Customer Spotlight: 3 Reasons to Love Ally Bank

"Seriously, @AllyBank has got amazing service, they reimburse ATM fees other mean banks charge & the interest OH MY #I Love My bank" - Lara DiPaola

Lara is right: it’s downright mean for banks to charge you to use their ATM. That’s why at Ally Bank, we don’t charge our customers to use any ATM in the United States. We also reimburse any fees they incur from using another bank’s ATM. And when you take into consideration our great customer service and competitive rates, you can’t help but think of Ally as one of the nice guys.

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    I thought Ally sounded like a good “internet” bank. The application process has been a nightmare. I wanted to set up a “household” joint account for my mother with a bank that had ATM access anywhere. Within the online application, I diidn’t see a place to enter a put a separate address for the joint applicant. The address defaulted to mine and therefore didn’t match the credit report. I’m not a banker, but I am a finance professional. It seems that it would be a matter of correcting the application. Ally wants to redo the application and run the credit reports again. This process will reduce our credit scores again by several points. It’s ridiculous. The operations department (who deals with these issues) isn’t allowed to take phone calls. The customer service people that I spoke with can’t do anything. This was my first experience with an internet bank. It’s much much more stressful than a brick and mortar bank. If they can’t correct the application without hitting my credit report a second time, I will just go to my personal bank and set up an account. I would hate to have to call Ally with an account issue later on only to be told that I can’t talk to anyone in the appropriate department…… So far, I can’t say that I would recommend Ally.

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