Coming Soon: An Updated Version of Ally Mobile Banking!

Ally Bank Mobile Update PreviewWe’re happy to announce that a new version of Ally Mobile Banking is scheduled to be available later this month!

Back in May, we launched mobile applications for iPhone® and Android™ users, as well as, a mobile-optimized site that lets you manage your account via your phone or tablet browser. This first version of Ally Mobile Banking brought you the ability to use your mobile device to check balances, view transactions, find nearby ATMs and transfer money between your Ally accounts.

The second version of Ally Mobile Banking will give you the ability to do even more of your banking on the go. The update will include:

Ally eCheck Deposit℠

With the iPhone® or Android™ Ally Mobile App, deposit a check just by snapping a picture of it with your camera phone.

Bill Pay

Pay bills from anywhere, anytime.

Non-Ally Transfers

Transfer money to and from your other banks.

Keep checking Straight Talk, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, for the latest news on the upcoming release!

Which of our new features are you most excited about? What other apps do you use to manage your money on the go?

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  1. 1

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    I’ve been waiting for the eCheck deposit feature since the first version of the app was released!

    This is huge, especially for an online-only bank like yours, I can finally get rid of my accounts with other banks.

    Can you tell us any more about eCheck deposit? Will there be any restrictions on the amounts that can be deposited? Will processing times be similar to other methods (transfers / sending checks)?

    Thanks again!

    • 2

      Daniel, the same limits and rules apply to the Ally eCheck Deposit feature for mobile as it currently exists for the online version of Ally eCheck Deposit. Look out for more updates on the Straight Talk blog. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. 7

    Yes! So excited about mobile bill pay and most excited about eCheck deposit! eCheck deposit is awesome and the only thing I missed from my BOA account. Thank you Ally!!

    • 9

      We’re looking forward to getting the next mobile rollout into the hands of our community, Kyle! We currently don’t have any sub savings accounts. If that changes, we’ll be sure to update our community. Let us know if you have any questions.

  3. 10

    > This is huge, especially for an online-only bank like yours, I can finally get rid of my accounts with other banks.

    BYE BANK OF AMERICA! Where can I get on the priority list to use this new feature?!

    • 11

      Once the next mobile rollout goes live, all of our customers will get access to the new mobile apps, Malarie. Stay tuned for an update on our Straight Talk blog.

  4. 12
    Kyle Copley

    THANK YOU! I can’t wait for this update, I really love my new Ally account and keep being impressed by all of the features.

    I really want the eCheck deposit feature, next would be Sub Savings account that can easily be deleted and created and named to save for specific items.

  5. 13

    Super excited about this! I just I said to my wife today, “Maybe we should open a Chase account so I can finally deposit our checks with my phone.” Looks like Ally is pulling through just in time.

    • 14

      We’re glad we could provide you with great banking over here, Brian. Once the new mobile rollout goes live, we’ll be sure to update our community.

  6. 15

    I’m so glad the eCheck feature is just around the corner! I work for a print shop and they will not do direct deposit as it hurts the printing business. I get paid on Thursday, but don’t get home to scan my check in until after 5pm central. This means I don’t get any money in my account until Monday! Now I can use eCheck at work at get money the next day!

    • 18

      John, all of the features added to the updated mobile app are already available on with the exception of the Ally eCheck Deposit feature for mobile, which will only be available in the updated app. Let us know if you have any other questions.

    • 20

      We currently don’t have an iPad-optimized app in the works, John. Should that change in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks!

  7. 21

    Glad to have the eCheck deposit here. Hope it is better than the scanner version. I used to have a lot trouble to deposit a check that way.

    • 22

      We’re looking forward to getting the new mobile apps into the hands of our community! Once the apps launch, we’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

  8. 25

    +1 on an iPhone & iPad universal version. As much as I hate BoA, my parents still use them and I have to say their iPad app is sweet.

    • 26

      We’re very excited to get the new mobile update into the hands of our community, Pablo. An iPad is currently not in the plans but we’ll update our community should we launch an app for the iPad.

    • 28

      We’re always looking to at new platforms for our mobile offerings, Josh. Unfortunately, an iPad app is currently not in the works. If that changes in the near future, we’ll be sure to let our community know.

  9. 29

    I have to agree with Josh, you really need an iPad optimized version. I mean the app and security features are already there, just optimize it.

    • 30

      Thanks for the suggestion, Rick. An iPad app is currently not in the pipeline but should that change, we’ll be sure to let you know. Let us know if you have any additional questions or suggestions.

  10. 31
    Aamir Karim

    It is nice that Ally bank is finally updating its mobile platform. However some things about the online platform and bill pay platform need to be enhanced too. For eg it would be nice if there was a choice just to see the nickname of the payees instead of seeing the nickname and the actual payee name on the bill pay overview page. Also another thing is it would be awesome if one could edit the transactions description that get posted in the account activity. So for eg if I have 2 American Express payees and I give them separate nicknames to be able to identify them ,once the payments get posted to the account activity page the actual payee name appears instead of the nickname. The best way around that would be to be able to edit transactions description. Another thing is that is would be nice if bill pay could expedite it’s paper check payments. Bofa’s bill pay sent paper checks in 2 business days vs Ally’s 4 business days .


    • 32

      Aamir, we appreciate your feedback. We’re passing it along to our team over here. Feedback like this improves helps us improve our services. Thanks!

  11. 35
    Alex Berman

    WO HO!

    I love Ally and have been waiting for an enhanced version of the check deposit system to make it onto the app.

    So glad this will be out soon.

    • 36

      Our team is very excited and looking forward to getting the new mobile rollout into the hands of our community, Alex. Look out for more updates as we get closer to launch.

  12. 37
    Greg Walther

    I will be closing my Wells Fargo account and moving my savings to Ally when echeck deposit becomes a reality. I have been waiting for this for so long!

  13. 39

    THANK GOD you are finally going to have eCheck deposit on your iPhone app…Your eCheck deposit online stinks, it has always given me hassles. I just spent a hour trying to deposit 4 checks on it. Hoping and praying the mobile version works much better.

  14. 41

    Will this second version be optimized for the larger screen on the iPhone 5?

    Also, if you do make an iPad version in the future, make it just one universal app for all iOS devices, not a separate app for the iPhone and a separate app for the iPad.

  15. 42

    Will the new app accept passwords containing punctuation? It’s a severe security risk to require people to use weak passwords to use the mobile app. Also, will I be able to set a pin so I can log in to the app without having to enter my password?

  16. 43
    Casey Hohman

    WOW, I am so excited to be able to deposit checks from my cell phone. All these years I’ve been depositing checks to my BOA account then transferring those deposits to Ally. Thank you for listening to your customers and making updates and product changes so quickly to respond to your customers needs. Ally is absolutely the best banking option out there.

  17. 47

    This is a great feature, can’t wait! Please look into changing the time for available funds. USAA & BofA only takes 1 day vs. ally 2 days. This will really make u r customers HAPPY!!

    • 50

      We are currently in employee testing for the second mobile rollout, Elizabeth. We’ll be sure to update our community, as we get closer to launch.

  18. 53
    Barry Timm

    Good to hear about the expanded Android functionality.
    The eCheck deposit, Billpay and non-Ally transfers will be very useful to me.

    It would be GREAT if the desktop browser based version of eCheck deposit did not enforce a twain driver to be installed – allowing images of checks to be deposited the same way as the Mobile version will.

    Currently, the system seems to hang/wait for a twain response even if you have previously scanned the images on another computer and have them ready for deposit processing…


    • 56

      We currently don’t have an exact date for the launch of the new mobile rollout, Erin. However, it is currently in employee testing and we’ll have an update for our community closer to launch.

  19. 57

    I would like to see the deposit limits for individual items and for total deposits via echeck raised. Once in a while I receive run into an issue where I am above those limits and therefore can’t make a deposit to Ally. This forces me to keep all of my larger deposits at BOA. Would love to only bank at Ally.

    Mailing the deposits to Ally defeats the purpose of an on line bank.

    • 58

      We really appreciate your support for Ally Bank. We currently don’t have any plans to raise the limits for individual Ally eCheck Deposits. Should that change soon, we’ll be sure to let you know. We appreciate your feedback and passing it along to our team over here. Thanks!

    • 62

      The Ally eCheck Deposit feature for mobile will work with your iPod Touch if it comes equipped with a camera and you’re connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

  20. 63

    I have an old Android with a low pixel camera. Do you have a list of hardware requirements? I would like to know because I am in the market for a new phone, maybe.

  21. 68

    I think you should modify your bill payment system. It is a confusing. You should get something similar to Bank of America. That will make ally even better. Also you IRA account. We should not required to submit a paper form for every deposit.

    • 69

      Thanks for the recommendation, Tom. Passing this along to our team over here. Should these features get implemented, we’ll be sure to let our community know.

  22. 70

    I concur with all those who would like to see an optimized iPad app with eCheck deposit as well, and also
    with shortening the interbank transfer availability by one (1) day.
    Caution on closing other bank accounts too quickly,
    I’ve experienced difficulty on occasion depositing odd sized
    checks such as rebate checks via mobile phone.
    Finally I politely disagree on bill pay and find Ally’s to be the clearest, most intuitive and most informative and vastly superior to that of BofA.

  23. 75

    The e-Check deposit is by far the best feature. I have a Linux PC and the online check deposit didn’t work. So I made deposit at another bank then transferred to Ally. I no longer need to do this which is great.

    • 76

      We’re glad the upcoming Ally eCheck Deposit feature for mobile will make it easier for you to make deposits, Tito. Look out for more updates soon.

  24. 77

    F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. Glad Ally is holding up their promise to deliver by year’s end. I’m trying to convert some of my friends and relatives to the advantageous world of online banking, specifically Ally, and this will make it a much easier sell. I hope it’s quicker to use than the browser-based one… so slow.

  25. 79

    Bill pay, transfer funds from non-ally accounts, exactly what I’ve requested! Perfect! You guys are great! I’ll never even need to login to the website again, now that’s convenient!

  26. 83

    The deposit feature is what I’m looking for! Trying to deposit through your online feature is like wading through mud haha! Seriously, with the mobile check deposit, Ally will be the perfect online bank.

  27. 87

    Thank youuuuu. The e-check deposit is an essential feature. The lack of it almost prevented me from opening an account. Glad I did since you guys are surelly above the rest in customer service, and as promised, this is being released before year’s end.
    Hopefully the ability to check pending transactions will also be part of this new version of the App, making it as good as any currently out there.

    • 88

      Pending transactions will be a part of the second mobile rollout, Ed. We’re happy to have you here and glad to hear you’re enjoying the Ally Bank experience.

  28. 89

    You need to combine future bill payments with the checking account ledger so you can see your future balance after each future bill gets paid.

  29. 91

    I’m so excited about the upgrade to the mobile app!!! BILL PAY, BILL PAY, BILL PAY and transferring to NON-ALLY ACCTS, now work on getting the feature to allow ally customers to be able to see all their accounts in one place, just like USAA as well as changing the hold times on your money, currently Ally is a 2 day hold. If all of these are done, this will be the BEST on-line banking EVER. Please start on these feature, don’t wait too long! I’m really loving you guys and only have been a customer for ONE week! Thxs a bunch!

    • 92

      We’re very excited for the updated mobile apps too, Katt! We appreciate your suggestions. Sharing this with our team over here. Thanks!

  30. 93

    I am encouraged to hear that the mobile eDeposit feature is finally going to be offered by Ally.

    I sincerely hope it won’t be like the current scanner-based eDeposit system, which is terrible. I have had more problems with it then any of the other eDeposit systems I have used at other financial institutions (checks it couldn’t interpret, trouble properly sizing it, etc). I was glad when you removed the requirement to include “for Ally eDeposit only” from the endorsement. At least now when your system cannot handle a check, I can use my other banks service.

  31. 96

    I’m extremely excited about the new features of the application!! I can’t wait for it to launch. I downloaded/used the first version of the application but it didn’t do anything special for me when I was by the computer most of the time. So thank you!! Now I can close my other non-Ally account because of the new features.

  32. 100

    I am new to Ally, just a couple of weeks but am so impressed with with all my experiences so far. Only struggled a little with the scanning deposits, but when the upgrade happens with the mobile app I will be overjoyed.
    A great bank with fantastic customer service.

  33. 103

    I really can’t wait for this considering the current mobile app isn’t up to par. I really hope you guys also fixed the issue with the current app, where you can’t see any Pending transactions, only things that have posted show. That really needs to be fixed because I need to know what is already showing on the account.

    E deposits right now are fine for me got used to in and can submit a check within 5 mins. I work in IT and there a couple things that it doesn’t like but after figuring them out it has been nothing but smooth sailing. Once we are able to deposit checks with our phones I doubt I will be scanning any checks in anymore!!

    Please fix the pending transactions though on the new app.

  34. 105

    Please consider designing a mobile app for the BlackBerry OS. All the other “big banks” have them, and hopefully Ally will soon… Thanks for your consideration!

  35. 107

    The check-deposit “issue” – namely that the online scanning “option” is awful and time-consuming and snail-mailing a check seems archaic – is the only negative thing I have to say about Ally. Once the mobile check deposit option becomes available I will be able to recommend Ally to friends and family with no caveats.

  36. 111

    you should consider having text message option, and daily balance alert, and direct deposit alert. the bill payment system needs to be change also for a more friendly one where I can see my bills not only the balance. the fact that ally payback any ATM fee is great!!!!!!.

  37. 114

    Ally has a history of making tech promises and not delivering. I heard about this feature in April. As an Internet based bank this should be a no brainer. Ally has a great opportunity to capture more market share from ING Direct customers moving away from the Evil Cap 1 – I really hope the Ally IT team steps it up a notch or two.

  38. 116

    Yay, new mobile app is here! Did anyone try it out? Ally please look into adding a pending transfer entry since it takes 2 days to complete. It’s under scheduled transfers/activity which is currently in a different screen/location, s/be able to see when you click on one of your accts. under transactions. Thanks for rolling out so quickly!

  39. 118

    Hopefully they fixed the bug where multiple transfers for the same amount go through many times once you submit the transfer in the the iPhone App.

    When I called in and asked why 3 transfers occurred after I submitted 1 transfer, they told me it was user error. They said I submitted more than 1 transfer. They would not cancel or revert the other 2 transfers. It wasn’t user error.

    Since I work in application development, I couldn’t have deleted the app faster. I don’t want to find out what other bugs are lurking, and I’ll wait for Ally to use their customers for testing instead of their Quality Assurance department.

  40. 121

    After spending time on multiple calls to Ally to figure out why I am unable to upload my checks through the scanning edeposit method with my Mac, I am definitely excited to finally have a solution using my iPhone! Thank you from a loyal customer!

  41. 122

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for mobile deposit since opening my account last year. I get so frustrated when I see other people do this and I’m stuck wrangling with my scanner and some antiquated java applet.

  42. 123
    Harrison Greene

    Great iphone app. Please keep it simple and don’t bog it down with features. Add me to the chorus who would like an ipad app. Other suggestions: I have USAA as well and it gets me logged in within 5 seconds by using my pin. Please add this option to the app. Also, USAA lets me transfer money to other USAA customers the same day. Ditto Chase. Ditto Bank of America. Ditto TCF Bank. Why not Ally? Anyhow thank you for being a fair bank with great features like mobile deposit and free ATM withdrawls!

  43. 124

    We just opened our accounts and saw that we should be able to access mobile banking from from any phone with internet access. When we go to the site, our Windows phones are automatically redirected to Are there plans for a Windows app or a fix to the redirection issue?

    • 125

      Hi, Warren. Thank you for being an Ally customer. We are working on a Windows app and hope to share a timeline with our community shortly.

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