How Important is Customer Service to You?

When looking for a new bank, there are probably all sorts of questions that cross your mind: What are the interest rates on its savings accounts? Do they offer a mobile app that lets me bank on the go? Do they charge fees?

But there’s one question that some might argue is more important than any of these: do these banks have good customer service? We want to know:

How important is customer service to you?

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  1. 3
    Dannie Truman

    I am an Ally bank customer for one easy to understand reason. Ally bank offered better than average interest rates. They are still low as we all know and Ally bank is making a fortune flipping our cash into high paying loans. My money has no conscience and as soon as I find better interest rates, my money will find a new home. All the other stuff like customer service is great but it comes in second place with my money.

  2. 4
    Mary Ann DePoalo

    I am underscoring the comments of my fellow banker Dannie Truman regarding the putrid interest rates offered to bank customers, while banks continue to enjoy record profits. Although most banks are only offering crumbs for interest by comparison, Ally Bank seems to be offering a crouton.

  3. 5
    Sonny Inman

    Constructive criticism is that it takes way too long to fund an IRA transfer. Seems Ally sits on the paper work execution of the transfer form and I was informed all paper work must be via snail mail for transfer IRA’s (only provided PO box address). It took over a month to open an account, get your welcome package, mail the transfer form back to Ally, Ally sign and send transfer form to current trustee, the current trustee mail the transfer funds to Ally and finally Ally put the transferrd funds into my new Ally IRA account.

    • 7
      Robert Swanson

      My IRA transfer went like clockwork. Yes, it slowed a bit because of snail mail but I’m sure that’s an IRS regulation, not Ally’s. The legal eagles continue to slow the processes as well — A Notary guaranteed signature (just lucky they didn’t require the latest wrinkle, a BANK GUARANTEED SIGNATURE which is really tough to find as many banks don’t provide it), if yours won’t just try to find one that will. Lawyers would be better off driving popsicle trucks..

  4. 9

    I financed my 09 suburban with Ally because their rates were very attractive. I recently bought a 12 month CD because of a very good rate. their service is good because they keep you informed.

  5. 10

    I was very impressed with the way Ally handled my IRA transfer. The paperwork was submitted promptly to the bank that previously held MY IRA. The transfer went very smoothly in a timely manner. I received the information packet at about the same time as the transfer occurred.

  6. 12

    I have been with my bank for over 28 years, have 2 mortgages with them, they are giving a hard time to refinance.They charge me $12 because I do not keep $2000 balance. I am looking for a new relationship with a bank. I choose Ally. Your rates are better than most local banks.

  7. 13
    Robert Swanson

    My local bank finally drove me away with their unacceptable interest rates even though I have dealt there so long that all the tellers seem like family. I just can’t afford to have that “homey” feature by living with intolerable rates.

  8. 14
    Frederick Schuyler

    The people who are customer service for Ally are always very polite and non-knowledgeable as to what the answer is to custom,er questions. Ally has software which is either not mutually coordinated, so Ally service representatives give either wrong answers or inconsistent ones from one representative to another.

    Because of this Ally would not be recommended, . The Banking side , which requires not much support to customers is OK; the IRA side is absolutely terrible. One side of Ally does not know what the other side does. It took from mid-February to first week of May to complete an IRA transaction.

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