Make Your Getaway: Travel Tips to Save Money

If money were no object, what type of vacation would you choose?

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Saving for the future doesn’t have to be abstract. It helps when what you’re saving for is both real and worthwhile. Because traveling is expensive, we’ll help you plan for that great summer vacation. With spring nearly upon us, now’s a good time to start thinking about warmer weather.


If you can, avoid traveling on major holidays or exclusively on weekends. These tend to add up and airfare is generally higher during peak vacation days.


Consider going to exotic locales as off the beaten path. Even though it sometimes feels like everyone continuously visits the same three or four island resorts, there are many beaches on earth. If you’re flexible with the “where” part of your trip, you may discover someplace new and wonderful.  And spots not as popular are generally on the slightly cheaper side.


Hotels are becoming a thing of the past. And is it really any surprise? Many home-sharing sites provide travelers with more space for less money. It’s definitely worth considering for a big trip. Cooking meals and staying in while traveling can add up to serious savings.


We all need time to recharge and relax. But it’s a little harder to do in our home. While you may be a creature of habit, getting a little outside your comfort zone has many benefits.


Worried about leaving your co-workers in the lurch during an extended vacation? Then figure out how you can parlay pleasure and business. Offer to be on-call for 1 of 2 weeks if that means extra time abroad for you and your family.

Are you getting things in order for a dream summer getaway? Share how you plan to save enough to make the trip amazing.

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    Barbara adamo

    Yes I would like very much to know of some very great deals for my family to visit from new york to Las Vegas with fun things to do with children please give me details on this and prices thank you

  2. 2
    J V

    I wish that I had the money to do so.
    Since being on a limited income and with medical issues, it would be wonderful and a blessing to get away for a week or 10 days I haven’t had a vacation in 5 years, I love the Caribbean, peaceful resort. Perhaps one day I will have the financial opportunity to do so.

  3. 3

    Wow, you all left off all the best vacation options. Hiking through New Zealand, cross country skiiing through Scanidinavia, bking around Shimanami Kaido, whitewater rafting in Canada, etc Keep your beaches and cities and laziness give me outdoor adventures.

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    Joseph Williams

    Love the banking online but need a better way to deposit money like taking debit cards from other institutions . I have two employee benefit cards and would like to transfer my money . Would love to take a trip with my family out west to show my wife and 4 children the beauty ..

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