It’s Here: An Updated Version of Ally Mobile Banking! [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

Update: The new version of Ally Mobile Banking is now available for download on iPhone® and Android™ devices. Check out this video to learn more about the new features included in the update – and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Back in May, we launched mobile applications for iPhone® and Android™ users, as well as, a mobile-optimized site that lets you manage your account via your phone or tablet browser. This first version of Ally Mobile Banking brought you the ability to use your mobile device to check balances, view transactions, find nearby ATMs and transfer money between your Ally accounts.

The second version of Ally Mobile Banking will give you the ability to do even more of your banking on the go. The update will include:

Ally eCheck Deposit℠

With the iPhone® or Android™ Ally Mobile App, deposit a check just by snapping a picture of it with your camera phone.

Bill Pay

Pay bills from virtually anywhere, anytime.

Non-Ally Transfers

Transfer money to and from your other banks.

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Which of our new features are you most excited about? What other apps do you use to manage your money on the go?

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  1. 3

    Looks good but when will you guys add pop money functionality? That’d make it even better. Also, I am using a Motorola photon 4g and when i tried to use check deposit it’s really blurry and stretched. You may want to look into this. iOS version looks fine though.

    • 4

      We appreciate the feedback, Nathan. Passing it along to our team. As for PopMoney within the app, it’s something our team is working on and we’ll update our community, as soon as we’re able to.

  2. 5

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new features and thanks for your hard work!

    One feature request though as the application is not really usable because I am unable to copy/paste my credentials. I use a password management application and have max length complex password. I won’t be typing this in the application for each use.

  3. 10

    Welcome to 2012 ALLY! We missed you….These are the forward think features an Internet bank is suppose to provide….Next Steps….Windows 8/Phone…Blackberry 10….Tablet support

    • 11

      We appreciate your patience, Lenny. And thanks for your suggestions. Passing them along to our team over here. Should we have apps for Windows Phone, Blackberry or tablets, we’ll be sure to let you know.

  4. 16
    AB Chalmers

    Any plans for apps for Windows Phone 7 or 8?

    Additionally, the mobile website appears to refresh to the default website on the Windows Phone browser.

  5. 17

    Like the idea but the picture deposite has issues. Im no idiot i tried and tried and tried and tried. I changed lighting, angles, more distance, closer, i tried all possibilities I could think of for it to continue to say some info was not readable. In fact every one i took was quite clear. Disappointing is all I can say. Just a reinforcement to go local again this time with a credit union. Sorry Ally.

    • 19

      Excellent, William! Thanks so much for the feedback. We’re proud to have some of the most competitive rates around. Check them out here:

  6. 20

    Will the online deposit also work for IRA accounts?. Any changes regarding deposits process on those accounts? . What about text message alert or daily balance alert?

  7. 22

    Love the idea but really wish your app was compatible with Windows phones (HTC hd7). Grrrr….so frustrated that I can’t take advantage of this and still have another year to go on my phone contract. Please expand to cover more phones!

  8. 24

    Deposited a few checks with the mobile app already. It works great! Much easier and faster than scanner/browser method. Thanks for getting it right.

  9. 26

    can’t seem to login with the android app, username, safekeys and password are all correct.

    also, look into using holo instead of an iOS port. doesn’t feel very at home on android

  10. 28

    I really like the new android app, but I will echo Chris’s comments and say that I also use a password management app and need to be able to copy/paste my password into the password field. Right now I am unable to do that, so I won’t be using the Ally mobile app until that feature is fixed.

    Another feature I would like to see is for Ally to email me a deposit receipt with an image of the check included. My Wells Fargo mobile app already has this functionality for mobile deposits, and I find it very helpful when I’m reviewing past bank statements.

  11. 30

    Echo others comments re: need for Windows phone app OR get the site to work. The latter seems to just get ignored with no response or change in behavior. starts to launch then goes right into main site. I’m not sure why, if that is the option for everyone but iphone and android, it continues to not be addressed.

  12. 32

    EDeposit MUST clear checks more quickly. You’re an online bank. You should be way ahead of the brick-and-mortar banks who are already able to clear a traditional or e-check deposited before 2-4pm on the same day.
    Also, please do an auto-rotate for the app. Otherwise, it’s a great app for my HTC. I also like using the full password instead of a pin. I feel it is more secure.

  13. 33

    While it is better than nothing, Ally’s version of mobile check deposit is my least favorite. Other banks that I do business with who offers this feature will immediately deposit the check into the account and allow instant access up to a certain amount. It is annoying Ally chooses to delay the deposit for what I assume is manual review. Does Ally not trust the technology or its own customers?

    As an online only bank, mobile deposit needs to be better.

  14. 36

    The Iphone App needs refinement for check deposits. I just got a check rejected because the image was blurry on the endorsement side. It’s very hard to tell if and image is legible or not because the image is not sized correctly on the review screen of the app. On top of that I can’t simply try to redeposit the check with a legible endorsement. I now have to get another check to deposit and hope that the picture is clear enough.

    I am also with Tim. My other bank account has “pending transactions posted” on both the app and online. I understand that the deposit and transfer needs to be verified, but listing these transactions as “pending” would help ensure me that my deposits are being processed.

    I think Ally needs to refine its app and banking policies to make this a better experience.

  15. 37

    The deposit camera can’t handle long checks/checks longer than normal, personal checks. It repeatedly tells you that it can’t read the info on the check, even if the photo looks clear when you take it.

  16. 38

    Love the new app! I am wondering what other enhancements you have planned for future releases?

    Suggestions: POP Money would be great, being able to see the ebills, see the full balance/min amount due (for Credit Card bills – I can pay it but I don’t see what my balance is or min amount due like I can on the full website), faster deposit times (same day $x available, then the rest on the next business day), Ally Perks displayed in the app, text alerts, have a summary of accounts (like on the main website that shows total Checking/Saving accounts, CD’s, etc – and total balances), display interest rate on the main page for CD’s (don’t have to go into each one to review it).

    For main website, incorporate a spending analyzer that can show where you are spending your money (would love that in the app too).

    Good job though on what you have so far!

  17. 39

    Update – I’ve used the echeck deposit feature twice now, works like a charm and was the only thing I thought holding Ally back as the best, but now, yup, the BEST! Thank you Ally, please don’t change any of the things that got me to sign up with you and leave my other bank (no min balance or fees, checking that pays interest, free ATMs, paper checks and online bill pay!).

  18. 41

    It would very nice to make deposits to my ally accounts directly rather than first deposit them with my brick and motor bank then transfer the deposit ally

  19. 43

    If y’all could fix the quality the image shows after taking a picture of the check for echeck deposit this would be the best! The picture of the front & back of the check looks stretched out & blurry. Have not had a problem so far but just a heads up.

  20. 45

    My checks keep getting rejected with the mobile eCheck Deposit claiming there’s missing info, yet they work using the scanner method as well as another banks mobile deposit app. Not too impressed about this compared to other banks mobile deposit apps.

  21. 46

    The app works great on my iPhone….no issues at all. I can now do more with my Ally account.

    I travel alot which causes me to do a lot of mobile banking. I would like to make Ally Bank my primary bank but desire the mobile app for my iPad. Are there any plans for a mobile app for mobile tablets in the works?

  22. 47

    It is outrageous that a Windows app is not available, let alone even in the works. Windows is the new iPhone, the market is growing significantly everyday, and Ally needs to get with the times. Its about enough to make me switch banks due to just convenience!

    • 48

      We hear you, Ashley. Unfortunately this is not a feature we currently offer but we are definitely working on it. As soon as we have more details to share, we will update the community.

  23. 49

    I love the eCheck feature, but sometimes have issues getting a good picture due to shadows. Putting the check down on a table and holding camera over it, block lots of the light. Allowing use of the phones flash would help.

  24. 50

    Very frustrating that there is not an app for my windows phone. My son and I both have windows phones and really need the convenience of edeposit. May have to research some other online banks to see if they are offering and windows app. :( Otherwise I really like Ally.

    • 51

      Thanks for being a customer, Donna. We are working on a Windows app. When we have news regarding a timeline, we’ll be sure to update our community.

  25. 52

    Please, please, please build a native Android app. The current version appears to be a half-baked iOS port and it shows in performance and consistency. I just spent 30 minutes attempting to deposit a check, getting the dreaded “fix image” error every time I submitted my very clear pictures. Using my partner’s old iPhone, complete with foggy camera lens, took a single try and was significantly faster to log in and upload images. I understand the need to prioritize development resources, but Android is the largest smartphone platform these days and the app is just unacceptably bad to the point that I am seriously considering closing my account. Without a convenient check deposit option, using an internet bank just doesn’t make sense.

    • 53

      We’re sorry for the inconvenience, Dan – and thanks for the feedback. We’ll be sure to pass it on to the appropriate teams.

  26. 55

    Used mobile eDeposit for the first time last week. The process was fine except it took 12 hours for me to receive a confirming e-mail. I deposited the check on a Thursday morning and the funds weren’t fully available until Monday morning. That’s a long time to clear. My other banks would have the full money available on Friday morning. I was going to close my other bank account, now I’m not sure I will.

    • 58

      Thanks for the feedback, Daniel. What mobile device are you using? Please let us know so that we can pass along this information to our development team.

  27. 60

    I am looking for a windows 8 app so that I can use it on my surface…do you have any timelines when you can make that available for windows phone and tablets?

    • 61

      We are working hard to provide support for our Windows Phone customers, Laxmi. Updates will be provided to the community as available.

  28. 62

    Uh…the last comment left by Ally addressed Laxmi’s question about a Windows 8 surface app but Ally replied with a comment about Windows Phone…2 different things.

  29. 63

    I want re-emphasize what others have said. I recently switched from USAA to Ally and sorely miss having a quick PIN login as an option in lieu of the rather tedious password login. When I’m standing in line at the grocery store, I’m exposing my password to those looking over my shoulder. Having a 4-digit quick PIN you use AFTER confirming the password one time would REALLY be helpful.

  30. 66

    A problem I encounter every time I used your eDeposit on my Android phone is I can only take a picture of 1 check front and back. If I try to deposit multiple checks, the front of the check does not appear and I have to restart the app in order for the check to appear. I looked at the reviews on google play for your mobile app and it seems like many others are having the same problems. Please help fix it as it takes twice as long depositing checks because of having to re-enter passwords, etc. Thanks!

  31. 67

    Love to new popmoney feature, but you need to re enable password paste, a lot of people use password managers for security and have no idea what their passwords are.

  32. 68

    I also echo Chris and Kevin’s comments. The app has become unusable for me without the ability to paste my password into the password field. Please add this back! Thanks.

    • 70

      Hi, Ben. We’re sorry about that. Our team is currently working on a fix. We’ll update our community once it’s resolved. Thank you!

  33. 71

    Add my name to the list of people who can’t use the app without password paste. I use 1password so every password is long and nearly impossible to type on an iphone screen, let alone even remember. Thanks.

  34. 72

    Ally needs to stop spending $ on commercials and invested in their mobile web site as well as develop an app for windows phones and tablets….not to mention the ipad.

  35. 73
    Jeff G

    So, over a year with no Windows Phone app OR a mobile site that works with Windows phone. Is there really development work going on? If not, just say so and let us figure out if Ally is the right bank as this is an important feature for some.

  36. 74

    I too am awaiting a Windows Phone app. Switched from HSBC because of better rates and MUCH better customer service. A windows phone app would put ally over the top.

  37. 77

    I know people have said it before, but yeah a Windows phone app would be great. Hope you guys can get that off the ground soon. After all, it’s 2014 ; -)

  38. 80

    I was very disappointed that Ally’s app will not run on my brand new Android 4.4 tablet computer. It shows “No carrier Digiin RCT6672W23 This item is not compatible with your device.”

  39. 81
    Joseph Bernard

    Please Fix your Mobile Check Deposit Photos. I can’t get a clear photo with my Samsung Note 2. If I take a photo with the camera app it works fine, but photos in the app always turn out blurry.

    Just allow us to select a photo saved on our phone within the mobile app and it would solve this problem. At this point I just have to save it to my google photos and goto a computer and login and use the online check deposit.

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