Some Bright Ideas from Ally Bank Idea Share

We recently told you about the launch of Idea Share, a new initiative on our Facebook page where anyone can get involved and contribute thoughts on how to make banking with Ally even better. It’s just another way we work with our customers to create a better banking experience.

So far we’ve asked for ideas related to Staying Connected, Banking in the Future, and Mobile Banking. Now we’re broadening our scope with one more topic: Tools for Planning.

The Tools for Planning section is the place to give your thoughts on tools or services Ally could provide that might help you better manage your money. For instance, we offer an Interest Rate Calculator to help you figure out what to expect from your money. Are there similar offerings we might have on that would make planning your finances even more hassle-free?

We’ve been keeping a close eye on what people have been saying about our initial topics, and we’re excited to see so many people connecting with us and taking part in the discussion. Take a look below at some of the great ideas our fans have submitted in the last week.

“I think it would be great to be able to get a low balance alert whenever one of your accounts goes below a certain balance that you would set.” Andrew S.

“I enjoy following my favorite brands on Twitter, especially Ally. I’d like to see them tweet about new rate offers, new products or services, and available Perks or rewards.”Jonathan H.

“An agreement could be made with other banks to allow [Ally] deposits via [their] ATMs.”Kyle H.

So whether you have an idea to share that deals with Tools for Planning or still have things to say about Staying Connected, Banking in the Future, and Mobile Banking, head over to Idea Share and give us your thoughts on how we can make a better banking experience together.

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    I love the fact that you are soliciting input from the community.

    I loathe the fact that you are using facebook to do it.

    Not everyone wants to be on facebook.

    • 2

      Appreciate the feedback there, Jack. We have a very strong following of Ally customers on Facebook which is our main motivation for having Idea Share there. Thanks again.

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