Customer Spotlight: Ally Bank’s Customer Service Might Make You Smile

Calling your bank to get information about your account is not something you get excited about. So often, it means dealing with long wait times, confusing automated menus and customer service reps who might not know how to answer your question.

At Ally Bank, we make it a priority to give you a service experience that makes you glad you bank with us. And it looks like our dedication to our customers is paying off.

One customer named Jessica took to Twitter to tell the world:

“Just had the most pleasant phone conversation with a real person from my bank. Goodbye automated menus. I won’t miss you. I love @allybank.”

Another Ally customer, Nicholas, also went online to talk about his great experience. On our Facebook wall, he wrote:

“Thank you for having the best rates and the best customer service. Never before have I been this pleased with a bank. Banking with Ally is fast, easy, and convenient! I just love Ally Bank!”

At Ally, we work hard to give you some of the tools – from innovative products to helpful support staffers – that you need to achieve financial success. And an important part of reaching success is having strong support along the way.

Have you had a pleasant customer-service experience with an Ally representative? Which part of banking with Ally do you like the best?

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  1. 1
    Kathy C

    Spoke with Roger in Customer Service this morning and he was wonderful in walking me through setting up my online savings account as well as CD. Roger was incredible knowledgeable and thorough; doing his job in a delightfully personable and professional manner. He made sure I understood everything and brought up things I had not considered that might be of benefit. Couldn’t have been a better experience!

    • 2

      We’re thrilled to hear you had a great customer service experience, Kathy! Sharing this with our team over here! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 3

    Where is the Ally call service center? Some represenatives do not speak English all that well. Heavy accents hard to understand

  3. 5
    Anil Pillai

    This is just a shout-out to all Ally Customer Service and Ally staff in general.

    One of the best decisions I made in my last 15 years of banking in the US was switching to Ally. It is a breath of fresh air to get a call from the Customer Service the same day you ask for a call. Sometimes, I do not even ask for a call back, but I still get a call just thanking me for my comment. All from someone in US – very knowledgeable and pleasant.

    And when you call, you don’t come at me with platitudes. The three times I made suggestions, 2 of those three were implemented within a month. Can you imagine your BOA or Citi doing any of it?? I know they don’t – I was their customer for what feels like a gazillion years. All they did was nickel and dime me.

    These followup calls and other things you do are amazing little actions that reaffirms my faith in our decision to choose Ally. Keep it up, especially as you grow. And I will spread the news whenever I can.

  4. 6
    pat s

    customer service yeah as long as your putting money into the system. Try and remove an account and it is run around time till you scream at them I just want to transfer funds,It is my money isn’t it?

    • 7

      We’re sorry for any inconvenience, Pat. We’d love to help you out here. Please give our Ally Care team a call 24/7 at 1-877-247-2559 and someone will be able to assist you.

  5. 8
    Elwood and Theresa Savoie

    This is in regards to the auto customer service. This is the worst customer service (you get instructions for a payoff on how to get your title the fastest and after you do your part the story changes). When I called to make sure everything was processed ( I sent a fed ex pack to send title back) they say they can’t do it. They also tell me there is no one I can speak to in that department. I then spoke to ” Jean” (can not give last name) who says she is in executive customer relations and all I get is I’m sorry and there is no one above me you can speak to. I needed this title ASAP, I hope I do not lose this sale!!!!!!!

    • 9

      We’re sorry to hear about this issue. We only handle bank deposits over here, but we’ve passed this information along to our Ally Auto partners. You can also reach out to them by emailing Thank you.

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