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July 3rd, 2014 at 9:00 am by Ally

Vacations are all about kicking back and relaxing. But if you’ve become bored with the routine cruise, beach escape and touristy attractions and crave the opportunity to challenge yourself, maybe it’s time to expand your horizons and knowledge with a learning vacation.

Vacationing with a purpose, in a new location, can be a great vacation experience.

“A trip has a really good return on investment because you get a lot from it, after the fact. A learning program while you’re vacationing just adds to the whole experience. You can keep going back to it mentally when you’ve gone back home and think about what you’ve learned. It can also make you feel like you’ve accomplished something, and that appeals to a lot of people,” says Susannah Snider, staff writer for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Planning a learning vacation doesn’t have to be a difficult process. All you need to do is to zero in on your interest(s) and where you’d like to learn. Do you want to brush up on your Spanish while you get your scuba certification? Maybe Costa Rica is a good place to do both!  Or maybe your love for chocolate is motivating you to take a confections course at the International Culinary Center in New York City!

Here are some learning vacation ideas that just might rouse your curiosity.

Cooking Workshop

Cooking Workshops in Tuscany, Italy

Learn how to make homemade ribbons of egg pasta in hare sauce, soups utilizing fresh ingredients from the garden and dreamy gelato in Tuscany, Italy. Master Chef, Silvia Guerrero will introduce you to both Italian and Tuscan Cuisine and various cooking techniques while you sightsee around Tuscan villages and markets. Cost: $2,000.00-$2,900.00

Farm Stay

Farm Stay

Feed chickens, bottle-feed calves, and gather eggs for breakfast. Farm Stay vacations are growing in popularity and offer a peek into a rural farming lifestyle. Guests can help out in daily farm chores or just unwind in a natural, slow-pace setting. Agritourism farms are located across the U.S. and Europe. Depending on length of stay, costs can range from $75.00-$1250.00.

Football Fantasy Camp

Pittsburgh Steelers Men’s Fantasy Camp

Achieving your dream of playing, or at least training in the NFL, can be fulfilled at the Pittsburgh Steelers Men’s Fantasy Camp. This hands-on experience includes on-field practices, conditioning drills/skills challenges with former players, team meals and meetings and a Steelers jersey. Cost: $699.00 per person

Adult Glass Artist Working

Glassmaking in Venice, Italy

Glass Master Giancarlo Signoretto teaches a five-day primer in the furnace room on how to gather glass from the kiln and use blowing pipes, tweezers, and molds to fashion soft glass into Venetian goblets, plates, and vases. Costs: From €720.00

Golf Academy

St. Andrew’s Golf Academy, Scotland

There are thousands of Golf schools in the U.S., but why not head to the birthplace of Golf to perfect your game – St. Andrews, Scotland. The program caters to golfers of all abilities and works to improve your strategy and swing. Lessons range from one to five days. Cost: £165.00-£330.00

Rock 'n' Roll Camp

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp

Legendary rockers from bands like Black Sabbath, Guns ‘N’ Roses, and The Cult teach aspiring musicians and music lovers how to play, write, and record music. The 3-5 day destination camp is offered in Las Vegas and is open to musicians of all experience levels. Cost: $4,495.00

Sailing School

Caribbean Sailing School

Whether you’re a beginner or need to brush-up on your sailing, approaches and navigation, you can tour the Caribbean while learning sailing basics and beyond at the Rob Swain sailing school in the British Virgin Islands. Depending on the course, tuition rates range from $375.00-$1395.00.

Scientific Expeditions 1

Scientific Expeditions

If you want to learn how to preserve species or find out more about ancient civilizations, the EarthWatch Institute allows guests to excavate archaeological sites around the world, help gather critical information to protect leopards and search waters for endangered dolphins. Cost range by expedition, duration and date: Approximate Cost: $295.00-$4,125.00

Tango in Argentina

Tango in Argentina

Has “Dancing with the Stars” rekindled your desire to dance? If so, you might be tempted to learn from the experts by taking a trip to Argentina where you can learn the Tango, while brushing up on your Spanish and absorbing the Latin American culture. Cost: From £895.00

Winemaking Classes

Winemaking Classes/Harvesting in Bordeaux, France

Wine lovers who want to learn how wine is made from grape to bottle can visit Chateau Moulin de Lagnet in France. The Bordeaux winery offers free room and board and authentic French meals in exchange for working during the harvest.

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