Splurge Alert: Your Wallet’s Fiercest Defender

We want to be the fiercest defender of your whole financial well-being. This means helping you save and preventing you from (dare we say it?) splurging.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Splurge Alert, a limited release mobile app experience by Ally.

Our Splurge Alert app is built to protect your wallet from its biggest enemies – what we call “splurge stores”. Within the app, you can define what you’re most likely to splurge on –coffee, electronics, shoes– and the app will pinpoint the locations of your specific splurge stores with geo-fencing technology. When temptation is near, the app will send a playful alert that your savings may be in danger.

To help you stay strong, Splurge Alert allows you to sync with a buddy, too! Your splurge partner will be notified when you’re at risk of splurging so they can offer moral support.

A limited release beta version of our Splurge Alert app is currently in the hands of a few lucky customers who are testing it out. At this time, Splurge Alert is not available for download or purchase. More information on the limited release beta of Splurge Alert is available here.

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  1. 1

    Dude… I WANT this. Let me know when I can get it!!!
    This makes me love Ally even more. Thank you for caring about your customers’ financial health, and not just your own bottom line, Ally. :)

    • 2

      Hi, we’ve reached capacity for our customer beta test of the app, but we will definitely keep the community informed as new updates develop with Splurge Alert! We love our customers and protecting their financial well-being.Thank you for sharing the love and reading our blog!

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