How You Plan and Pay for Vacation Travel

We partnered with the Opinion Research Corporation to survey over 1,000 people on their summer travel plans and found a wealth of information on what’s important to them here at Ally. Whether it’s how they prefer to travel or how they budget for their trips, today’s consumers are planning their vacations in ways that assure they’re making the most of their money.

If you’re holding out on planning a trip until you find just the right deal, CNN has some tips on how to craft a memorable vacation without breaking the bank. Swapping houses with someone across the world can allow you to truly live like a local while also letting you relax like you’re on holiday. They also recommend scouring travel search sites such as Kayak and Yapta to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your fare and accommodation.

Take a look at our survey findings and see how your summer travel plans stack up.

How important are vacations to you? What do you end up spending the most money on when you travel?

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  1. 5

    I would suggest camping “tenting” in the white mountains – beautiful, pristine, so close to nature. Saves a packet on accommodation and food, and with all that wonderful hiking and canoeing/ kayaking does so much to boost the body, mind and soul. We do some every summer!!!

  2. 6

    I’m going to take several trips to New York City this summer, but since I live in Manhattan I will be walking and taking the subway.

  3. 7

    For my 10-day vacation to visit family, I traveled by plane, using the rewards points off my primary credit card to pay for about half the ticket. Without those points reducing the price, I wouldn’t have gone.

  4. 8

    watch out for Enterprise car rental, very hardsell for the “after rental” add-ons that you dont need. Not just all the insurance, but road side assistance, prepaid gas. wastes a lot of time, then after all that waiting, they tell you they dont have the car on the lot that you reserved. Will never use them again.

  5. 9

    Back and forth to a summer cabin on a lake, and a week’s camping in Rhode Island. New England has plenty to offer in the summer….by car.

  6. 10

    Travel by air. It is a lot less comfortable than just a few years ago, and certainly not inexpensive. However, when you add up wear and tear on an auto, plus gasoline, plus other periodic service, plus tolls, plus eating out at overpriced places near the interstate highways, plus lodging, then air is the least expensive. Of course, auto is the only way to travel when there are multiple destinations, viewing scenery is part of the travel plan, or you need to carry several bags or large packages with you.

  7. 11

    We arriveed by plane in northern Belize then traveled by local bus, and boats with backpacks to exit out of Panama. Not a trip for those requiring comfort and pampering, but certainly the way to get to know the area.

  8. 12
    Mike Amor

    We our traveling by car to see our grandkids in Atlanta. Make that trip twice a year. Going on a big vacation this fall to Jamacia.

  9. 16

    This summer I will be traveling in time, not location. It’ll cost me far less. Exxon-Mobil will have to make their record profits without my help.

  10. 17
    Spicy lady

    I’ll be traveling to Malawi to visit my husband in the Peace Corps and take him on a safari. He is getting paid $4 a day so I’ll be treating!!

  11. 20

    I will not travel this summer. We take our vacation time after all the crowds have gone home. If most people would just sacrifice one summer without filling the coffers of the oil companies we would see gas prices come down in a hurry.Think about it america..

  12. 22
    Aaron A.

    I’m working like a dog this summer. We’re not going anywhere. If we can save enough we are going to Disneyworld fall 2012.

  13. 23

    No travel this year. I’ve not had a vacation since 2006 – just can’t afford it, nor afford the time off from work.

  14. 24
    dean nguyen

    I will travel by train AMTRAC. You see a lot from the upper deck while traveling. You don’t have to yield to those crazy divers. You don’t have to remove your shoes and belt at the crowded airport. You can even relax and/or sleep peacefully like a baby in a comfortable sight seing or sleeping car.

  15. 25

    We have had our summer vacation out West. The most expensive part of our summer vacation was on a day trip to the Grand Canyon Skywalk; tickets and pictures…$246 plus gas. Other than that our car rental for a week was $150, meals mostly stayed in at timeshare amounted to $161. $132 for airfare, parking and transfers using reward tickets.

  16. 31

    Traveling with our trailer to visit family this summer.
    Next year 12 or so weeks to national parks.
    Saving, Saving, Saving at Ally.

  17. 32

    We combined a staycation with car travel this summer. The first week we did things around the house to spruce it up in preparation for our daughter’s wedding this year. We even started to demo our deck to get ready for a new one! We then traveled to Maine to spend time with my husband’s sister and her husband at their lake cottage in Maine!

    • 34

      Wow, guys. Lots of great stuff here and we hope that everyone has fun! For those that aren’t making their escape, we hope you manage something soon enough.

  18. 35
    peppermint patty

    taking 1st vacation away in long time; usually stay home because I live @ the beach.
    Flying, only because Spirit $9.00 club had great rate…round trip for under $150; unheard of…so took advantage.

  19. 36

    Traveling by car because I have a cat that loves the car.We will be “on the road again” in September. Going to northern Vermont for several weeks visiting an old friend.

  20. 37

    Heading to vegas in September for a guys weekend. Flying from Detroit to Vegas and back.. both nonstop for $365. Fair deal in my estimate.

  21. 39

    I drove to Charleston and took a cruise ship to Bermuda, not a bad trip….if the econemy is better I hope to go to Brazil next year.

  22. 40

    Summer is tooooo glorious in Upstate NY to travel any where. we’ll stay at home and do our traveling in the winter to escape the cold.

  23. 41

    We never vacation in the summer – things are too crowded and this summer especially, way too hot. Plan on hitting the NC mountains this Fall.

  24. 42
    Work for my money

    We flew into Phoenix and the drove up through the desert to Hoover Dam and the over to Las Vegas before back tracking over to the Grand Canyon. The days of cheap meals while on the strip are definetly history. Nothing is cheap about Vegas and to go to the Grand Canyon is very expensive if staying at one of the 3 motels outside the park entrance. A trip back down to Phoenix through Sedona for the flight home. Just a hint to those doing these touristy visits to be prepared to drop some big money for just basic lodging and meals. And I never bet any money in Vegas!

    • 46

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