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The Associated Press took a look at the benefits of online checking accounts and listed Ally Bank as one of the options out there. The article touches on a few benefits including our great interest rates, nationwide ATM fee reimbursements, prepaid deposit envelopes, 24/7 customer service and the end of long lines at the bank.

While some might see the burgeoning online banking movement as the beginning of a new financial era, we like to think of it as a return to the days when a bank’s primary goal was to make one’s life easier. So whether it’s our easy-to-use online bill pay, the short customer care wait times displayed on our homepage or how we’re FDIC insured to make you feel even safer with your hard-earned money, all of Ally Bank’s offerings are aimed at giving our customers a seamlessly efficient banking experience.

Of course, if you’re just interested in managing your personal finances from your living room, we certainly won’t fault you for that either.

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    You know, it is amazing how your great commercials can bring someone to your bank and sad how your system can just as quickly drive them away. Seven days after opening an account with an initial deposit, I still have no money on the account, no listed pending transfers, no listed external accounts and the support folks just tell me to have faith that my $5K will actually show up. Then tonight I see that I now can’t even add any new accounts, Oh well, I really liked your commercials but my new customer experience has left much to be desired…..

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      @DavidMcLarty We are sorry for the inconvenience we have caused you. We will be in touch shortly to look into this and will do our best to resolve the issue. Thanks for providing your feedback and giving us a chance to respond.

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    Ally is really awesome. I have run into a few problems that can’t be resolved easily, but those were mainly system errors that they’ve had getting started up on the accounts end. I appreciate the care I’m given when I call in and ask questions, and I enjoy the quick easy questions can be taken care of by reps over chat.

    I really enjoy the ATM features and it was quick and easy to add my banking accounts to Ally. I also like the future benefits with auto financing that’ll be there when I go to buy my next car.

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      Thanks, Isaac! These kinds of comments always make our day. It’s always nice to hear you’re doing a good job. We’ll be sure to pass this on to our customer service people over here and let them know!

  3. 5

    I’ve been a happy new customer, but two things are holding me back from “cutting the cord” with my old bank.

    1) Bill Pay: Ally’s Bill Pay system is umm, less than perfect. Certain eBills don’t show any transaction data, others show incorrect transaction data, etc. Front line support had no idea what I was talking about and gave me blatantly wrong answers, and escalated call-back support didn’t really resolve my issue. Are there any plans to overhaul the eBill system to actually provide an adequate paperless billing option? I’m loathe to stick with BOA for many reasons, but I have to give them one thing: their eBills blow Ally out of the water.

    2) Remote Deposit: c’mon, all the cool kids are doing it! Give us an iPhone app, or even just computer scanner deposits. I’m sure it would cut down on postage for Ally, and it would really convince a lot of people that they didn’t need a brick and mortar “backup” bank.

  4. 6

    I joined Ally about a month or so ago. I left Citibank, which had rock solid online banking, but had no convenient branches where I live. Ally is good, but IMHO still not ready for primetime. This weekend has pushed me to the point where I’m thinking of closing my multiple accounts and moving to another more reliable bank. My Chase mortgage and an $800 transfer to ING were supposed to be taken out of my Ally checking on Oct. 15. Two days later, still no activity on Ally indicating the transfer. Chase is sending me messages that my mortgage is now overdue. I’ve never missed a mortgage payment in my life, until now. Thanks Ally. Plus, my debit card will not work. Tried to get $60 cash and the ATM said that withdrawal will put me over the daily limit. What? I made no big withdrawals. I tried to charge my dinner at Panera and the card was refused. This is all very embarrassing. I called Ally early this morning and they said they were having some problems. Really? Guys get your act together ASAP or I’m out of here.

  5. 7

    I love Ally, the benefits, the customer service, and the zero-ATM fees. It’s really great. It’s hard to be a cheerleader for the bank, though, when system problems get in the way so often.

    Today is the second time I’ve been unable to withdraw cash from any ATM for more than 12 hours. The first time this happened none of the ATMs on a major tollroad recognized Ally as a legitimate bank. Now Ally CSRs are telling me there’s some sort of system-wide issue with debit cards that’s causing them to be rejected.

    No ATM fees is such a great marketing point and it always impresses people when you tell them about it. I did it again this morning…right before I told them I couldn’t pitch in for breakfast because that same bank wouldn’t let me at my money.

    They were less impressed.

  6. 8

    Ally’s biggest con is the lack of deposit options, having to mailing in deposits or deposit with an existing account and having to transfer into Ally negates the benefit of having an online account, ultimately I still have to make a trip to some bank.

    Ally NEEDS to roll out a remote deposit feature soon or at least announce something in the works. I am about ready to jump ship for another institution that already has remote deposit implemented.

  7. 9

    I had high hopes for Ally, but after about 6 weeks, I am more than disappointed.

    Conflicting replies to my secure e-mail and chat sessions.

    Stop payment fees posted (and subsequently credited after I brought it to the attention of CS) when I was assured that no fee will be imposed an I don’t even have any checks to write (after 6 weeks!)

    Everything just seems to take longer to process and mail out – some of which could be the vendor’s fault? – but others should not take that long and the fault is ultimately Ally!

    I have a few other online bank accounts and while you will never find a place to be 100% to your satisfaction, I have found Ally to be dead last. I will give credit to Ally for fast response times to chat sessions, secure mail and calls, but when you are given incorrect or conflicting information and add the delay in processing requests, I would rather wait for a correct answer and prompt attention to my request.

    I am a little concerned about using my debit card after reading a few of the comments and since it took a month to receive and I had a hard time activating it doesn’t inspire much confidence. And just maybe, I will be able to write a check soon (still waiting for my personal checks after almost 6 weeks!)

    Hope Ally works out the problems or I too will need to find another online bank!

  8. 10

    I’ve been pretty happy with Ally in general. The CSRs I’ve spoken with have been knowledgeable and courteous, I’ve never run into any problems with debit card or bill pay, and generally everything has run smoothly.

    I have to second the comments about an iPhone app and/or scanned deposits. It would make a good bank into a great bank, IMHO. I asked about an app several months ago, and the response was that Ally had plans to bring one out. Nothing since. Hmmm.

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      We appreciate your comment, Mark, and we’re very glad that you’ve been happy with us. We try hard to serve our customers. In regards to your question, we are still working hard on these for you. We’ll make sure to post any news here to the blog. Thanks again!

  9. 12

    I’ll third the scanned deposits request. I could get rid of my second bank completely if I had a way of getting paper checks to you without mailing them.

  10. 16

    Overall I have been happy with Ally. However, the bill pay system have been a complete disaster. The support has been poor and problem resolutions have been extremely slow. The bill pay features (especially e-bills) are inferior to what is offered by other banks. Please consider changing your bill pay provider (Yodlee) with a proven vendor like CheckFree. I have given up on using Ally’s bill pay and because of that Ally cannot be my primary checking account.

    • 17

      Thank for the feedback, Dave. We listen to all of our customer feedback on these matters and we’ll be sure to pass it along to our team on that feature.

  11. 18

    I’ve been thinking for a long time now about opening an Ally account. I’ve heard glowing remarks about Ally, but I’m actually really happy with my brick-and-mortar bank that has an ATM which I can drive up to and deposit cash and checks in, instead of having to send them by snail mail and possibly have it lost. In addition, USAA’s remote deposit feature (which my account at JPMorgan Chase also has) and some of the comments on this page has me leaning to USAA right now.

    Mind giving me a little push, Ally? Why should I choose you over my building-based banks and over USAA?

    • 19

      Thanks for the comment, Wolfey. Now, we hear lots of reasons from our customers why they come over to us. A few of them here:

      Some prefer the 24/7 live customer care or the flexibility of adding on some of the best CD products out there. Some like the safety of knowing that we are committed to providing a rate that’s consistently among the most competitive in the country or that they can have their ATM fees reimbursed at any ATM nationwide. We just announced our own eCheck Deposit service too, so we’re making progress on that front.

      Of course, whatever your choice is, we hope it’s one that best suits you. You’re certainly hearing great things about us because plenty of our customers feel the same way. We’d love to have you be one of their number. Thanks again for commenting!

  12. 20

    Online checking is great, no atm fees are great, online savings is great… the inability to link the savings account to the Online Checking Mastercard where I can go to an ATM and select withdraw from savings is a complete failure… Just another one for the suggestion box in the break room if it isn’t full already of faster ways to deposit checks rather than mailing them…

    • 21

      Thanks for your feedback, Cody. We’ll let you know if there are any updates there and it’s something we’ll be sure to pass on to our people over here!

  13. 22

    Is there any update on the way that details pending charges. Bank of America’s site details every pending charge where you can see them just like charges that have processed, Ally just shows the total dollary amount pending in a small detail line at the top. Seems like this one would be pretty easy right? You know what is pending, you know how much is pending, you know where it is pending from since you give the total at the top. Why not break it down in line items like all the other banks?

    • 24

      Absolutely, Mike. We unfortunately can’t share the details just yet until it’s a bit more polished, but we’re moving forward on it.

  14. 27

    I second Cody’s question… there any update on when we can see the details or our pending charges in our ally checking? Its driving me up the wall that I can’t see anything but the “estimated dollar amount” until the transaction posts. Cmon guys! I know you can do better! This should be an easy fix, and one that would make things a whole lot easier for your customers who have switched to you from other banks that have been showing pending charges forever. Pretty please?

  15. 28

    Ally, did you already fix the super big problem with your ally master card debit card? I can’t link my Netflix account with my ally card because master card does not authorize $0.00 amount verifications, PLEASE HELP ALLY!!!

    • 29

      We’re really sorry for any inconvenience, Yomar. We saw your comment on Facebook, too, and want to let you know that we’re looking into this more for you now.

  16. 30

    My son is away at college with my Ally card. I have not used this card but a few times, before I sent him off with it. He used the card 2 times in the past 2 days, and the purchases he made did not show up on the online banking until today.

    It kind of makes it a pain to keep up with the account when it does not show immediately like Capital One’s online banking. I was thinking of switching my checking account to ally but with this delay it is nearly impossible to keep up with the account without me having to have him call me every time he makes a purchase.

    I was told earlier that the delay is the merchants fault, but he has used the Capital One card at the same merchants. Capital One as reliable as ever posted his purchases immediately!!!!

    The delay Ally has reminds me of online banking from the year 2002

    • 31

      We’re really sorry for any inconvenience, Tommy. We can take a look at that on our side a bit further for you. Again, sorry for any inconvenience and we hope you’re a happy customer otherwise!

  17. 32

    I agree with the concerns from other customers that i have read here in that, these ‘bugs’ need to be fixed to meet and exceed the service other banks are already providing. My entire life is on my iphone, and the convienence and simplicity of a smartphone app would make my banking experience so much easier. I would definitely use my account more often, and feel confident enough to make Ally my only bank. I can see you are a company that will never stop striving to provide unparalleled customer service. With that said, i am staying with you. Ally is going to be huge and i will be proud to say i was here from the begining.

  18. 34

    I was attracted to your accounts (checking & savings) with no maintenance fees and interest, too. Your site looked promising and I had no trouble opening accounts. After creating user ID last night, I was logged on and was able to view my information and accounts. Now today, I cannot log on. It just keeps looping me out and asking me for user ID, etc. Every once in a while I will actually get in, but if I click on anything, it LoGS me OUT again and the looping starts all over!! Your site says that you support Mac OS Snow Leopard and Safari. That’s what I am using, but like I said I can’t get in!! If I can’t use the web site, what good are having accounts there??? Will I be able to log in when I need to pay a bill??!!! I guess I will just have to close the accounts. It is so frustrating!! Now my money that I had set up to transfer over is in LIMBO somewhere!! I CAN’t log into my Accounts!! Yes I called your number. They can’t help so they sent up a ticket to IT people to get back with me in 2-3 days!!!

    • 35

      We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Passing this information to our team over here. In the mean time, please try clearing your cache and logging in again. If you’re still having issues logging in, please let us know.

  19. 36

    I started setting up ebills as soon as I opened the account. Initial impression was OK, despite the disappointment that the city water bill I can get from Well Fargo ebill is not available, even though the city has the regular web log in page available. So I have set up and received my credit card bills. Then for no good reason, it stopped working. The user/password has not been changed and I log on to the credit card site just fine every time I checked. This happens to not one, but multiple accounts.

    If you want to be truly competitive, don’t just apologize, take it seriously and fix this. I originally plan to replace the local banking service with Ally, now I’m not so sure I can trust your service.

  20. 38

    Any word on the ‘master card does not authorize $0.00 amount verifications’ issue with netflix and other services?
    Thanks for the help!

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