Customer Spotlight: Talk To a Teller Whenever You Want

"Ally Bank's live chat for customer service is genius."
Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. That’s why we provide live chat on to help you with all of your financial needs. Whether you have questions about your Money Market Account or think it might be time to raise the rate on your CD, there’s always someone there to help you, 24/7. It’s just another way that banking with Ally is like having a bank in your home, teller and all. Give us a call anytime at 1-877-247-ALLY (2559) or ask us a question on Twitter at @allycare.

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    I did not yet have my routing # so I went to do a check yesterday to pay property taxes but it said it would not be paid till 12/16. So I called today to get the routing # and now the tax collector wont take it online cause yesterday was the last day to pay online to avoid penalties (their bill did not indicate this). I can’t pay online now until 12/23 when they add the penalty so I went badk online to pay from Ally’s site but now it says it will be paid on 12/19. Why does it take so long?

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      Thanks for the comment, Darius, but we only handle banking over here. We’ll be sure to pass this along to our auto partners for you.

  2. 7

    if i bought a car from a dealership and you finance that vehicle and i had 30 days to put a down payment and didnt get the down payment but want to keep the car do i still have to turn in the car cause the dealership salesman tells me i have to take the car back since i havent put the down payment would you guys have payed the dealership for the car already

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      Gloria, we’re passing this along to our auto partners. We only handle banking over here. To get a faster response, please give our auto partners a call at 1-888-925-2559. Thanks.

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    Dorothy Connolly

    If I pay on line how to I put some towards my property taxes, I see a spot on the actual bill but am not sure how to do it on line

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    I have a question about returning a truck I got about 4 months ago and how badly it’d hurt my dad’s credit since he’s the first one on the lease?

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