develop a mobile app…at least not an initial version of one.

  118. 2/28/2012
    11:43 pm
    latckk says:

    I agree with “a guy who works in tech”. I was so excited to have Ally when I first opened my account. But I’ve waited long enough for a so called modern bank to become modern. I’m gonna wait till the beginning of April for Ally to get this thing going, or else I’m closing all my accounts and moving to USAA or some Credit Union.
    Even my fake bank (Citibank) has an app that takes deposits. Come on!!!

  119. 2/29/2012
    3:49 pm
    tommy says:

    I think we will see a flying Delorean before we see an Ally app.

  120. 2/29/2012
    9:22 pm
    Chad says:

    Hey Ally, Here is the definition of “soon” (I don’t think 6 months without a real “update for our community” fits into soon)

       [soon] Show IPA
    adverb, -er, -est.
    1. within a short period after this or that time, event, etc.: We shall know soon after he calls.
    2. before long; in the near future; at an early date: Let’s leave soon.
    3.promptly or quickly: He came as soon as he could.
    4.readily or willingly: I would as soon walk as ride.
    5.early in a period of time; before the time specified is much advanced: soon at night; soon in the evening.

  121. 2/29/2012
    11:21 pm
    Blake says:

    There is a bit of a work around that I have found for deposits. It isn’t perfect, but you will save the 40 cents a check by using the PayPal app and then transfer the money over 4 days later.

    It may not be perfect, but it seems to work a lot better than the Ally app will, even when they do launch in early 2013…

  122. 3/1/2012
    12:21 am
    Allypleasereleaseapp says:

    Ok I really don’t think we’re getting this app anytime soon !!! Tomorrow is march 2012 ………. Stop giving us generic answers . We are your customers and would like a direct answers I can respect you more if you admitted to your slow response to the advancing times , but instead we get generic answers as if this mobile app is the first of its kind.

  123. 3/1/2012
    3:47 am
    Tony says:

    Oh Magic Conch Shell, will Ally ever have a mobile app?

  124. 3/1/2012
    3:57 am
    Tony says:

    No !!!

    The shell has spoken !!! We can now end this topic of discussion.

    I would hate to be “Ally says”, this poor person has been telling everyone to be patient for going on two years now. In 1969 we landed on the Moon. In 2012 we still don’t have a simple mobile app !

  125. 3/1/2012
    3:58 am
    Bruce says:

    I just got a letter from Ally updating the Online Banking Services Agreement, which mentions “our new mobile banking services that are targeted for deployment in April.”

    Finally! At last we have a target date beyond “sometime in 2012″…

  126. 3/1/2012
    1:16 pm
    Abby says:

    Visit site. Ask. Play dumb. Once more. Ready? Waiting…App? Regrets. End.

  127. 3/1/2012
    1:41 pm
    Timothy Shammas says:

    I want to open a checking account and move everything there but the only thing holding me back is not having an iPhone app and iPhone mobile deposites!

  128. 3/1/2012
    8:48 pm
    Kurt says:

    This was noted on the other blog, but keep an eye out in the mail for an updated Online Services agreement. I just got it and it does detail in length the legal mumbo jumbo about a mobile app and mobile website. The implementation date for the new agreement is March 17th so hopefully we can expect something around then.

  129. 3/1/2012
    8:53 pm
    Patrick says:

    It’s March 2012 and still no mobile app…..

  130. 3/2/2012
    3:00 am
    Chris says:

    I’m actually switching back to a brick and mortar bank. Ally is very behind with the mobile app feature and I was really expecting it much sooner. I give up.

  131. 3/4/2012
    4:33 pm
    Tim says:

    glad to hear that the app is coming out in april but disappointed the initial release won’t include echeck deposit

    • 3/4/2012
      4:35 pm
      Ally says:

      We understand, Tim and we’re working on our second rollout. We’ll continue to update our community as we make progress towards our second mobile rollout.

  132. 3/10/2012
    1:22 pm
    Sidney says:

    any news on the new check deposit app?

  133. 3/13/2012
    4:34 pm
    Max says:

    Agreed. Mobile Check Deposit is the main feature I care about in a mobile banking application. Chase and several other banks are starting to leave Ally in the dust by having this feature.

    • 3/13/2012
      4:36 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Max. The remote mobile eCheck Deposit feature is scheduled to be available during our second rollout. We’ll update our Straight Talk Blog on our progress. Look out for that!

  134. 3/17/2012
    1:34 pm
    Sheraz says:

    I need an app for iphone.please do somthing.

    • 3/17/2012
      1:49 pm
      Ally says:

      Our Straight Talk Blog has an update with a launch time frame, Sheraz. More info for you here:

  135. 3/18/2012
    5:08 pm
    Jim D says:

    I really like having an Ally account, the savings rates are among the best. I will wait patiently for the App release. Thanks Ally!

    • 3/18/2012
      5:10 pm
      Ally says:

      We really appreciate your patience, Jim. We’re very excited about the app and can’t wait to get it into the hands of our community. Thanks!

  136. 3/23/2012
    9:52 am
    Pat says:

    Why is the mobile site just a advertising campaign? I don’t mind so much not having the mobile app but to not even have a mobile website is speaking volumes about the IT department

    • 3/23/2012
      9:55 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Pat. Passing this along to our team over here.

  137. 4/3/2012
    7:47 am
    tommy says:

    Its april.. are we goimg to get a specific release date now?

    • 4/3/2012
      7:50 am
      Ally says:

      We don’t have a specific date yet, Tommy, but the mobile apps are still scheduled to launch in April. Look out for updates here, on our Straight Talk Blog.

  138. 4/3/2012
    3:50 pm
    Gary says:

    It is April 3, is the iPhone app comming out this month. Thanks

    • 4/3/2012
      4:00 pm
      Ally says:

      We appreciate your patience, Gary. The mobile apps are scheduled to be released in April. Stay tuned for updates on our Straight Talk Blog.

  139. 4/4/2012
    11:23 am
    tommy says:

    I can definitely tell you that im not waiting until end of April. If the apps dont come out by April 15th, im closing all my accounts. We were promised April with no specific date, so im setting my own date.

    • 4/4/2012
      11:26 am
      Ally says:

      We certainly understand your need for a mobile app, Tommy. We are working to ensure the quality of the app prior to release. We hope you can hang in there with us, as we are still on target for an end of April release.

  140. 4/5/2012
    3:34 pm
    Robyn says:

    Um! It is now April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 4/5/2012
      3:37 pm
      Ally says:

      Our mobile apps are still on schedule for an April release, Robyn. We’ll continue to update our community on our mobile progress. Look our for that!

  141. 4/6/2012
    4:15 am
    Jessica says:

    I am definately looking forward to the release. Were in april now, so it could be anytime now. If we’ve waited this long, I don’t see why other customers cant seem to wait a couple days more. It’ll be well worth waiting for.

    • 4/6/2012
      7:01 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your support and patience, Jessica. We’re working hard to get the mobile apps into the hands of our community as soon as possible. We’ll continue to provide updates here, on the Straight Talk Blog. Thanks again!

  142. 4/6/2012
    8:06 pm
    Kevin says:

    This is the “straight talk blog” so can you please tell us why, specifically, it has taken so long to come out? I know you want to make sure it’s secure and yada yada; that’s public relations jargon. What specifically happened? Why were other banks able to release secure, user-friendly apps so much sooner (years)?

  143. 4/7/2012
    2:55 pm
    eyobay says:

    It’s almost mid 2012 and no mobile apps? I am not only holding my breath but also looking for alternative. Sorry, Ally.

    • 4/7/2012
      3:00 pm
      Ally says:

      We’re still scheduled to launch the mobile apps in April. Our team is working hard to ensure the quality of the app. We hope you can hang in there with us. Look out for updates on our Straight Talk Blog.

  144. 4/9/2012
    9:18 am
    Robyn says:

    It is April 9 now!!!!!!!!!!! where is the app?

    • 4/9/2012
      9:20 am
      Ally says:

      We’re still scheduled to launch the Ally mobile apps in April, Robyn. We’ll continue to update our community on our Straight Talk Blog. Stay tuned!

  145. 4/10/2012
    10:45 am
    Chris says:

    I see what your doing. “April” of 2014

    • 4/10/2012
      10:47 am
      Ally says:

      We’re still on schedule to launch the mobile apps this April, Chris. Look out for updates on our Straight Talk Blog.

  146. 4/10/2012
    6:27 pm
    Andrew says:

    I recently stumbled upon Ally and everything looks exactly what I have been searching for. I can see much frustration from many users needing an App for their mobile banking needs, it has become a way/need in life. I am with a “brick-n-mortar” or “Mega Bank” and have really enjoyed the Mobile Banking App, but have not enjoyed being burned by high fees, so called customer service, and long lines/wait times. I am sympathetic with many people not being able to wait any longer for an App but I would encourage each and every one of you to be patient, if you can. The “brick-n-mortar” and “Mega Banks” Mobile Apps are nice but need serious help in the user interface department. Be patient with Ally. It is always harder to jump from bank to bank rather than waiting till the end of April…. IMHO.

    • 4/10/2012
      6:30 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your patience and kind words, Andrew. Our team is working hard to get the apps launched as soon as possible. We’ll continue to provide updates on our Straight Talk Blog. Thanks again!

  147. 4/13/2012
    2:25 pm
    Abby says:

    I am looking at the Straight Talk Blog right now and don’t see the update like you said. Did I do something wrong? I’ll try again every few minutes or so.

    • 4/13/2012
      2:29 pm
      Ally says:

      Abby, You can find the update on mobile on the Straight Talk blog here Let us know if you have any other questions.

  148. 4/14/2012
    12:12 pm
    Tony says:

    I hope when the app launches, a tablet version will launch along side with it. A mobile version that will be tablet capable is not suffice as everything looks fuzzy when its scale to fit on a bigger screen. Ally is an online bank, so I expect more from Ally rather than seeing them this far behind everyone else when it comes to banking mobility.

    • 4/14/2012
      12:15 pm
      Ally says:

      A tablet app is currently not in the pipeline, Tony. But should that change, we’ll be sure to let you know.

  149. 4/19/2012
    10:43 am
    Matthew says:

    I’ve worked on a few banking and insurance mobile applications in the past and I’m curious to see what you guys come up with.

    Late to the party is better than not showing up. I can’t wait to have the convenience.

    • 4/19/2012
      10:45 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your support and understanding, Matthew. We’re working hard to get the apps into the hands of our community as soon as possible. Thanks again!

  150. 4/24/2012
    9:09 am
    Robyn says:

    Only 6 days left of April

  151. 4/24/2012
    5:10 pm
    Chris says:

    Will it be in May now?

  152. 4/25/2012
    11:43 pm
    Tom says:

    April 2013?

  153. 4/26/2012
    7:31 pm
    Mike says:

    Most people are frustrated because the expectation from a “straight talk” blog would be to get straight answers, not canned responses that don’t mean anything. Now there is a trust issue because we can’t get straight talk when promised. Most people would like to trust the place where they put their money. If ally would set a reasonable release date, be truthful about delays, most people would be understanding. So Ally, what’s the hold up? Why no specific release date? How about some straight talk!

  154. 4/27/2012
    5:04 pm
    Chris says:

    My thoughts exactly, Mike.

  155. 4/28/2012
    10:42 am
    Will Wiggins says:

    Guys, check the app store – it was just posted. Overall a good app, but for the time it took missing a lot of features such as no landscape mode and no iPad version but I guess it’s a step in the right direction…

    • 4/28/2012
      10:45 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Will. Sharing this with our team over here. We’ll continue to provide updates on our progress throughout the year on the Straight Talk blog.

  156. 4/29/2012
    12:31 pm
    Tony says:

    The release date is April 31st. Next release date is Fenruary 30th.

    • 4/29/2012
      12:32 pm
      Ally says:

      The mobile apps are live, Tony! You can download them for the iPhone or Android devices here: Let us know how you like them!

  157. 5/31/2012
    11:51 am
    Alex says:

    When are we going to be able to deposit checks using our camera phones?

    • 5/31/2012
      11:55 am
      Ally says:

      Ally eCheck Deposit feature for mobile is expected to be included in our second mobile rollout, scheduled to launch later this year , Alex. Look out for updates on our Straight Talk blog.

  158. 6/10/2012
    3:21 pm
    Valarie says:

    Hello! I just got a Windows phone. Is there an Ally Banking app out yet? Thank you!

    • 6/10/2012
      3:33 pm
      Ally says:

      We currently don’t have a Windows Phone app in the pipeline, Valarie. However, we do have a mobile site that you may want to check out for your Windows Phone. You can access the mobile site by going to Should we release a Windows Phone App, we’ll be sure to let our community know.

  159. 6/13/2012
    10:51 am
    Steve says:

    I cannot understand why you guys don’t drop everything and make mobile, or at least online, check deposits the #1 priority of your company. Granted, I don’t have a huge need to deposit checks, but when I do, I have to use another bank. It’s preposterous to even consider mailing a check in to make a deposit. Everyone that has the ability to make this function live should be using all working hours to make this happen.

    • 6/13/2012
      10:55 am
      Ally says:

      Our team is working hard on the second mobile rollout, Steve. The Ally eCheck Deposit feature for mobile is expected in the second mobile rollout, scheduled for later this year. We’ll continue to update our community as we get closer to launch. Look out for updates on our Straight Talk blog.

  160. 6/20/2012
    3:49 am
    Eric says:

    I too am a WP7 user and woud love to see an app for the windows platfirm one day but for now, I would even settle with a mobile site that worked… right now, if i go to, i see for a brief second what appears to be a mobile site with 2 options but immediately redirects to the full ally site. I had thought it was a phone issue however tthe same is true when i have tried it on many devices

  161. 6/20/2012
    7:13 pm
    kaj says:

    Well I for one am excited about mobile deposits, and lets be real for a minute and look at the world in real time. The reason ally bank hasn’t come out for win7 phones is they waited to see if the Microsoft phones would sell it costs alot to develop these kinds of apps and ally bank is a relatively new bank and company. So I think this for one is a smart move for a bank to do esp when they give you such good rates on interest its shows smart conservative business sense from a company that holds my funds. Good job even though it was very complicated to open the acct..
    -Kaj Seattle WA

    • 6/20/2012
      7:15 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for your support and understanding, Kaj. We’re always looking to include new platforms as part of our mobile rollout but a Windows Mobile device is currently not in the pipeline. Our next mobile rollout is expected to include the Ally eCheck Deposit feature. Thanks again for your feedback and look out for more mobile updates on our Straight Talk blog.

  162. 7/2/2012
    12:06 am
    mauricio perez says:

    you guys should really put in a windows phone app in your pipeline. with windows phone 8 coming out in the fall (as well as apps from the big banks) it would nice to offer your app across the board. with their new development tools, it wouldn’t actually take much to create it. not to mention since the new windows phone 8 will share the same kernel with windows 8, the app will work not only on the phone, but on the entire windows ecosystem. that includes all phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets running windows8. that’s your app with the ability to run on hundreds of millions of devices with very little work. c’mon ally, make it happen!

  163. 7/2/2012
    12:07 am
    mauricio perez says:

    oh, and the mobile site doesn’t work either. just a note.

  164. 9/30/2012
    1:25 pm
    Thom says:

    Hi. I was referred here by and I’m very interested in an Ally money market account. It’s now the last day of September, 2012. Any news on when the mobile app will allow account holders to deposit checks via the smartphone camera?

  165. 11/19/2012
    6:57 pm
    jeff.m says: still does not work. This has been raised in other posts without a response. Does it work or not? As of today, it does not work on windows phone or via a traditional browser.

  166. 2/20/2013
    11:42 am
    mark.s says:

    Definitely in need of a Windows 8 Phone App. Windows 8 Phone is here to stay.

    • 2/21/2013
      6:46 pm
      Ally says:

      We hear you, Mark. We are definitely working on it. As soon as we have news to share regarding a timeline, we will update our community.

  167. 3/16/2013
    6:39 pm
    Vanquished says:

    I was seriously considering Ally Bank until I found that there is no Windows Phone app. Once you get a Windows Phone app with check deposit I will make the switch from terrible BofA to Ally.

    • 3/18/2013
      5:15 pm
      Ally says:

      We are working on it. When we have news regarding a timeline, we’ll be sure to update our community.

  168. 3/18/2013
    7:32 pm
    Anthony says:

    Glad to hear that Ally is finally working on a windows phone app. I just hope it has mobile deposit, and it doesn’t take too long to be available.

  169. 3/20/2013
    9:55 am
    Vanquished says:

    Glad to hear that a WP app is in the works. I hope its for Windows Phone 7.8 and higher and not just Windows Phone 8, all of us suckers that bought a Lumia 900 6 months before Windows Phone 8 will be out of luck otherwise…

    Already made the switch to Ally based on your comment of “We are working on it” so I hope it’s true! :)

    • 3/21/2013
      6:39 pm
      Ally says:

      We are working on it and hope to be able to share a timeline with our community shortly.

  170. 3/31/2013
    2:03 pm
    Jonathan says:

    Is there any estimate on when the timeline will be ready to be shared for Windows Phone 8 app?

    • 4/2/2013
      4:45 pm
      Ally says:

      Hi Jonathan. We will let the community know once a timeline is available.

  171. 4/2/2013
    5:37 pm
    Justin says:

    I am also throwing my voice in there for the need for a Windows Phone 8 App. Great platform, but needs 3rd party support please.

    • 4/3/2013
      5:55 pm
      Ally says:

      Hi, Justin. We are working on it. When we have a timeline, we’ll be sure to update our community.

  172. 4/3/2013
    6:13 pm
    Jet says:

    Figured I’d show my support for a proposed Windows Phone app! I’m running WP 7.8

    • 4/6/2013
      12:05 pm
      Ally says:

      Hi, Jet. We are working on it. When we have a timeline, we’ll be sure to update our community.

  173. 4/13/2013
    1:36 pm
    Brian says:

    Great news about supporting Windows Phone! Looking forward to hearing more about the timeline when you’re ready!

  174. 6/13/2013
    10:33 am
    Brad says:

    I’m planning on switching to ally Bank, but am waiting to hear the status of the ally Windows Phone app.

    • 6/14/2013
      4:08 pm
      Ally says:

      Hi Brad. We are working on a better mobile experience for our Windows Phone customers – first with an update to our mobile web experience and then with a dedicated app. We will provide details as they become available.

  175. 8/10/2013
    8:39 am
    Jason Dragon says:

    Come on guys. Wells Fargo has just released an app for Windows Phone. How about you? I’ve been waiting for a few YEARS now.

    • 8/12/2013
      2:51 pm
      Ally says:

      A Windows app is in the works, Jason. We will keep the community updated on its status.

  176. 9/7/2013
    10:08 am
    Josh says:

    iPad app please!!! I use my iPad for everything and all my other banks have apps specifically for the iPad. Makes it so nice.

    • 9/9/2013
      2:28 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for the recommendation, Josh. We currently don’t have an iPad app in the works, but we will update the community if that changes!

      • 10/6/2013
        7:29 pm
        Josh says:

        Why? An iPad app wouldn’t take much effort, and you guys don’t have banking offices. Banks with banking offices have iPad apps. That’s completely backwards. You should be ahead of the curve not behind it. Smh.

  177. 10/14/2013
    12:27 pm
    Jesse says:

    Windows Phone app please so I can deposit checks using my phone. Thanks!

    • 10/15/2013
      2:46 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jesse.

  178. 12/29/2013
    11:41 pm
    vanquished says:

    Good News!
    It’s taken you guys so long (Still nothing) that I have upgraded from wp7.8 to wp8 (lumia 1020) back in July. So no longer do I care about a wp7 app. Just a WP8 app. Come on guys, its not that hard.

    • 12/31/2013
      11:46 am
      Ally says:

      Thanks for reaching out. Our team is in the final phases of completing a Windows phone app that should be available early in 2014. We’ll update the community when we have more information.

  179. 1/7/2014
    3:18 pm
    jsurfer says:

    Glad to hear that Windows Phone app is in the works. I look forward to “Early 2014″ :)

    Also I tried on my Nokia Lumia WP8 phone and I can’t seem to even get that to work.

    • 1/8/2014
      12:05 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks for the heads up. We’re passing this issue along to our mobile team. We’ll let our community know when we have any updates.

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