The Ally CashBack Credit Card: Let the Rewards Begin!

At Ally Bank, we like to reward our customers; plain and simple. And we couldn’t think of anything more straightforward than cashback rewards.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new Ally CashBack Credit Card. With unlimited cashback rewards for accounts in good standing, this card is simply designed to help you get more out of your day-to-day life.

It’s easy to take advantage of these benefits with a focus on everyday spending. The Ally CashBack Credit Card offers unlimited 2% cash back on eligible gas and grocery purchases and unlimited 1% cash back on everything else.

It’s unlimited cash back and then some – including an additional 10% cashback reward when you redeem your Ally CashBack Credit Card rewards into an eligible Ally Bank account. Plus, with your Ally CashBack Credit Card you’ll earn a $100 bonus for spending $500 in the first three billing cycles.

You can use the Ally CashBack Credit Card with Apple Pay®, as well as two other mobile pay options: Android Pay® and Samsung Pay™.

More information and details about the card can be found here.

The Ally CashBack Credit Card is issued by TD Bank N.A.

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      Hi Steve, balance transfers are available! Terms and conditions apply. Please go to for more information and rate details.

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      Hi Dan, overdraft protection can only be used on Ally Online Savings accounts and Ally Money Market accounts. If you have additional questions, feel free to give us a call anytime at 1-877-247-ALLY (2559).

  1. 7

    I’m currently an Ally customer, and I submitted an application for this card and received a one-sentence note when I hit “Finish” saying my card was on its way and would arrive in 5-7 days. I expected a bit more information than that. I got no e-mail confirmation (or e-mail with a tracking number), no text explaining what my credit limit or interest rate is going to be, or how the card will arrive. (i.e., Do I have to sign for it?) I have no idea how to access any information related to shipping status. I understand this card is new, but I suggest providing more information to your customers upon acceptance and completion of the application. Thanks!

  2. 8
    James Poulin

    Very disappointing customer service.

    I was approved for an account and got my card. I tried to set my online account, but I was stopped when I forgot me “security word”. Apparently both online and with a live representative, there is no way to get around a forgotten security word. They refused to use any other information in my account to verify my identity. The only solution was to drive 90 minutes to a TD Bank branch and show them a photo ID. I don’t have time for that.

    I asked her to close the account on the same day I opened it.

    • 10

      Hi Steve, the credit card is not currently compatible with We will be sure to update the community if that changes.

      • 11

        I’d also like to voice my concerns that this card is not compatible with Mint, it makes no sense why everything else related to Ally is in Mint but this isn’t. Please fix this as soon as possible or I’ll probably close the account.

    • 13

      Hi Omar, we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying your new credit card! We’ll be sure to pass your request along to the team.

    • 15

      Hi Rachel, you can only view and manage your credit card account at However, you can redeem your cashback rewards into your Ally Interest Checking account and get an additional 10% CashBack Rewards Bonus.

  3. 16

    There doesn’t seem to be an Ally Cash Back credit card option preloaded into the bill pay section of my Ally banking accounts. And only the Ally debit card option is available with Samsung Pay on my phone. Odd.

  4. 18

    Very disapointed this card is not working with MINT.

    I love this card but pretty much worthless to me without Mint

  5. 19

    Will this be compatible with soon? I use mint to track all my finances, so if I am not able to import activity, I am going to have to switch back to my Discover card. I like the cash back options with this card better, but not having functionality with mint is a deal breaker.

  6. 20
    Bonita Weber

    Need the Ally credit card to work with Mint ASAP PLEASE!!! I didn’t even think that it wouldn’t work with Mint when I got the card. Very disappointed right now.

  7. 21

    I use Mint exclusively to track my entire financial portfolio. Please, please, please make this compatible with ASAP.

    If compatibility isn’t added–I will likely close this credit card account.

  8. 22

    Agreed, I was planning to use this as my primary card, but this card is worthless without mint compatibility.
    I really wish the credit card experience were more seamless with the Ally banking experience. The whole reason we all use Ally is because it was built for online banking. The fact that there is no chat feature for the credit card and we actually have to call to talk to Ally credit card reps for assistance is completely counterintuitive. Further, the lack of compatibility with such a widely used app as mint is unacceptable. AND we have to mail in a form to set up autopay?? I have never seen this for any credit card, whether through a traditional bank or online bank.
    You’re driving away your loyal Ally customer base with these backwards policies.

  9. 23
    Ashley T Reed

    Are you planning on making this card compatible with If so, when? I like the card, but find myself hesitant to use because I like Mint even more.

  10. 25
    James Thomas

    I second @zz1aag, I will cancel all of my business with if is not supported in the next 30 business days. This is an outrage!

  11. 26
    Richard Markman

    I initally learned about Ally Bank and changed to it because of Mint, I can’t believe that you have not looked at Mint compatibility for your credit card I just received. This is to be a card for groceries and gas. I’m not going to be happy using a card that can’t provide access to bring that information into Mint! It seems like a drastic mistake!

  12. 28

    Please fast track compatibility with Mint. I know this credit card is partnered with a third party, but if you have your name associated with it, and your other accounts are Mint compatible, this too should work with

  13. 29

    I too am a Mint and Ally user – disappointed that the Ally Credit Card isn’t compatible with Mint right now. I was planning to use it for essentially all of my monthly purchases. I’ve been using Mint for years and depend on it to stay on track with my budget and keep a close eye on my accounts, and since I already have my Ally Savings and Checking accounts connected to Mint it didn’t even cross my mind that the credit card might not be supported. Please do whatever you can to address this issue ASAP – at this point I’m not planning to use the credit card much at all since it doesn’t tie into Mint. Thank you for your support.

  14. 30
    Dave w

    Wow sad to learn of the lack of mint compatibility. I like ally for my banking and keep quite a bit of cash with you guys. I signed onto this hoping for a debit like card but with perks. Customer service originally told me this card would be visible in my ally banking portal, which turned out to be a huge disappointment. I don’t do credit cards and will quickly be canceling if I can’t get visibility with mint.

  15. 32

    I’d also like to voice my concerns that this card is not compatible with Mint, it makes no sense why everything else related to Ally is in Mint but this isn’t. Please fix this as soon as possible or I’ll probably close the account.

  16. 34

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have this work with Mint. I’ve been waiting to add my credit card to mint and was shocked it wasn’t supported. It is making me want to cancel and close down the account and tell my friends about it as well. Please change this ASAP.

  17. 35

    PLEASE have this work with Mint. I’ve been waiting to add my credit card to mint and was shocked it wasn’t supported. It is making me want to cancel and close down the account and tell my friends about it as well. Please change this ASAP.

  18. 36

    On top of a lack of mint compatibility, it is incredibly annoying that even on “registered” computers, I have to receive a text notification every time I want to log in and view my credit card purchases. The annoyances of this card are beginning to outweigh the benefits.

    • 37

      I am also getting completely annoyed by this. For some reason it is ok with remembering my phone but on my computer, for some reason, can’t do it. And it wouldn’t be as big of an issue if I at least got the text messages. Lately I’ve been getting them until midnight!! which is just ridiculous.

      At least if there was compatibility I wouldn’t have to check the website so often.

      This is getting really irritating since no one from Ally or TD (whoever is handling this specific site) is responding to our concerns. A simple acknowledgement would be appreciated.

  19. 38

    We recognize the importance of compatibility to our customers and appreciate all of the feedback. The team is actively researching a solution and we will keep the community updated on any future enhancements.

  20. 39

    Dear ally,

    Could you please ask the team to replace the text/phone call
    Security option with security questions like “what city were you born”

    This would probably allow mint compatability to occur and fix some lf the hassle logging in.

    Thank you

  21. 41

    Add me to the list of people who find it unacceptable that we cannot link our Ally Cashback Credit Card account to Mint. Please fix this ASAP.

  22. 42

    +1 on the mint compatibility. Not to mention the separate website and credentials for credit card servicing and the separate website and credentials for rewards… That’s three sets of credentials to use a mint checking account and credit card. Very disappointing that a modern online bank would have such archaic online infrastructure.

    Also – why is there such a low password character limit on the credit card servicing credentials? 8 characters is very low. The reward redemption site is more secure in that regard!

  23. 43

    My thoughts are since they have TD Bank managing the credit cards, that’s another layer of red tape we have to go through to get this card working with Mint. Mint > Ally > TD Bank….just think of the varying priorities between all 3 the more players the more time we have to wait. This is Ally’s entry into the credit card market and although a very attractive card, it seems like they are really bound to what TD can do. I’m not trying to pick up for them in the end the customers are relying in Ally to come through. I make all my purchases using this card and my Mint profile all the sudden became mostly worthless. I am considering cancelling this card very soon for this reason that’s how important this is as all of us know. It made me realize this will be one of my requirements before I actually sign up for any card in the future.

    • 44

      Hi Chris, we recognize the importance of compatibility to our customers and appreciate all of the feedback. The team is actively researching a solution and we will keep the community updated on any future enhancements.

      • 45

        Many thanks for the reply. I really appreciate knowing this is being researched since it’s very important to the card holders. I can guarantee if you get this working, it makes the card more attractive to customers. Hoping for a solution in the near future and best of luck on the teams research. Knowing this is being looked at, I’m going to stick with the card since I really like it and Ally in general has been a very favorable experience for our family.

  24. 46

    Glad to hear the team is actively looking into a solution on the Mint integration! Looking forward to having my finances back in order :)

  25. 47

    While I do appreciate that it’s being researched, this is still something that should have been vetted and resolved before Ally even tried to enter the credit card market. I also understand the TD layer, but again, the customer should have a seamless experience with the rest of their Ally accounts.

    The fact that Ally customers have had to do so much of the legwork to even get mint/ally/TD thinking about this is ridiculous. I’m two billing cycles in and still can’t load my transactions. Totally unacceptable and plan to stop using this card if not resolved in the next week.

  26. 48

    Not happy with this card at all. The 2 step verification is a pain. It never remembers my computer as a trusted device so I have to get the code each time I need to login to my account. The rewards redemption being another separate login is crazy. AND the card not being compatible with Mint seems like a huge oversight on Ally’s part. I’ve been trying to be patient until they get everything sorted out but I’m almost at the point of cancelling the card. It’s just not worth it.

  27. 50

    ! Sorry we connect to that account

    Ally cashback credit card uses a security method that prevents us from adding it.


    I am on verge of cancelling this credit card if the team cant fix this in next week. Great credit card but it is destroying my budgeting situation.

  28. 51

    I will also be canceling this card if the compatibility issue with Mint is not resolved. 1.1/2.2% cash back is not worth it when other cards offer both comparable rates and Mint integration.

  29. 52
    Chris S

    Please let us know when Mint support moves from “actively researching” to “actively implementing” or “actively supporting”.

  30. 53

    I’m yet another thoroughly disappointed customer begging for integration. I always considered Ally to be one of the best technology-focused banks out there, so the lack of Mint integration totally surprised me. Fix this fast or you’ll be losing a customer.

    • 54

      Great point Lane I was thinking the same. I always appreciated their focus to technology and the lack of Mint support is very surprising. With all of the implementation misses as we see it somebody had to make a date and get into the credit card market. Get it in production first ask questions later.

  31. 55

    I’m also looking to cancel this card due to the lack of Mint support. The broad “we’re looking at this” responses does no one any favors. Either switch to another 2FA system or help Mint communicate with the system you use. I called the customer care number earlier today over this exact issue and the response I received was quite disappointing. All apologies and excuses, nothing substantial.

    For a company that insists they listen to their customers, the response here is appalling.

  32. 56

    Count me in as another customer who’ll cancel this card if we don’t get Mint support soon. While I probably won’t cancel my ally checking account, I will definitely keep an eye open for more tech-savvy banks than Ally. It’s 2016, and you created a card that doesn’t work with a budgeting tool ( that so many of your customers use. I’m just disappointed in Ally for once.

  33. 57

    Very disappointed that this card won’t link up with Looks like this has been an issue for 2-3 months now, when can we expect a resolution? I would have thought a forward thinking company would have had this issue sorted out before ever rolling out a new product. Many people utilize mint, what seems to be the hold up? I’ll give it a little time but may have to close this account if this issue is not resolved swiftly. Simply unacceptable. Results needed, not excuses.

  34. 58

    It’s coming up on 2 months now that the last response was provided regarding Ally making this card compatible with Mint. This seems excessive when the problem is easily identified as the online log in security measure that this card utilizes. Please make a more conscious effort to have this issue resolved.

  35. 59

    it’s ridiculous that this card is not compatible with Mint, and that it doesn’t seamlessly connect with an existing Ally account. I have an Ally savings account and login, an Ally Cashback Credit Card and login, AND another login to redeem cash back from the credit card, ha ha it’s so bad. I’m disappointed I got this card to say the least.

  36. 60

    PLEASE have this work with Mint!!! I will have not choice but to close my ally cash back credit card account if this is not fixed asap.

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