Around the Web: “How To Fund Your Football Season Expenses”

Save that fun money and put it towards your tailgate. - Money Crashers

We recently brought up football here on Straight Talk, but ’tis the season. Money Crashers’ Erik Folgate scored a touchdown (terrible pun intended) on his most recent article “How to Fund Your Football Season Expenses” and offered up some helpful tips to cover your Sunday hot wing expenses. One of the article’s tips below:

Round Up And Pay Yourself: When you’re using cash and you spend $15 from a $20 dollar bill, keep the extra $5 aside in a separate fund. Do that throughout the week, and you’ll have an extra $50 or so to grab some food for your football party on the weekend. It’s a good little trick to make you feel less guilty on the weekend.

How are you enjoying your football season without breaking the bank? Be sure to let us know who you are supporting this year!

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