New Ally Bank Commercial: “Rufus” is Back!

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January 18th, 2011 at 10:28 am by Ally

We’ve got a new commercial (above) launching this week featuring Rufus, our four-legged friend that loves his bank. Take a look at our new spot above, let us know what you think and then check out the rest of our videos on the Ally Bank YouTube channel!

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  1. 1/18/2011
    11:45 am
    Justin Mcmillon says:

    HAHA! Love it!

    • 1/18/2011
      3:13 pm
      Ally says:

      Glad you like it, Justin!

  2. 1/19/2011
    1:19 pm
    Jacob says:

    how about you stop making goofy commercials and give your customers what they have been asking for! When are we going to see a mobile app with picture deposit capability. Take a page from the USAA playbook.

    • 1/19/2011
      3:06 pm
      Ally says:

      We appreciate the feedback, Jacob. We assure you that our commercials don’t impede our progress on our work on a mobile application. This is definitely a priority to us and we are working diligently on this. We’ll be sure to update our blog when we have more information to share.

  3. 1/26/2011
    12:31 am
    Lou says:

    Great commercial! For once the man is not made to look like a fool, a typical motif in American commercials. And using the Asian character is also a plus. Good job folks!

    • 1/26/2011
      12:05 pm
      Ally says:

      Thanks, Lou! We really like this commercial too. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. 2/1/2011
    6:37 pm
    Laurenz says:

    Picture deposit capability is a horrible idea. Once hackers catch on, patrons of banks that offer it, like Chase, are gonna suffer from check fraud schemes.

    If my banks ever offer it, I’ll leave ‘em.

    • 2/2/2011
      12:01 pm
      Ally says:

      Your concern is noted, Laurenz. Thank you for the comment.

  5. 2/12/2011
    7:51 pm
    Edozac says:

    What is the name of the male actor in the ‘lRufus love bank’ ad?

    • 2/14/2011
      11:15 am
      Ally says:

      We don’t have that information for most of actors in our commercials, but we saw this blog post pop up recently:

  6. 3/3/2011
    12:43 am
    Talent Agent says:

    Who is the actress in this commercial?

  7. 3/30/2011
    1:40 pm
    deano says:

    who is the actress?

    • 3/30/2011
      3:58 pm
      Ally says:

      If they popped in, maybe we could share, but, unfortunately, we don’t have that info available. Hope you enjoyed it though!

  8. 4/16/2011
    10:07 am
    annie says:

    i think rufus is cute

    • 4/16/2011
      10:10 am
      Ally says:

      Ahh, thanks, Annie! We do too!

  9. 5/18/2011
    12:50 am
    bailie says:

    My sons dog Bailie goes nuts everytime this comes on tv. She can be in the other room and hear the door opening and comes running in.

    • 5/18/2011
      12:52 am
      Ally says:

      Maybe Bailie loves his bank too? We’d love to see him at work if you’re ever so inclined to film him doing it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. 5/23/2011
    10:35 am
    Zmeister says:

    The whole theme “Do you love your bank” is a miss. Who in the world loves any bank? And to introduce talking dog is outright stupidity. Come on guys, show some good taste.
    I loved previous commercials with children. Get them back so we have some good laughter.

  11. 6/9/2011
    8:32 pm
    ole lady says:

    I love that Asian actor, and I’ve seen him on other commercials. He should be starring in his own show

  12. 8/9/2011
    2:47 am
    Rusty Shackleford says:

    Hmmm Why is every time I see the Adult and kid commercials I get Deja vu. Seems the adult is acting like our government and the kid is the taxpaying citizen.

  13. 10/1/2011
    8:57 am
    CJ says:

    Who is the woman jogger in “NEW” commercial.

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