We Wouldn’t Be Us Without You

Thanks to you, we just reached the 1 million customer milestone. That’s a pretty big deal.

It’s something we couldn’t have done without your trust and support. Yes it’s true, we are growing, but doesn’t mean we’re changing. At our core, we’re the same. We’re still dedicated to being the best bank we possibly can. What we think made us a great bank when we started, still holds true today – a commitment to honesty, transparency and always putting our customers ahead of everything else. That won’t ever change. You come first. We are so proud to share this great moment with you.

Thanks a million!

According to our calculations, there’s a lot you can do with one million people. Building a great bank is one but here are some other fun examples.


Do you have a favorite part of banking with us? Share your story in the comments below!

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  1. 2

    This bank is very reliable, quick service, reasonable fees, and great options to access my money or deposit my money. A great asset to have on your financial team!

  2. 4

    There are not many companies or brands that I consider myself loyal to, but Ally Bank is certainly one. You guys value user experience, good design, customer service, and your customers’ money. I’ve never seen a bug on your websites, everything I need to do is extremely easy and hassle free, and your interest for savings accounts are the best of any bank I know. Seriously, thank you for doing what you do. You are a model for what a modern business should be.

  3. 5
    Marcella Klenzendorf

    I appreciate my calls immediately answered by an intelligent and polite real person, also the live chats online have been helpful.

  4. 7
    Cynthia heimforth

    I really don’t have much to say but thank you Ally bank for me the best bank I’ve ever been with and I’m glad to be part of Ally Bank as a customer

  5. 9

    At the risk of being stereotypical, I appreciate a bank that offers no-nonsense banking at fair rates. I hope to see Ally grow to another million soon!

  6. 10

    Ally allows me to earn a little more than other banks in my savings account. I’m a single mom who happens to be a Soldier and knowing that my money is earning a bit more gives me motivation to save for my son’s future.

  7. 11

    Exciting to be a part of a successful and growing bank. It’s like your small community bank minus the brick and mortar. This means better rates for the customer. How refreshing, a bank taking the time to thank it’s customers via you tube and Email.
    Congrats Ally !!!

  8. 12

    With all the red tape involved with other Banks, Ally Shines as a beacon for others to follow for Banking and customer service, not to mention a reasonable interest rate on savings — how about raising it a percent for this years one millionth customer celebration …………. just a thought :) I do appreciate the customer acknowledgment, keep up the good work (liked the video too.)

  9. 14

    I’ve been recommending Ally since day one. This is my favorite bank, which sometimes doesn’t feel like a bank(hostile), but like a company where you can trust all your money. Great customer service, incredible rates. I wish you can offer bank loans and business checking accounts. Love you Ally! Keep the great work!

  10. 15
    Avis Yvonne Grant

    It has been MY pleasure to be a part of the Ally family. I can sleep at night knowing
    Ally is working 24/7 for my money.
    Thanks, Ally
    Keep up the good work. Wish our government was as trustworthy.

  11. 16
    Scott of Detroit

    I’ve never had a bad experience with Ally. Everything has been simple. The Ally phone app has been slowly refined and is now so easy to use. Ally has the most consistently savings rates. When it comes to customer service, Ally gets it! Never in my life have I stayed with a bank as long as I have stayed with Ally.

    I wish Ally future success, go get ’em!

  12. 20

    In the process of switching all my funds from a large international TOP 5 bank to Ally. Why? Because this bank really is an ally! Looking forward to working together! So…THANK YOU!

  13. 21
    John Vertigan

    Ally is the best bank I have ever done business with. I feel like a valued customer with Ally. Not just an account number that the large big brick and mortar, main streams banks have treated me like in the past.
    Thank You, Ally

  14. 22

    Just after I first began banking with Ally an offshore entity tried to relieve me of some of my funds. Without my knowledge or permission.The way Ally kept that from happening and treating me so well was a definite milestone for me. Plus the 24/7 LIVE person to talk to. So easy, nice!

  15. 23

    I think this is the longest I’ve ever stayed with a bank. And my son just got an auto loan through you for his first car!!! It’s a family affair! Thanks for being so simple to deal with too. Here’s to millions more!

  16. 27

    Congratulations…but WHY OH WHY did you cap your ATM fees. You went from being the most innovative and convenient bank to the least convenient. Now I’m only staying with you because I have so much linked that it would be too much of a hassle to change. Please review this. How about you rollover any unused ATM fees into the next month? With two kids in carseats it’s a real hassle to unbuckle both, walk into a CVS or find an Allpoint ATM, and then re-buckle them again. Turns a 2 minute thing I never had to think about into 15 minutes. You are now penalizing us for the very thing that made you different–the no-branch bank.

    • 28

      I’m with you Paul… I know the hassle of having twins very well. Maybe Ally will change that very soon. They are successful bank thanks to us :) Thanks Ally anyway! I love banking with you guys, keep the great work and that wonderful customer service!

    • 29

      This is just my 2 cents, but my preference is for a higher interest rate on savings over unlimited ATM fee rebates. It’s not that hard to find no-fee ATMs, and I rarely if ever need to make more than one or two cash withdrawals a month anyway. I don’t see an issue with an online bank that built its business on no hassle savings with reasonable interest paid prioritizing savings interest over letting people claim unlimited ATM fees back.

  17. 31

    Just keep doing it the way you are doing things.. with no brick and mortar branches that only increases customer fees… Ally Bank is truly a 21st century bank

  18. 33
    Christopher sellers

    I thank you for being responsible and reliable with are money…….the account types you offer are the best in the business because I shop……and I hope and pray nothing changes.

  19. 37

    Thanks for putting the Customer back in ‘Customer Satisfaction!’ I haven’t had such a great experience with a bank until you guys! I hope you grow to offer many more products.

  20. 46
    Allison N

    I never leave feedback, but I am inspired to do so today because I have been so impressed in your customer-oriented style. Your website is functional, you have no fees, and I get the best interest rate out there. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve made me a loyal customer.

  21. 47

    I truly enjoyed your video and thought it was just wonderful to see the staff behind Ally. Nice to put a real face / human touch to an online banking company. Congratulations Ally on the One Million customer count! I am thrilled to be one of them. Many Millions to come…

  22. 48

    Ally is a great bank and I love supporting them with my business. Their support and services have been wonderful. My only request is that you would support mobile pay services like Android Pay or Apple Pay. An online bank should embrace these new technologies! :)

  23. 49
    Leigh George

    Congratulations! I’m thrilled to be a part of the 1M. I cannot tell you how much I love Ally! Every aspect of your brand experience brings a smile to my face. You’ve turned what had been a frustrating banking experience at every other bank I’ve used into fun, easy and enjoyable moments. You are the Apple of banks and by that I mean your experience is so natural, intuitive and easy that you forget you’re banking. And yes PLEASE introduce business banking because I would love to use you for my small business. Speaking of: I run an innovation consultancy that focuses on branding and creating amazing customer experiences. If you ever need any support in that area I would be honored to work with you

  24. 50

    I was skeptical about moving my banking relationship to Ally…but turns out…they’ve proven I don’t need a “brick and mortar” to do my banking…provided the bank I am banking with works to achieve that end; which Ally definitely does do. I recommend Ally for all products they offer without reservation.

    It would be great to eventually see credit cards added to the mix, then my wallet will be all purple. :)

  25. 53
    William Scott

    With all the (ugly) changes thats been going on around america, maybe its time for a change or change the color/scheme of your debit card/credit card color. That barney color is soo childish, soo barney and such a joke color, you get dirty looks from establishment such as hotels, airlines, cruise lines even walmart and target everytime you used it. ” Aaahh, your using this card? are you that broke?”

    • 54

      Ally should offer an array of debit card designs that way each customer has the ability to choose the one they would like issued to them according to ones personal tastes. At a different brick and mortar bank they let me and my sister who have separate checking accounts do just that. Mine features the Duquesne Incline Pittsburgh Steeltown skyline and hers features a puppy and cat but the other bank I’m referring to has several other options including sports teams.

      However, I’d personally recommend for Ally to have designers or photographers stick to animals or picturesque scenes. Try to imagine stunning views of the New York night-line, California trolleys, butterflies in a field with a rainbow in the distance, waterfalls, colorful flowers, red barn with green grass along with a horse or cow, sparkling blue waters of Miami, seasonal nature shots winter, spring, summer, fall since most people have a favorite season and wouldn’t mind carrying that in their pocket all year long. The list goes on…

      If Ally Bank comes up with twenty designs and wants to narrow it down to ten why not have the customers vote!

  26. 55

    I’ve been loyal to Ally Bank since February 2011 and would like to say thank you for their properly trained employees, who provides impeccable around the clock customer service.

    In the future it would be nice if I could deposit cash into an Ally ATM or for Ally Bank to partner with the same network of automatic teller machines that let you do the no fee withdraws, also make deposits too. For the time being I turn my cash into money orders and then mail it in along with the deposit slip and postage paid envelope received free of charge just by requesting some.

    • 56
      Jodi Nobles

      Find a free local checking account. Deposit your money there. Then have Ally debit it out of the local account. It probably would be faster than the US Mail, and you can save the money order fees.

  27. 58
    Jodi Nobles

    I am shocked that it is only a million. I truly don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have an Ally account.

    (1) Higher interest rates
    (2) 24 / 7 / 365 Customer Service that ROCKS!!
    (3) No fees
    (4) All your records are accessible back to your open date
    (5) Use your debit card at ANY ATM — Ally refunds the other bank’s fee
    (6) It’s wise not to have all your eggs in one basket.
    (7) Did I mention NO FEES?

  28. 59

    Great bank. You have reasonable terms. Great rates! It’s amazing that an ONLINE bank been more helpful to me than banks where you get serviced face to face. You guys keep updated. Your website is CLEAR and simple. I think if you keep the clarity, the no minimum checkins/savings and the reliable customer service, you will keep having more customers (reason why I joined). I also feel my money is secured here. Only drawback is not being able to deposit cash. But other than that, everything else offered is worth being and Ally Bank member :)

  29. 60
    Chris Knight

    Don’t give Ally credit yet…

    I find it hard to believe Ally has no plan in place for EMV chip cards!

    I have asked multiple customer service reps and they all said the same thing.. Ally has no plans in place.

    Are you kidding me? This is a big deal with EMV kick off within a week and not even a single bit of info that Ally is working on it. Talk about dropping the ball, every other major financial institution have begin their transition, while not a word from Ally! What gives? As more merchants turn on their chip readers, I will not longer use my Ally Debit card and if nothing is said soon I will have to transition to another bank due to Ally’s lack of regard for security.

    There is no excuse for this, all my other credit and debit cards have been replaced with chip cards already!

  30. 61
    Clayton A.

    Ally was a great bank, but lately I’m becoming less and less satisfied with them. I know how the game works, so I don’t want to just sound like an unsatisfied customer… It’s just too bad.

  31. 63

    last survey implied that new deposits to Ally would require a charge to deposit money in a bank??? that doesn’t make sense nor would it encourage new depositors. don’t even suggest it!!!

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