Rave Reviews for the 2-Year Raise Your Rate CD

Some of you may have noticed that you can now submit and read reviews on the product pages of our website. Just like Idea Share, it helps us create a people-focused banking experience by connecting with our customers and listening to what they have to say about our products.

One of our most popular offerings is the 2-year Raise Your Rate CD. It starts with a great rate and gives you the option of a one-time rate increase if rates go up. This kind of flexibility means it can work well with a variety of saving initiatives.

While the larger financial community seems to like it, it’s our customers whose opinions that we value the most. That’s why a review from Roy in Utah caught our eye.

“The coolest part of this type of CD is two-fold. You have the option to have the interest rate earned on an existing 2-year CD raised if the interest offered goes up, and you receive a loyalty bonus for maintaining your CD when it matures for another 2-years.”

Thanks for the kind words, Roy! We spend a lot of time coming up with innovative ways our products can meet our customers’ needs, and we love seeing them actively enjoying these benefits.

Have you used a 2-Year Raise Your Rate CD to save money? What other Ally offerings work well with your personal financial goals?

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  1. 5
    Henry Kennedy

    As my Ally bank CEd is maturing soon, I would like to know what the new two yeAR RATE IS GOING TO BE? pLEASE INFORM ME.

  2. 13

    I am a new investor with Ally. I was impressed with how easy it was to transfer money from my local Florida bank to Ally to purchase a 2 year raise your rate CD.

  3. 16
    Glenda G

    Dear Fellow Customers, you have to do the leg work to gain the benefit. No bank will contact you to give you more money, and if I have it right, when you call to get the higher rate you then enter a new 2-yr term. To find the new rate you have to keep looking at the site, it’s like stock trading, you are enslaved.

  4. 17

    I agree with Christina Owen and Paul Kiel. Ally does not notified us if our rate increases. The only way we would know is to constantly check your website.

    I doubt interest rates will increase any time soon.

    • 18

      Appreciate the feedback, Susan. Our Raise-Your-Rate CDs actually have that option to be notified now. If you look under the Alerts page after logging in, you’ll have the option to be notified when our rate hits the rate you request. We’ve been passing on these comments, but there’s definitely an option if you’re interested!

  5. 19
    Paul D

    After reading the comments, it doesn’t look like people are that excited about raising the rate CD. They don’t seem to know how it works. Why doesn’t Ally Bank address these coments so people will understand how it works.

  6. 21
    Mickey K

    As Dan Topp, sez,”Where are the answers to the questions that have been asked”? I do not see any answers, either, so appears that Glenda G is correct – The bank does not provide answers.
    Tis a shame, as ALLY does an excellent job of marketing, yet does not appear to follow up on their claim of putting the customer first.

    • 22

      We’ll let you know if we implement that feature, Mickey. In the meantime, we’re adding other convenient deposit options like eCheck Deposit, so keep an eye out for those!

  7. 26
    Michael Accarino

    the available rate increase is .05 . Interest rates were increased by .25 weeks ago. I understand it does not go up equally, but Ally should be offering more than a .05 increase to customers who have invested their funds with them for 21 months. What does .05 amount to for the last three months of my CD term. Not much more than the original rate.

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