Gold ATMs Coming to the U.S.

We’re always on the look out for new innovative ideas. We found this article that CNN wrote about ATMs dispensing gold very interesting. While it’s hard to believe these things are real, they could actually be on their way to the U.S.

With its price continuing to rise, many people are seeing investing in gold as a strong savings strategy. While experts have varying opinions on whether or not this is a good long-term plan, there’s no denying the flash factor.

Although Ally Bank won’t be dispensing gold from ATMs, what other kinds of ATM innovations would you like to see happen in the future?

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    i want to be able to deposit checks into ally bank from my iphone, instead of depositing in local bank and moving the money from one bank to another :(

  2. 3

    I would like to be able to deposit checks via other banks Atm’s. Just as ally refund ATM fees they should also cover the costs associated with having another bank clear checks.

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      Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet, Hillary, but that’s really great feedback. In terms of innovation, that would certainly be something that would be extremely helpful for all of our customers. Thanks for your response!

  3. 5
    Jens Astrup

    I agree with the above, a better way to deposit checks is a must – otherwise Ally Bank just remains an extension of my other banks rather than my primary account.

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      Thank you for the feedback, Jens. We responded to the other comment above. Noticed your tweet from earlier today… We wanted to welcome you again to Ally Bank and assure you that this is something that we’re working on.

  4. 7

    I usually mail paper checks in. It takes about 2 days for the deposit to be made. Even with a brick and mortar bank, 1 business day for posting is normal.

  5. 8

    Money market accounts:
    1. I would like the customer to be able to opt for an ATM only card as opposed to the default debit card
    2. cards (be they ATM or debit) with no expiration dates (or longer expiration periods, say 5 years as opposed to 2 years)

    • 9

      Thanks for the comment, Marin. We’ll make sure this gets to the right people and we really appreciate any feedback on how we can be better for you.

  6. 10

    You should sell gold and silver bullion coins at the bank. I don’t think your bank or any other bank have a clue about how much gold and silver are in demand these days thanks to the decline of the US Dollar.

  7. 11

    Its been over a year and not a single betta iphone app out.. what is taking so long? how can ally be better and not even allowing it’s users to deposit with their phones? I’m tired of transferring from another account or mailing in a check.. come on it’s 2012!!!


    GET ALLY BANK ATMs AROUND MAJOR CITIES LIKE NYC!! Let us Deposit and Withdraw our funds. No Bank just ATMs like how CHASE been doing it all over New York.. Chase ATMs are everywhere for quick deposits. Come on Ally buck up!

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