Welcome to the Ally Bank Community and idea exchange

We talked in depth with customers and listened carefully before we launched the bank last May. What we heard repeatedly was that the world didn’t need another bank. What they needed was a better bank. And that’s what we’ve been working to build; this community is a natural next step in listening to our customers.

Ally offers customer service 24/7 and any way you choose—by phone, email or online chat. We offer a complete range of customer-first products— from high interest checking accounts, online savings accounts, money market, and high yield certificates of deposit, including our No Penalty CD. When you combine rates that are among the most competitive in the country with our 24/7 customer service, we think you’ll find our value proposition to be unmatched. Plus, we provide unique benefits you just won’t find at other banks, like our Sleeping Money alerts, that tell you if your money could be earning more.

We’re ready to be held accountable to the Ally brand promises to 1) do right by the customer 2) always talk straight without asterisks and fine print and 3) to be obviously better than the competition. We want you to expect more from your bank. And if we don’t deliver—we want to be the first to hear about it so we can correct it and learn from it.

We look forward to a healthy exchange of ideas through this community and are hopeful this forum will help us generate ideas that will make us even better. Please share your thoughts. We’re definitely listening and eager to learn about how to be a better Ally.

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  1. 2

    I’d LOVE it if you included account nicknames everywhere that account numbers show (including partiall hidden account numbers). I am already a devoted Ally customer with 2 accounts though, and I’m not going ANYwhere… this would just make it that much better!

    • 3

      Thanks for your idea – we like the way you think. We’ve heard similar feedback from other customers so we’ve added that to our list of enhancements to consider.

  2. 4

    I love Ally! I now have three accounts. I want to move my checking account over but I need a better deposit system. it would be great if you created an i phone app that had a check scan built into it. So you could deposit checks by picture from your phone. I know USAA does this and it is awesome. Please, please get a mobile platform so I can finally leave Bank of America.

    • 5

      Thanks for your business and thanks for the love! We agree remotely
      depositing checks would be a great add. Watch this space for updates and keep the ideas coming.

  3. 6

    I too vote for an iphone app, with remote deposit. It will really make it easier and avoid customers to have an local bank for deposit.

  4. 7

    I love Ally too! I would also like to see account nicknames everywhere. I have multiple accounts setup for different savings goals and I generally don’t know the account number. Also I’d like to see a way to manually set reminders for bills that don’t offer eBills.

  5. 8

    My whole experience with Ally has been great, something I’ve never said about any bank, where usually they only care about companies and not individuals unless you’re really well off.

    You really need a great mobile app. Mobile is the future, and while your website is one of the best in the industry, you need a mobile presence on both iphone and android.

  6. 9

    I agree with the others that say a mobile banking app is necessary, along with a check scan. I would like to point out that a number of us also use Android phones, so don’t forget about us when developing mobile apps!

  7. 10

    I called Ally in May to ask about the start of their IRA program. I was told it would be active by the last week of June. At the end of June I called to make a transaction into an IRA. Then I was told the program might be started by the end of August. I can’t get a straight answer from any knowledgeable person in this bank. I am very disappointed in Ally and I feel that I have been lied to. Repeated phone calls and emails have not resulted in a responsible schedule.

    • 11

      Walt, thanks for the feedback and giving us a chance to respond. We apologize that you feel you didn’t get a straight answer. IRA is definitely something that we are looking to add to our portfolio, based on feedback we have heard from you and other customers. While we don’t have a date to share today for when that will be available, we hope to have one in the near future. This blog and http://www.ally.com will be updated as soon as we have more information to share. We will also contact you directly when we have any additional news.

  8. 12

    I definitely agree that mobile is the future and Ally should have an app. But in the meantime, could you at least offer ‘bank by text’? I love checking my balances, posted items, etc. on the go … and I hate that my other bank has it and Ally doesn’t.

  9. 13

    Are you going to launch an IRA service, yes or no? If yes, what date will the IRA product be available? Let’s have some straight answers.

    • 14

      Walt, yes we will have an IRA savings product and we are planning for it to be available this year. Once we have the launch date available we will email you.

  10. 15

    I am new to Ally and so far am thoroughly satisfied except “MY ACCOUNT” could not be accessed w/Internet Explorer 8. The tele. reps did not know why.
    I had to switch to “Firefox”
    Load times on the home page are l.o.n.g. w/both servers. Can you do something to speed the process along for your customers?

    • 16

      Gary, thanks for sharing your experience with Ally. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with IE8 and Firefox. We are continuously working to optimize our online experience for the most widely utilized browsers, and hope to have an update soon.

  11. 17

    I would also love to see a mobile banking app with remote check deposit! I currently have to deposit checks into a local account (no interest) and then do an ACH transfer online to get them into my Ally account.My local bank (Chase) recently released a fantastic mobile app that allows me to deposit checks from my iPhone and I love it. Wish I could do the same thing with Ally, though, so I could deposit straight to my account with you!

  12. 18

    I just switched to ally and already I love it. I just wanted to say that if/when a mobile app gets made please please please don’t foreget the droid users. One of the things that got me to leave my last bank was that they bent over backwards for iphone users and left the other smart phone users in the dust. By the way I would love to get some info on when we might expect the mobile goodness. Wait is easier when you know how long you have to do it.

    Again thanks for being here for the little guys

  13. 19

    I am so happy to see the mobile demands since my first post on this blog. I agree with Lucian about throwing us a bone on when we may see a mobile app. I have been waiting since June. I hate having to go to Bank of America just to deposit checks and then transfer them to Ally. I want to leave B of A in the worst way. please don’t make me stay with them. An app with mobile deposit will set all of us ally fans free!!!

    • 20

      We love that you’re a fan of Ally Bank. Thanks! We’re working hard to get a mobile banking feature up and running and we’re shooting for the first half of next year. Right now, we don’t have any update to share on remote deposits.

  14. 21

    I am a super satisfied customer. Your ATM fee reimbursement has added a level of convenience to my life that is the envy of all my friends. (I keep telling them to sign-up)

    However, I will echo the sentiments of others. For a bank so forward-thinking in its product offering as Ally, it’s befuddling that there is no mobile app yet. It’s desperately needed.

    I also agree with others that a remote deposit component is needed fro the app. USAA has been doing this for a while and now Chase is doing it as well.

    Finally, when you do launch your mobile apps… Don’t forget your Android users! 😀

  15. 22

    Remote deposit shouldn’t be limited to mobile users, this needs to be implemented on the online site as a scan and deposit feature.

    And don’t limit the mobile app to iphone users, Android’s userbase will pass the iphone’s in the next year and it would be foolish to skip out a good chunk of your customers.

  16. 23

    I love Ally, but I’m hesitant to recommend it to friends because I know the first thing they’ll ask is ‘Do they have a mobile app?’ And, I’m not sure why Ally doesn’t. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect out of an “online” bank. There’s not even a mobile site. Transferring money on an iPhone is an exercise in frustration. And we’ve had to open a local checking account at my credit union so we could deposit checks quickly. And, my little credit union even has eDeposit, so the money is deposited as soon as I enter the info, and I just have to send the check in. I don’t know where Ally is spending their money, but its not on tech.

  17. 24

    As a new account holder, I have been impressed by the ease of use and customer service but also wish there was a mobile phone app with some type of remote deposit option. It takes too long for our checks to deposit.

  18. 26

    I love Ally Bank, but I’m realizing the only weakness of the online checking is making a deposit. Like others have commented, I too would LOVE a mobile banking app where I could remote deposit checks using only my phone like USAA! This would make me a dedicated Ally Bank user.

  19. 27

    As said before, we need a way to remotely deposit checks, sending them in are way to time consuming. Even if you deposit them in you other bank and then transfer the funds to Ally, that takes some time too!

    Mobile App & Scan in to you computer will be the way to go! I mean I LOVE ALLY! but you expect these things from an online bank!

  20. 28

    I believe there should be an iPhone application to do online banking and I also believe that you should be able to give accounts a nickname to keep track what you are saving for.

  21. 29

    I would love a mobile scanning app. I think that is the future. It is really the only complaint I have with this bank. Other than that, this bank can not be beat.
    I check the website frequently and can not wait for that!
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  22. 32
    Michael Robb

    When are you going to develop an iPhone app? Without a physical bank presence it makes perfect sense to do this. And when you do create it, be sure that customers can deposit a check using the app. I don’t want to have to mail checks to you. Chase has it for my other accounts. I wish you did as well.

  23. 33
    D Reed

    Would really like to see:
    1. An iPhone app or mobile designed website (m.allybank.com)

    2. Mobile check/deposit scanning app. All the cool kids with military haircuts at that other bank can do it…

  24. 34

    Yes! We need a mobile app for android. But….I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I have an issue of not being able to access the desktop site through an android browser. Anyone else?

  25. 36

    Thank you for your feedback! It really helps us, so keep it coming. We’ll be sure to update this space to let everybody know when there’s any update!

  26. 37

    I would *love* to see an ability to remotely deposit checks like chase allows me to do through the iphone app. I would also like you to have an iphone app.

  27. 40

    Ally seems like a friggin’ awesome bank! If they (you) had mobile apps (iphone AND android) they would officially be 100% the best bank on the planet.

    • 41

      Thanks, Jake! That made our morning. We’re working hard on the mobile app and will be sure to update this space once we have news to share!

  28. 42

    I agree that Ally Bank has served me well. I like site, can navigate around w/o too much hassle.
    However…. when is your Android mobile app going to launch? This 50-something customer has gotten comfortable accessing his BofA and Citi accts via his HTC EVO phone. I look forward to getting an ETA on the Ally android mobile app.

    • 43

      Thanks, Mike! We’re glad that you’re a happy customer. We hear ya on the mobile app. It’s something we are working hard on. We’ll be sure to update this space with any news.

  29. 44

    Hey Ally,

    I’m currently a customer with you guys, but I find myself having to go a brick and mortar bank to make my deposits (cash and checks) and then having to electronically transfer them to Ally.

    I want to echo the sentiments above about having a scanning check feature available on the mobile platform as well as a desktop alternative (for those that might not have smart phones).

    I know the iPhone and Android phones are all the rage, but please don’t forget about those Windows Mobile 6.5 (and soon Windows Phone) for the professional crowd! I love everything about Ally except for the time and hassle I have to go through deposit money into my Ally account!

  30. 47

    Mobile app for sure! I just opened an account with ally and I am in the process of leaving BofA, but I am already missing having a moblie app function :(

    That check scanning and iphone picture deposit like USAA sounds awesome! Ally should get that too! They would be the best bank in the world, hands down!

    • 48

      Thanks for your feedback, Danielle! We really do appreciate it and will pass it along to the team over here. We will be sure to update this space with any news. Stay tuned!

  31. 49

    I am starting to get a little frustrated. There is no news of an app or mobile deposit. When I first started my accounts I was excited about ally. Now I am getting annoyed. I want to move all my accounts to ally bank. but I need a faster check deposit than snail mail and an App would fix that. I am starting to believe ally could not care less about its customers and cares more about airing clever TV commercials.

    • 50

      Jacob, we are sorry that you feel frustrated, and want to let you know that we are working hard on implementing a mobile solution for you. We’ve heard similar feedback from many of our customers and it is certainly a priority on our end. Your patience and feedback are appreciated and we’ll be sure to update you when there’s more news.

  32. 55

    Up here in Canada I use mobile applications on my Blackberry for INGdirect and TDCanadaTrust. What a lifesaver – I work in remote areas or on the road for extended periods and access to my accounts is critical. Don’t get left behind Ally! I need to have that info when I’m building igloos ;). Been pretty happy with ally.ca otherwise.

  33. 56

    I love Ally and got my brother to switch, however, the Chase Android app is very handy; I may start to pay my bills with Chase instead. Ally, please make an Android app with billpay and remote deposits. Thanks!

    • 57

      First off, thanks for making Ally Bank a familial experience, David! In terms of an Android app, we’re working on a mobile solution and appreciate any and all feedback we can get! Thanks again and we’ll be sure to let you know when we’ve got more news on that front.

  34. 58

    Yes, Ally. PLEASE get a mobile app with check deposit up and running as soon as possible. I love the idea of your bank, but am hesitant to open an account because there is no news of an upcoming app and I am worried I will be frustrated with the delay of check deposits. Other than this one issue, you sound like a great bank.

    • 59

      Thanks, Christine. We can assure you that it’s something in the works. We’ll be sure to update our blog, Facebook Page, Twitter account (everything!) as soon as there’s any more news that we can share, so keep your eyes and ears open. We hope to have you join us soon!

  35. 60

    I think there should be an option between interest checking and a “rewards” checking. I spend money more than I keep it in my account and would appreciate a choice between the two.

  36. 62

    Please add mobile banking options! I’m very interested in banking with Ally but find the lack of a mobile app and mobile deposit keeping me from switching over.

    • 65

      Thanks, Dylan! We hear you on the Mobile front. We’re working hard on this and will be sure to update this space once we have more news to share.

  37. 66
    Juan Bell

    Everyone has been saying that we need an Iphone app, my question is WHEN? The inconvenience of mailing checks is one of the only thing that turns away many potential customers. Is there and word of when 2011, 2012 never? Just Asking…

  38. 70

    I would love some sort of Smart Transfer functionality, that lets me do more than just set a recurring transfer on specific dates of a fixed dollar amount.

    ie, could set a transfer with some additional rules and criteria to it. An example would be “At the end of the month, transfer any money in excess of $2000 (or some other user definable amount) from online checking to online savings” (just as one example).

    also +1 on the android app and virtual check deposit, but you’ve heard that feedback quite a bit already

  39. 71

    I agree wiu all the others. Mobile website and/or apps is a must. It shouldn’t take a year to make that. Everyone has that these days. When I tell my friends about how awesome Ally is I say that the only drawback is the missing mobile feature.

    Putting the account nicknames on the statements would be great. I have three savings accounts and I can’t distinguish them on my statements. It would also be great to put the comments onto the statements.

    Last but not least I would love a “refer a friend” program. I am telling a lot of friends about Ally but would definitely be more persistent if you had such a program.

    • 72

      These are great ideas, guys. First off, mobile is on the docket. Lots of machinations in the background, but, long story short, we’re working hard on it! In terms of the other ideas, we love these and encourage you to keep them coming. We’re working on something special to be able to capture these great suggestions from you guys and turn them into actionable change over here, so stay tuned. If you’re interested in that, make sure to “Like” us on Facebook (more there soon!): http://facebook.com/AllyBank

  40. 73

    I’m looking for an online only bank for checking and savings and let me just add my voice to the choir: remote deposit capture (preferably mobile) is essential for an online only bank. Any news on an ETA for mobile deposits?

  41. 74

    I have three accounts with Ally currently and I am happy with almost everything. I am dying for an iphone app!!! All of my other banks have them! Will we get a message from Ally when it is available?

  42. 76

    I love my Ally accounts, super happy with everything. I just really really want an iPhone app with remote deposit and account management features

  43. 77

    I am also a happy Ally customer. I don’t want to simply echo what everyone else has been saying about mobile deposits, but because my local bank has just announced that they intend to begin charging new (high) fees on their checking accounts, I am in a small bind. I want to leave them, but without a mobile app for Ally, I don’t feel comfortable doing so. Instead of using time frames like “in the near future” etc, why not give us a realistic time frame of when Ally customers might have access to such a feature. As you can read, this is VERY important to your customers. Thanks.

    • 78

      Thank you very much for the feedback, guys. We definitely hear that it’s an important feature that many of our customers are interested in, and would love to hear specific features about a mobile solution that we could possibly integrate into the process. We definitely appreciate your comments. Thanks again.

  44. 79

    Just throwing in more weight to the camp of remote deposit with an iphone and android app! c’mon guys…hire some folks to write the app for you, writing an app doesn’t take a year…

  45. 82

    Just opened an account, im actually surprised at your lack of mobile presence. I definatley would love an android app with the ability to deposit checks by taking a picture with my phones camera and uploading it via the app, like chase does.

    That said I like that I can get intrest checking with no minimums and at .5% im also going to be considering wither savings or maybe even a cd later.

  46. 84

    I just spoke with customer service this morning and was told that the anticipated android app will not include a feature for remote deposit. I was disappointed, to say the least. I was also told that remote capture will be available only through a pc scanner.

    Hands down Ally has the best customer service approach and an easy to use website. I would hate to see them fall behind in their technology services offering.

  47. 85

    I’m an iphone user. I’d love an app with remote deposit, mobile account access, and the freedom to tell my giant corporate “other guy” bank good bye for GOOD! I’m on a national tour of a show, and the ability to use any ATM in the country without fear of fees has me in love with ally.

    Now, if we just had a super cool app, we could take over the world.

    I’m just saying.

    p.s. what’s the ETA?

    • 86

      Thanks for the input, Chris! Sounds like fun there. We hear a lot from our customers on how the ATM fee reimbursement policy has really helped them. In terms of an app, we’re hearing and compiling a lot of feedback from customers for our app, and we really appreciate your comment. No set date to launch right now, but we’ll be sure to let everyone know when there’s news to share!

  48. 91

    I’d really love to become an Ally customer–I’m currently unhappy with Bank of America. All I need is mobile deposit for iPhone and I’m in. :-)

    I hope to be your customer soon!

  49. 93

    +1 Mobile App w/ Check Scan Features.

    Also, either build the app on the major platforms iOS, Android & BlackBerry or make it a web-app and independent of the phone.

    If it matters I’m an android user.


  50. 95

    I’m an android user and have been for a while! I would love to use Ally but with the only option (besides mailing checks) for deposit is to transfer from another bank taking two days almost makes it unusable. Until a mobile app or atleast e-checking is available, I would have to say it is not worth the amount of time it takes to deposit.

    Please let me know as soon as an android app is available!

    • 97

      Good to see you on our blog too, Robert! That’s pretty funny (and very kind!) of you to check out those cheaper ATMs. We unfortunately don’t know of any services or sites that do just that, but it sounds like something that might be useful. To the non-Ally Bank customer, of course!

  51. 98

    Another vote for mobile deposit for iphone. I have 1 account here but other accounts with other local banks because of the deposit issue. Once you get mobile check deposit for the iphone I can drop those other banks and make ally my one and only :)

    • 99

      We’d love to be your exclusive bank, Carlos, so we’ll definitely keep you updated when we’ve got a mobile deposit solution for you. Thanks!

  52. 100
    Kevin P

    Suggestion: Withdraw more than $500 from ATM. Customer create a specific request (amount and date) from online/mobile app. Traditional banks allow more than $500 withdrawal through their branches.

    Hope it helps! And I am too anxiously waiting for that iphone app!

    Ally Rocks!

    • 101

      Believe it or not, those are fairly unique suggestions, Kevin. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll add that to the list of possible features.

  53. 102
    Kevin P

    Oh.. Please include bill pay and fund transfer on the app. Transfer between Ally accounts is a priority, and between non-Ally bank will be a PLUS!

  54. 103

    If it helps create critical mass, then here’s another vote for an Android app. (That’s the serious part of my message.)

    And how about an iPhone app, and a iPad app, and a Blackberry app, and a Google Chrome app, and a Symbian app… er…

    What I’m saying is I, sort of, understand the idea of waiting before announcing anything specific, but it WOULD be nice if we could get an approximate release schedule.

    Meanwhile, keep up the good work.

    Ciao for now!

    • 104

      Thanks very much for your comment, Mike! As soon as we are able to share more details about the launch, we will be sure to update this space.

  55. 105

    a few things..

    +1 on the android app, with remote deposit

    also, a few things that would be nice to see on the website:

    – ability to see holds (rather than just “funds on hold” it would be nice to see a list and breakdown of all holds on the account)

    – ability to remove cancelled transfers from the list

    – ability to sort transactions by different fields (other than just date/time)

    – ability to search transactions by keyword (your help page actually says you can do this already, but when i contacted tech support they said you can’t)

    – ability to search for past checks paid (this kinda goes along with the ability to search by keyword)

    i think that’s all i have for now…

  56. 107

    I’m not sure why you guys are collecting input to what a mobile app should be able to do. That seems pretty straightforward. And the number one thing of course is scanning in and depositing checks. It feels like this is not a priority. If it was, it would’ve been done already as it’s been 6 months since first requested. Please let the product manager or CEO or whoever is making this decision know that it’s not ok for an online bank to not have a mobile app and it’s costing ally customers.

    • 108

      We really appreciate your feedback, Brian. Please know that mobile is definitely a priority for us, and we’re working diligently on this to make sure that when we have something ready to share it will be the best experience for our customers. We certainly appreciate the feedback, and will be passing your note along to the team over here.

  57. 109

    I’m currently hunting for a bank. I’ve narrowed it down to a few, but with no way to make online deposits, it automatically takes you out of the running. I would suggest that your IT department be more agile. You dont need to release with every feature. If it was just online deposits, you’d still be in the running for me.

  58. 110

    The mobile app is the only reason I still have most of my money with Chase. The first online bank with decent rates and a good mobile app will very quickly get all of my business.

  59. 115

    Number of iPhone references: 31.

    “this community is a natural next step in listening to our customers.”

    These iPhone references date to early 2010. So Mr. Gupta, “do right by the customer,” hire a mobile app vendor, and and get it out the door.

    You’re no longer reporting to [what’s left of] Detroit. As an “online only” bank it’s time to keep up with the iPhone generation.

    • 116

      We definitely recognize the need and have prioritized it accordingly. We’ll hopefully have more news on this issue in the near future.

  60. 117

    I’m going to follow up xxo’s post and ask for an Android app. I’m currently with BofA and in the midst of moving my accounts over. I use the BofA android app heavilly. Besides account access and transfers, check scan and deposit is crucial, but I’d also like to see being able to do wire transfers online or via mobile app instead of faxing in a silly form and waiting for a phone call. That’s surely a process you can streamline digitally.

  61. 118

    Would be nice to see business accounts, at least checking. I own a small business and wish I could move my business account to Ally too.

  62. 120

    It’s interesting to see that the demand for Android and iOS applications especially in the financial sector are very near equal — really speaks to Android’s growth.

    From reading this all, it’s nice to see that you’re prioritizing a mobile application. But, an actual ETA rather than a repeated response of “the near future” would be very much appreciated, as “the near future” doesn’t actually mean anything. I am being totally honest when I say that I’d much rather hear that the feature were 10 years away than hear “the near future” if only because the concept of 10 years is finite.

    • 121

      We understand, Jeremy, and appreciate the response. There unfortunately isn’t one yet as these things change so much, but we’ll be sure to post it here when there is one.

  63. 122
    Robert C

    I’ve had accounts with many banks but ally is my favorite so far. Add a vote for a mobile app (with check imaging) from me. Many of us could drop our brick and mortar banks if you gave us such a feature.

    Here are some suggestions I haven’t heard mentioned:

    * ING has a great feature they call Person2Person payments. It allows you to transfer money between accounts of both ING and non-ING accounts. All that is needed is the recipients account number. It is very useful and I keep an ING account just for this purpose.

    * Although rates are terrible right now across the board what is traditionally interesting is to see how much interest you have accrued for the month (or since the last cycle). I believe all you show is daily and YTD which is much less interesting.

    Regarding the mobile app, as a software developer, I realize it is hard to give release date estimates. But maybe to satisfy all the interest in this forum you could tell us how the app is going? Maybe share some of the exciting features it will have? I promise none of us will hold you to it. :)

    • 123

      Thanks for the new suggestions, Robert! We’re sending those to the team over here to consider. And we’ll definitely work on your last point that as well!

  64. 124

    I know you said one is already in the works, but I’m just adding my support for an Android app. An amazing bonus would be to deposit checks by taking a picture from our phones. It would let me drop my local bank. Thanks for listening!

  65. 135
    Jason Hoch

    Although I’m sure you’ve heard enough of them (lol), I’d also like to add my vote for an Android app. I someday envision the option to leave my local bank and go 100% Ally! The application that would allow the scanning of checks would be key in this decision.

    I also read a bit further up the suggestion of allowing users at their computer to scan checks using a flatbed scanner for deposits. This would be a GREAT option as well.

    My only other feedback would be the ability to withdraw more than the maximum currently set at an ATM per day. Even if it required me to log in to the website or call customer service, this would be wonderful for those situations where I needed more than $500 cash in a day.

    Thanks for being a great bank…I look forward to being 100% Ally!

    • 136

      Thanks, Jason! All great suggestions and we’d like to let you know that we’re definitely working on the first two. In terms of ATM withdrawal limits, that’s certainly something that we’ll make sure the right people see.

  66. 137

    Ally i think the people have spoken, we need a mobile app, especially since lets face it this is a bank that depends solely on technology, it should be on the forefront not behind with this kinda stuff.

  67. 138

    I can’t wait to drop my brick and mortal bank and be 100% Ally, but I can’t until I have a mobile bank app (Android please!) and the ability to deposit a check without having to mail it in. Let’s be honest, who actually uses traditional mail these days? Where are you with the mobile banking app, Ally?

  68. 139

    I would love to see a Mobile App for Android and Remote Deposit for Online and Mobile App Feature would be super. I hate waiting on the ACH transfer feature takes 3 days. I know citibank has 1 day transfer of ach.

  69. 140

    I’d encourage you guys not to wait until the mobile app is perfect to release it. The only thing it needs to be able to do great is deposit a check by picture. That’s the only feature where a mobile app will be far more convenient than a computer due to the built in camera on smart phones. So in a perfect world, would the mobile app have the ability to review statements, do ACH transfers and pay bills? Yes, But these are nice-to-have features because they are easily accomplished on a computer. If they are pushing out the release date, let ’em wait until version 2.

    • 141

      Thanks for the feedback, Brian, and everyone over the weekend that echoed his thoughts. We’re going to be releasing something soon to help collect these kinds of ideas, so stay tuned!

  70. 145

    I’d like to give positive feedback about my experience with Ally thus far (1 year in), and join those requesting/waiting for an iphone app with check scan deposits. I almost set up a chase account to get this feature (a friend of mine has it, and it is awesome), but this turned out to be a huge hassle because of their fees. In the meantime, a compromise solution I found for the iphone (maybe android too) is paypal’s iphone app that has check scan. I enabled auto-sweep on my paypal account into my Ally checking, and this kind-of works, but of course it takes almost three weeks for a deposited check to be fully deposited into Ally. Also, my wife can’t use it for checks she receives because paypal won’t deposit from her account into the same Ally account I have set up (for security reasons I guess). So we still make monthly visits to the old brick & mortar, for now at least. Anyway, just thought I would toss in my 2 cents…

  71. 146

    I like Ally well enough but you really have to keep your eye on your account. I’ve had problems like being charged twice for single ATM withdrawals. Each time customer service blamed a “computer glitch” and wouldn’t go into any further detail, or put me on the phone with anyone who could explain what happened. The best they could give me was “As with any bank, you have to watch your account carefully.” True enough, but I’ve never had a bank make off with big chunks of my money.

    In any case, I’d like to add a request for Android app. Among other things, that would make it easier to keep tabs on what Ally is doing with my account. For now I’m using Mint.com to watch all my accounts, it does an acceptable job though there’s a delay.

    • 147

      We’re sorry if that’s happened to you and will look into it again to see what we can do to make sure that it doesn’t. In regards to the last note, we’re glad that you’ve found a solution and hope to have more news for you on our own soon.

  72. 148

    I really don’t understand what the continued delay on mobile applications are. You keep delaying and delaying continuously and I’ve had enough of it. As an online bank you should of had a mobile presence in the work before you even developed your website. Judging from these comments people have been waiting for years. If you had just hired an app developer you would of made such a difference. I’m officially switching to INGDirect just because they have mobile applications. It is a necessity. I’m sure there are tons of others like me.

    If you plan on switching banks because of Ally’s lack of a mobile presence say I!

  73. 149
    Chris Chileshe

    Like everyone else, I want to reaffirm my support for a mobile banking solution, its a necessity and judging by the posts, you guys are aware of that and got the message loud and clear. By the way I’m an Android user.

    I was also wondering if Ally plans to offer a line of credit or secured credit cards or any kind of revolving credit products for customers looking to build or rebuild credit.

    I also want to rally behind those looking for 1 day ach transfers because if you happen to transfer on a Friday. It takes significantly longer. Im not sure what the perfect solution is but for cash deposits I still have to defer to a bricks and mortar. With 1 day ach or check scanning I could at least deposit to a bricks and mortar then transfer to my ally or simply write my self a check. Do you guys have anything in the works to ease that process?

    • 150

      No credit options right now and we’re working on a solution for mobile, Chris. This type of feedback is especially helpful. We’re well aware of the desires of our customers and are taking steps to meet them to the best of our abilities. Thanks for the comment!

  74. 151

    I have been a floored by how outdated many of the processes of Ally bank are. For example:

    1. You need to verify identity with a an old fashion signature card that is sent via old snail mail. I had not seen a signature card since 1985. To make it even worse, when I received the card it had printed my social security number and address. Could you imagine what could have happened if that card fell on the wrong hands? There are many other forms of verifying identity. THIS IS A BIG ISSUE.
    2. Paper monthly statements, I would prefer e-statemens.
    3. There are no cell phone applications to check balances. I need to use the internet connected to a computer to check my balances or use an ATM. What happens if I want to know if I have money in my account before making a purchase and there is no ATM close. Is this 1990? BoA and Chase have many iPhone applications. Why can’t you?
    4. On the same topic, why can’t you develop an application to make deposits through your cell phone like Chase?
    5. Do you own your IT? Why so many technologigal deficiences?

    • 152

      We’re sorry that you feel this way, Carlos, and assure you that we’re working on some of these solutions. We’re passing the other ideas on to our team over here to consider the rest. In terms of paper monthly statements, we actually offer e-statements. They can be enabled once you’re logged in to your account. We appreciate your feedback.

  75. 153

    1) don’t wait until the mobile app is perfect. Release it release it with check image deposits, then do regular updates to improve.
    2) Please add business checking soon. I can’t leave Wells Fargo until you do deposits via app/scanner and offer business accts for my small business.
    3) another vote for the mobile app on android.
    4) include PIN access to the app. Typing a long password on mobile is cumbersome. Plus many of us use a password manager and don’t know the random string that is our password.

    • 154

      Tevya, thank you for all of your suggestions. Specific examples of what you’d like to see in a mobile solution are especially helpful. We’ll be opening the floor up to that type of input shortly on our Facebook Page. Thanks again for the comment!

  76. 155

    My vote it too for a mobile iPhone app.

    1) Online iphone transfers (like INGs app)
    2) Check scanning with iPhone (Like Chase)
    3) Easy pin code inlog to iPhone app (I rather type an 8 digit pin than pull up the keyboard and deal with upper case/lower case and the number pad). If you make people use the same password as for the website, they will change that password to something unsafe and easy.

    Bonus feature:
    4) Let me scan my dollar bills and deposit those. I promise to dispose of them right after. 😉

    Honestly, if you guys implement 1 and 2, there really is no reason for me to visit my local bank for anything but a cash deposit.

    • 156

      We appreciate the notes on features, Nick. That kind of direction definitely helps us shape how any mobile solution is going to work. Especially that last one. If we invent something like that, we’ll be sure to thank you when we accept the Nobel in Cash Scan Depositing.

  77. 157

    I currently use ING but they keep dropping my interest rates. I believe it has dropped almost a quarter of a percent since I first opened an account. Recently I have strongly considered switching to Ally.

    I like that Ally offers higher interest rates than ING and the no penalty CD sounds like a great deal here.

    The ATM reimbursements are a huge plus. I don’t have a checking account with ING but if I switch to Ally I will definitely open one because of that, plus the free and unlimited checks.

    I saw Carlos posted something about verifying identity by mail? I assume this is when the accounts are first opened?
    If so ING just has you verify two small deposits to your existing local bank account. Im sure you guys already know this, however I would just like to say I much prefer the way ING does it if Carlos is right about how Ally verifies identity.

    The last thing I would like to add is I also STRONGLY support the creation of a mobile application for transfers and balance checking. I know a ton of people have already said that but I want to add to the numbers so an Ally mobile app is created!

    • 158

      Thanks for the comment, Doug! If you’ve got any questions, feel free to let us know. We appreciate the feedback on how to be better as well and will surely pass this along. Looking forward to seeing you switch to better banking!

  78. 159

    Not to beat a dead horse…

    Ally is such a great bank. The only way it can be improved is by making it so that I never have to use my other bank.

    All I can suggest is to get a couple of Mobile Apps (as everyone has said) on multiple markets (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry).

    If those apps can:

    1) Stop me from having to go to my other bank to deposit checks.


    2) Allow me to do my banking from my phone

    Ally would be better than sliced bread.

  79. 161
    ed h

    i’m another person who is just waiting to kick my current bank to the curb and become an Ally customer as soon as you have an iPhone app with check scanning.

    • 164

      Glad that you do, Jesse! And we’re working on a mobile solution. We’ll make sure to update this post as soon as we have more news there. 

  80. 165
    Jonas Bearbower

    I love my Ally account, I have to agree STRONGLY with others, Ally really needs to address the deposit issue, a mobile app would solve alot of problems, and better position Ally as a top tier player.

    Some of us also have TWAIN compliant scanners connected to our PC’s at home and work, we should also be able to scan checks for deposit directly from the website.

    • 166

      We’re working hard on a solution for you, Jonas, and we certainly appreciate your feedback. Stay tuned as we’ll be sure announce any launch info here! Thanks for your patience.

  81. 167

    As an online bank, I see there are still two things conspicuously missing from Ally’s array of services (1) An online utility for check cashing or submission, and (2) an iPad app for Ally.

  82. 168
    Harold S.

    I almost signed up for a checking account today, but noticed you don’t yet have a mobile check deposit app for Android. I will wait until you do before I sign up. Having that would make jumping from my current bank worthwhile.

  83. 170

    The only thing keeping me from switching over to Ally from Wells Fargo is the lack of Android application. I hardly ever have time to sit in front of a computer long enough to check my bank account, and need access on the go. It’s been almost a year since this article was posted, yet we aren’t any closer to an Android app being released? Man, maybe I will just stick with Wells Fargo for now.

    • 171

      Working hard on this Seth, and we realize that it’s important to you. Thank you for your response though. We’re definitely keeping each of them in mind.

  84. 172

    Lack of an Iphone app is preventing many of us from using Ally to its full capacity because of the above mentioned deposit issues. Mailing in deposits is okay, but still does not beat taking it to a bank’s local branch.

  85. 173

    Darn, I signed up for a bunch of accounts before I realized there was no mobile app. Looking at my usage, an android app is crucial to me. I will have to wait till it arrives or close my accounts till then…

  86. 174

    I opened 5 accounts with ally then realized there was no android app for mobile banking or picture check deposits. This is table stakes in banking especially when you do not own your own ATMs. Will sit tight for a month or so and then move back to a brick and mortar bank unfortunately.

  87. 175

    I am really getting sick of ” in the near future” and ” we will pass it on to the team”.
    I have gone back thru the archives and you have been spouting the same thing for over a year.
    Please give some real information about mobile banking or keep spouting the same non answers and watch your coustomers move on to a more responsive bank.

    • 176

      We appreciate the feedback and especially the patience from our customers. Unfortunately, we don’t have any news on that front just yet, but we’re hoping to have some for you all soon.

  88. 177

    Please, please, PLEASE for the love of all mankind! Where are your mobile Apps?!? (Note: I said AppS, with an emphasis on the ‘s’ as in plural, for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)

  89. 178

    My wife and I moved several of our accounts over to Ally a couple of months ago. This was done for several reasons. 1) Interest rates on savings and checking, 2) no fee ATM’s and 3) a fresh start with a new bank.

    So far we have been pleased with our experience with ally. Some notes for improvement would be 1) a way to switch between account views without having to navigate back the the “My Accounts” page., 2) a way to view a list of the pending transactions that have not yet posted to the account balance, 3) mobile apps for account balance, transfers and electronic deposits, and 4) slow deposit process. I feel like I’m back in 1990. It’s makes it difficult to have a bank with no physical presence and not have an easy way to make quick deposits to our account. The last item is the reason that ALL our accounts are not with Ally.

    Thank you for your audience.

    • 179

      And thank you for your suggestions and being a great customer, Chris! We’re working on a few of your points in there, so stay tuned as we’ll be sure to announce any launch info here!

  90. 180

    Thank you for the reply. Ally is hands down the best online only bank. I am not going anywhere anytime soon. A mobile App with the ability to deposit checks from home would solidify me as a customer for life. I look forward eagerly to that day.

  91. 181

    I just finally got an Android phone and was sort of surprised to not be able to find an Ally mobile banking option :-/

    I did a search and found this forum. If I’m reading it correctly, you’ve been saying one is in the works with an indefinite time frame since at least last July!

    This is a little surprising since many credit unions and community banks have had mobile apps available for months! Surely a large organization like yours must have the resources to put one together by now if it were a priority.

    • 182

      We assure you that it is a priority and that we’re making progress on our end, JM. We appreciate the feedback though and hope to share some news with you in the future.

  92. 183

    I mean, is an app at least in a place where you need beta testers? I would be willing to help out, if it meant expediting the release of a smart phone app. This does seem to be getting a little ridiculous. Especially when Ally is so quick with everything else…

    • 184

      We’re not beta testing just yet, Chris, but we’ll be sure to query some of the commenters here when we begin that process. Good to hear from you again.

  93. 185

    Another vote for remote deposit capture… for sure from the PC deposits are needed ASAP… many local banks are providing this… and i would love to see this happen on the mobile (android here).

    I have been an ally customer for over 2 yrs and have been disapointed that other banks are doing RDC and they even have brick and mortar locations.. come on ally show us the love we normally see from you 😉

    • 186

      Thanks for the comment and your commitment to Ally, Jason. We will be sure to share any news we have on that front here, so stay tuned. We definitely appreciate your continued patience, and really appreciate the feedback.

  94. 187

    Good Grief! Even my little brick and mortar bank around the corner has Mobile Banking. These apps are available from various software vendors. So disappointing for an “on-line” only bank not to be fully “on-line”. I have a small account at Ally and it will stay small until Ally grows up.

  95. 188

    I’ve been using ally bank for about a year now, and so far I’m very happy with the bank. Like others the only thing I would like to see is some sort of mobile deposit app. currently I deposit checks online through my credit union and transfer the funds to ally, I would like to eliminate the extra steps. If ally develops an app and is looking for beta testers I would be interested in helping out.

    • 189

      Thanks for the response, Eric. We’re happy that you’ve been enjoying your experience with us so far. We’re working on different deposit options right now. We’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as we’re moving forward! Thanks again!

  96. 190

    I would be more than happy to help out as a beta tester when Ally gets to that point with a mobile app. I’ve been wanting to switch completely over but I’ve been waiting for the app…

  97. 191

    I do have a follow up question to my previous comment. Is Ally planning on releasing a credit card at any point? A credit card with a good rewards program (ie cash back, points, etc) might be interesting to see. However, with Ally’s reputation as having better rates than everyone else with banking products, I feel rather safe in saying an expectation would be that your rewards program was better than other options, too.

    • 192

      We don’t currently have plans for a credit card, but stay tuned on details about a rewards program. We’ll let you know when we have more info, Wesley. Thanks for the comment!

  98. 193

    I have been checking this page for updates for the android app for nearly a year now. As a developer I know that it doesn’t take a year to make a mobile banking app, even with check image deposits… I am sure that I will get the same “we’ll pass this on to the team” and “we are working on this and will have an announcement soon” come on. Soon is not a year. Please make some real progress on this instead of giving us the run around constantly.

  99. 194

    How is it that a bank the bills itself as the “best” bank doesnt have a mobile app or remote deposit.?. This makes the bank almost worthless as everyone else has already raised the bar past the ally better standard that was minted years in the past.

  100. 195

    I asked about an ETA on an Android app a little over a month ago (see above), and received this response (again, see above).

    “There unfortunately isn’t one yet as these things change so much, but we’ll be sure to post it here when there is one.”

    So, no app, and no ETA.

    Ally could be great, but I will never know as you’re preventing me from finding out by not having a mobile app.

    If Ally wants to live down the reputation of its days under the name of GMAC, it needs to give the people what they want.

    Ally could at least tell its customers that the dev team is x% along the way. Instead they offer the opaque “soon.” It’s been nearly a year since people started asking for check scanning. Ally has a funny definition of the word “soon.” I would call the mobile app “vaporware” except vaporware usually implies that the software actually had an initial release date in the first place.

  101. 196
    David Carr

    I have been doing research on online banks because I really feel like traditional banks have become too focused on profits and aren’t listening to their customers…I can longer support that. I am amazed at the services you offer for free, and I am going to sign up for an account immediately. I also want to note that I am impressed by your active engagement with consumers in a visible, transparent manner. You have my support, and you can bet I will be telling others. I think once you have the mobile apps released with remote deposit, you will obliterate the competition.

  102. 197

    It seems like the overwhelming amount of people on here want a smartphone application. I’m sick of local banks which is what I’ve always been with. I’m trying to make a decision on which online bank I would like to go to and, Ally is one of 2 I’m trying to decide on. An android app is the issue where I have reservations, the other bank I’m considering is android compatible. At least from what I’ve read on here MANY customers would get rid of their other bank if they could go fully mobile with Ally. When I talk to a customer service rep they just say its coming, thats not an answer its a lack of one actually. Now I see its been the same answer for over a year, please no more open ended answers, when will it be ready?

    • 198

      We appreciate the feedback but can’t yet release a date on progress there. The desire for a solution is surely noted though and we can assure you that these types of responses aren’t taken lightly from us. Thanks again, Jonathon, and we hope to have some news for you in the future.

  103. 199

    I just opened up an account and was surprised to see that there’s no iPhone app. I hope the release date of “soon” means “really soon”.

  104. 204

    I’d like to see both an Android and iPhone app with check deposit options. I have an Android phone and my fiancee has an iPhone. Both of us would really love this bank if a good mobile app was released for each of our phones.

    I’ve seen promises of a mobile solution, but have yet to see anything or hear any updated news on it.

  105. 205

    Thanks for the well-written and thorough feedback, Arty. We’re definitely aware of the mobile solutions out there and the pull from our customers for our own. We seek to not only make your banking experience but also your user experience better. Thanks again and we’ll let you know when there’s more news.

  106. 206

    Android app please! At least a mobile website where you can do basic account stuff and transfer funds. Follow USAA’s example.

  107. 208

    is it just me, or does regurgitating the same response over and over again about a mobile app seem incredibly like NOT straight talk to anyone else?

  108. 209

    Let me start by saying that I understand that mobile banking is a luxury, especially when it’s free.

    That being said, I don’t get what the harm is in giving us a real timeline, however loose, for the release of a mobile app. The only reason I can think of to not give us SOME information is that they are not actually developing it at all and they are just stringing us along to keep us from looking elsewhere.

    If you are expecting to launch in a few weeks, just say so. If it’s a few months just say so. If it’s more than that, just let us know so we can stop checking this ridiculous “idea exchange” for answers.

  109. 210

    @Chris: I completely agree, and in general, this “idea exchange” is useless unless we get real feedback. Don’t just say “hey, that’s a good idea, I’ll pass it along”, make an “idea tracker” so we can see if our ideas are ever implemented.

    Or better yet, since this has been around for a year, can you report on a single thing that has changed based on customer feedback?

    • 211

      Rjcarr, we’re actually rolling out a feature very soon where our customers can give suggestions on how we can be a better bank. That should be coming out within weeks now, so keep your eyes open for that. We’ll update the post here with the link as soon as we’re good to go! Thanks for your feedback.

  110. 212

    There is a lot to like about Ally bank, but the lack of a mobile app and remote check deposit is really getting frustrating. Since this board started last June, the amount of posts asking for those items have been rather overwhelming. It seems absurd to me that there is still nothing to show, and not even a timetable for a release. When can we expect these features to be available???

  111. 213

    I currently bank with ING, but am considering a move to Ally for several reasons. Ally offers better rates, and paper checks. ING requires me to keep a linked checking account at another institution, but the whole point for me of online banking is to be rid of the local, high-fee bank.

    However, ING has two major pluses for me: a great iPhone app, and an overdraft line of credit. Rather than transferring money from my savings account when my checking goes below zero, they loan me money and a deposit pays them back. This way I don’t have to constantly transfer money back and forth. If Ally added these features I would be a customer tomorrow. Thanks

    • 214

      We really appreciate your interest and for letting us know how to get you to switch to better banking over here, Matt. Thanks for the comment and we hope to have you as a customer soon enough!

  112. 215

    Is there a real time line for the mobile app or is the answer AGAIN going to be we’re working on it….like it has been for the last year?

    Great bank, but redundant response.

    Please don’t only thank me for saying great bank; please answer is there or is there not a time line for a mobile app release

  113. 216

    With ING and a Local bank. As soon as Ally gets an Android app I will move both Checking and Savings and give you guys a shot.

  114. 218

    Something definitely “off” with Ally.
    No discernible investment in technology, and product offerings that continue to lag. Would be sad to see this company become an also-ran..like Saturn.

    • 219

      We’ve got some pretty big news coming in the near future, guys, so keep your eyes peeled on our Straight Talk blog and your email inbox!

  115. 224
    Dominic Morris

    PLEASE get a mobile app! This is the one thing that keeps me from recommending to my friends. I start to tell them about how great Ally is but it’s embarrassing once I tell them there is no mobile app!


  116. 228

    Can you guys give us some type of timeline? You don’t have to give a hard deadline, but it’d be nice to know if a mobile app was coming sometime before fall, or even this year at all.

  117. 229

    I gotta agree with Dan here. Even if it was a this year, or a next year timeline it would be nice to know, if that info has been figured out by the Ally team yet

  118. 230

    I love Ally! The only thing keeping most of my money in Chase though is the their mobile banking iPhone app and their quick check scan feature for all my paychecks. Any news on an app with such a feature? I’m switching to Ally completely if i see one soon, Ally!

  119. 232

    Soon enough for who? I hate to think about all the people who have left this bank because they can’t get the information that you most certainly have. If they want deception and run around there are many other choices. If a question is asked it should be answered to the best of your abilities. I myself do love Ally Bank and will not be leaving, but am very interested in a Iphone app

  120. 233

    Yeah I’m starting to worry about this issue with these non-answers. I had a similar problem with a Samsung phone for which Samsung promised an update “soon” almost a year ago. There’s still no update to this day.

    It’s pretty bad practice when you can’t give a straight answer to your customers. “Soon enough” doesn’t quantify anything.

  121. 235

    I agree, please give some sort of update on the mobile front. This week? month? year? I feel like I am in limbo waiting on a mobile/remote deposit solution. If that is not the route Ally wants to go, that’s cool. I was just under the impression that it was coming soon, so I went ahead and joined. I may need to go ahead and start the process of going somewhere else.

    • 237

      Thanks for your comment, Mark! We’re definitely making some progress on making banking more convenient with us, especially with our recent Ally eCheck Deposit announcement. We’re always looking at ways to improve your banking experience and a mobile solution is something we are focusing on.

  122. 238

    My wife and I banked with ING for several years before switching to Ally. ING had some advantages too (nice mobile app, IRA), but since Ally’s rates were a little better, we decided to give it a try.

    Neither one of us thought the mobile app or IRA option would be a huge sticking point, but honestly, it has become one. On top of that, Ally no longer has better rates on savings accounts than ING. They are the exact same.

    We REALLY don’t want the hassle of switching banks again, but you’ve got to give us something Ally! I can live without the linked IRA, but a mobile app is a MUST!

    • 239

      We appreciate the story, Tony, as it helps us understand how and why you’re an Ally customer with us. We’ll be sure to update this space with any news on the mobile front, so be sure to stay tuned!

  123. 240

    You guys aren’t going to lower you’re interest rate again on MMA’s, are you? That full 1% APY is the reason i’m moving my savings from Chase to Ally in the first place!

    • 241

      Our rates depend on a lot of different external factors, Jesse. While our team over here can’t guarantee anything, we’re still we are committed to providing a variable rate that’s consistently among the most competitive in the country. Thanks for your feedback!

  124. 244

    Hey ally! I just signed up for the free checking account only to find out there is no mobile app!! I currently have pnc and hate them but they have a killer mobile app. I guess I’ll stick with pnc for now until you get your mobile app up and running.

  125. 246

    Considering you guys are a newly independent bank, is it safe to say Ally has more features coming along the way besides mobile banking and eCheck deposit?

  126. 248

    Please hurry with the Android App! Anybody that banks online these days likely has either an iPhone or Android, and uses it as their primary financial information connection. Even my tiny community bank has an iPhone app, and is working on one for Android. Step it up, Ally!

  127. 250

    I’m loving this bank! So much better than Chase or Wells Fargo. I do think you guys need an App, urgently for ease of deposits and checking the accounts. One think I really think the bank needs to do is to merge the GMAC accounts with the Ally ones, and definitely offer Credit Cards. I dislike having all my accounts spread around and having to deal with 3 or 4 logins and companies, I can see this in the future though!

    I have a car loan with Ally Auto and I would like to have it in the same screen as my Checking and Savings. Just my 2 cents. Thanks Ally!

    • 251

      We’re glad you’re happy with us, Alberto, and appreciate the suggestions. Actually, we’re working on some of this, so we’ll keep you updated. Thanks again!

  128. 253

    I think the new online deposits are great and solve the biggest issue I had with Ally. Yes, an android app would be nice, but it is a luxury that I’d trade for no fees any day. I loved when my previous bank added an app, but left them when they added maintenance fees shortly after.

    I second, or third, the request for business checking accounts and a reward credit card option. One of my favorite things from my last bank was having my checking and credit accounts together in one place. Now that there is a way to deposit online, I only need a business account option before I can leave the brick and mortars behind for good.

    • 254

      Thanks for comment, Jonathon! We take Straight Forward banking pretty seriously over here. It’s actually one of our brand pillars. As far as any new product announcements, be sure to keep your eye opens, as we’ll be sure to update this space with any news.

  129. 255

    Love Ally, but we seriously need an app!! I find myself using my other accounts for deposits bc Ally doesn’t offer app-based check deposits and other options. Please give us an app. :)

  130. 257

    Mobile App please! :) I just moved my accounts over but we really need a mobile app. I know you are working on it, but that is the one BIG thing a lot of people want.

    • 258

      We agree, Brian! Definitely making progress over here and hoping to give you some feedback shortly. Like we say above, our eCheck Deposit service is a big step for us in innovation and we have another mobile solution in the works as well.

      And, of course, welcome to Ally Bank!

  131. 259

    Enough time already…Please, please, please get your mobile app out the door. It’s been over a year. Perhaps your GMAC bureaucracy has taken over the prioritization process? We know it’s important, you know we know it’s important. It’s a serious shortcoming in your otherwise stellar offer that 1) will make people leave or 2) will turn away new business. Get your web and marketing people together and get it launched!

  132. 260

    I’m a new customer, just signed up today actually, and so far I’ve very happy with Ally.

    However, the first thing I did after setting up my account was to go download your mobile app only to find you guys don’t have one. Since you are a 100% online bank, wouldn’t it make sense for you guys to have a mobile app for iPhone and iPad?

    I see several comments about getting it but to be honest, I’m shocked you guys don’t already have one. Recommendation: quickly get in the game :)

  133. 261

    So far , I think I will really like being a virtual bank customer. The service is great , its a great idea. My only issue I have with Ally is its over the top security measures that they impose on my Mint account. All my other financial institutions such as Amex, Wells Fargo, Citi and others cache the security info when the account is first added to Mint. In the case of Ally they make me go through the security questions and per Ally account. This is not necessary. I’m a programmer for a Wall Street firm , we deal with the banks all the time, I know. There is something in their implementation that is missing. If its a security policy thing its misguided. Other than that I’m happy but this creates pain for me every day.

    • 262

      We apologize for any inconvenience, Charles. Security is a top priority over here, but, if we can make your experience even better, it’s definitely something for us to investigate. We’ve forwarded your comment on to the right people to look into and appreciate hearing from you!

  134. 264

    I check back on this website often for updates on the mobile app–and I leave each time depressed and disappointed.

  135. 265

    What a shame that an on-line only bank does not have a mobile presence. I have checked this website often and the Ally response is always “we are working on it – check back soon”. Unless you have lots of money in your accounts, the interest differential does not offset the lack of convenience.

  136. 266

    I won’t use this bank until a mobile app is available. I’m certainly not the only one.

    The lack of transparency in this process is disheartening. No feature requests, no input from customers, no information at all about the process.

    I promise you, Ally, your customers and prospectives would appreciate an honest update in this matter, no matter what the current status. You’re billing yourselves as a new kind of bank, but this year long run-around feels very familiar.

  137. 269

    Hello Ally,

    As many people have suggested, why cannot Ally give us mobile apps for both the iPhone and Android? So hard to develop the app? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your programmers.

    • 270

      We’ve got a lot of new improvements coming up, guys. Mobile is something that is still in the works, but it’s surely on the way. In the meantime, we really appreciate your patience.

  138. 271

    I haven’t seen anyone ask for daily email account updates vina email. This is a very useful feature that Wells Fargo offers. It gives me my balance and any transactions that have gone through, right on my smartphone. It is timely and saves me from having to log onto the website, remember those rediculous “text” banking commands or use mobile banking at all for that matter. Oh, +1 on a BLACKBERRY app too.

  139. 272

    Coming up on one full year since this started. Don’t you think its time to release an app or some business accounts yet? I’m getting so sick of my brick and mortar bank’s fees and such, but want business and personal in the same place for easy transfers, and shorter turn around on check deposits. Please give us SOMETHING! An app w/out check imaging is better than none, and you can always add that later. Paypal’s app has been out for some time and only barely added check deposits.

  140. 273

    Please give us a timeline. I’m deciding between opening an account here and at Schwab.

    They have mobile apps for iphone and android. They just released their mobile deposit for iPhone and have promised to release it for Android in a month. That’s a timeline.

    You aren’t giving us any timeline. Instead of waiting until the app is polished to release all the info in a big announcement, give us a timeline. 1 month? 6 months? A year? 5 years? With no timeline given to me at all, I have to assume the worst, and I have no choice but to go with Schwab. I’m not threatening for progress, simply being up-front. Not telling us whether you are 1 month away or 5 years away from releasing an app isn’t smart (unless you’re actually 5 years away).

    On another note, is the eCheck deposit only for scanning the check? Or can a picture be taken then uploaded to my computer then uploaded to the site?

    • 274

      First off, with eCheck Deposit, the recommended approach is currently just scanning the check.
      On mobile, we really want to come back with something here and we’re still working on getting a set date for you all. This sentiment has been passed on to all of the right people though and we understand how important it is. It is for us as well. We’ve been working on all of the behind-the-scenes things that have to be ready before an app is developed for a few months now, so we’ll hopefully be able to show you more in the near future. In terms of a date though, just a little more patience while we’re able to forecast how much longer it will take to develop and we’d really appreciate it. Hope that helps alleviate some worries, Roy.

  141. 278

    there’s a note on my account that they’re adding features so online banking will be unavailable on june 18th from 12am-2pm…wonder if it has something to do with a potential mobile app?

    wait…who am i kidding? oh well, i guess we can dream…

    • 279

      We can say that it isn’t an announcement on mobile coming up, but there are some really great things coming up right after that for some changes. We’re going to post on the blog, so be sure to come back here to check out what’s coming, Matt!

  142. 280

    in that case, i’ve gotta ditto everyone’s comments above. why is it so hard for you to just give us a timeframe on a mobile app? it’s been nearly a year since the start of this thread…

  143. 281

    It’s great that you guys have new features and I’m curious to see what you’ve come up with. Sadly mobile wasn’t the first priority but hopefully it’s a big priority. I did go with the other bank (they gave real ETAs). Maybe if/when the app is released, I’ll move over to you.

    I don’t want to seem to bad-mouth you guys on your own site, but I’d like to note it odd that you post replies with a fake timestamp. Your reply to my post lists 5/30 2:05 pm. When in fact it wasn’t replied to until a certain date in June. I hope this was only done so the reply is visible next to my post, rather than to look speedy and boast constant online appearance and great service. I would imagine Ally is above doing the latter, so I’ll assume the former is true. In that case, maybe your blog should be fixed to show inline replies, while still displaying proper timestamps. I’m a computer engineer, and I can attest this modification would take 5 minutes to write.

    Otherwise, you are indeed active, which is great, just still a little too vague. It may not be your fault that your hands are tied, but the people above you might want to loosen that rope.

    • 282

      Thanks for the feedback, Roy. Even if we weren’t able to fully fulfill your request, every single one of these comments makes its way in front of the right people. We make sure of that.
      For the timestamps, the former is absolutely correct. With so many comments coming through here, we like to keep the narrative organized for anybody just jumping in late (we had to ask around for your question again, so, as the comment above states, just needed a little time to craft it). We appreciate the suggestion, too, about inline replies. In the meantime, we’re going to stick with the method we’re working with now.
      Thanks again and we hope to see you over here with us in the near future!

  144. 284

    It does seem like Ally is dodging the question regaring mobile access (web site or apps). if something was really in the works for mobile access then some sort of ETA could be given. That makes me less optimistic that mobile access is coming any time soon.

  145. 288

    As others have said, a mobile app with the ability to deposit checks would be great. That would take away one of the last reasons to stay with chase.

    Keep up the good work.

  146. 289

    Can you confirm that there WILL be a mobile phone application coming at some point? i.e. not just that you’re working on it but that one will be released at some point

  147. 291

    Could you please offer a more secure banking option? A password just isn’t enough. Two-factor authentication would be much appreciated…perhaps integration with Yubikey.

    Also, can you offer the ability to denominate an account in more than a single currency. It would be great to be able to denominate an account in dollars, or euros, or even a new currency like Bitcoins.


    • 292

      Thanks for the suggestions, Evan. Security and convenience are very important to us, so we’re definitely sending these to the right folks.

  148. 293

    I have been using Chase mobile check deposit application. I like it But it has certain limitations. It won’t let you deposit higher amount checks, probably anything more than $500. It works fine with smaller amount checks. I also had issues with depositing personal hand written checks.

    If Ally comes with remote deposit option, it would be advantageous if Ally somehow overcomes these limitations in their application.

    I love Ally.

  149. 294

    My suggestion would be to improve the bill pay application by the enhancing the ebill integration. On other websites (BofA, ING Direct) when an ebill is linked to a payee a pdf image of the statement is available through the bank’s bill pay website. This allows me to confirm the transactions before scheduling a payment without having to sign in to each biller’s site individually.

    A similar functionality for Ally would be extremely helpful!

    • 295

      Great, Dan. We love new suggestions like this and we’re surely not above taking cues from smarter processes elsewhere in the industry. We’ll look into this for you. Really appreciate the note.

  150. 296

    if we’re talking about improving bill pay, how about improving the time it takes for a payment to get there? i scheduled a payment to my credit card with ally’s bill pay, and it got to my CC a full week after the date i specified.

  151. 297

    I have 5 accounts with Ally bank and I am generally a happy customer. But I just received 5 separate mailings w my new Deposit Agreement, and in the age of environmental concerns
    and costs this seems more than a bit excessive. All my accounts
    are in my name so it is the simplest of computer functions to check that one mailing will do. Also, I became an on-line bank user to avoid mail and its associated security issues. I know some things must be handled via the mail, but Ally sends out far more than say ING Direct or Discover Bank. You even send out a new customer packet when I simply renew a CD. For the sake of your overhead, there must be a more efficient way..

    when I simply renew a CD.

    • 298

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestion, FANF. Finding inefficiencies is always easier with help from customers like you. We’re passing on your comment and we’ll be talking about this over here.

  152. 299

    Ok, I have read through all the comments start to finish on this blog and come to a conclusion. It sounds like you have been considering and white boarding a mobile application for about 6-10 months developing the framework of what will be in the app and the priority of implementation of the features. From what you have said lately, you are either working with third parties to help you or having your team learn how to write the program because you don’t seem to have a beta or alpha or anything coming. If I were to go to elance and post a project of producing an online banking app, I could get the contract nailed down in less than 4 months, and would then get a timeline from the developer of how many months or years it would take. Initially it would just be screen shots and back end stuff but at least you would have an idea of the release date is on time or not. It is evidently obvious you have not started on this project yet. I have seen tiny little banks with less than 200 million in deposits with an iphone app. It does not take this long to conceptualize, plan, design and implement a solution. It sounds like it is a priority but you don’t have enough resources on it. Since we are currently in a recession and things look grim, heres an idea. Hire as many programmers with prior mobile bank design experience or other app design experience as you can find. Hire hundreds or more programers… If you can’t afford that, go to universities and have graduate and undergraduate computer programming students do a mobile banking app project. You will surely help them land jobs when they get out which will also be good. I like others after joining Ally looked for an iphone app but found none. I couldn’t believe it so I came here thinking I was misspelling something or made a mistake. This app has taken over a year and still you don’t have a beta, if this app isn’t more revolutionary than the original Ipod or the original Mac in 1984 I will be highly disappointed. Your rates are great but I honestly it isn’t enough. I have many banks and I can’t eliminate them without an app to manage things on the go. The boiler plate responses are nice but in reality, just tell us, have you started laying out the app on a white board? Have you started programming it? Is it in alpha? Beta? Are you having trouble getting it approved by Apple? Are you waiting to develop it until you have more feedback? Are you waiting until after Dec. 2012 to see if the Mayans were right before you design the app? I am sorry but it does not take this long to develop something that is strategically this important. Apple produces a new operating system faster than this is going, please get to work. We need timelines. We will begin white boarding it and designing the specifications at this time…. We will begin programming at this time… alpha and beta will begin here… Honestly if you said in the next 25 years I would be happy. Stop using the same old tired response, it no longer means anything to us. From what I read here anyone could go raise some money and start an online bank and just develop an iphone and android app and offer high rates an you would lose users fast. Make it a priority to give a timeline.

  153. 300

    Give me an app for my iphone… and I’ll give you my business! Hurry please, chase is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. 301

    The lack of an Android app is really becoming a problem. When I first signed up, it was “we’re working on it!”……Now its a year later and its still “we’re working on it!”. I’m just about ready to start working on finding another bank. Get a move on it.

  155. 302

    iPhone App fast else you are sure to lose customers. I won’t hesitate to move out if i don’t see it soon. How can it not be a priority? My least known broker also has an app. Come on, step up the game. You being an online only bank, need it more than others. As of now, i cannot recommend you to anyone.

  156. 303

    We considering to change our bank. The only reason we didn’t change to ally so far is the missing mobility. My wife and I are traveling for business, please create a smart phone app (iPhone, Droid, Blueberry…whatever) or make your website mobil webbrowser friendly.

  157. 304

    Left Chase yesterday. My wife and I considered Ally but having to mail paper checks?? Who does that…? Get an app.

  158. 305

    ******* MOBILE APP. Only thing that frustrates me about banking with you, although I have an account.
    ING has one, so should ya’ll.
    Mobile banking is at an all time high and it would be highly beneficial *******

  159. 306

    Alright Ally,

    Ive had this account for 2 months now and I love it!!! But seriously where is the mobile app? It dosnt have to be fancy to start with but at least have something to check balance, transfer money, etc. at least release that and make sure the check deposit from camera is top priority. This forum is basically everyone saying the same thing for the last year! If your trying to be a bank everyone loves then you need to give the customers what they want, So Ally listen up!


    Thank you,


  160. 307

    And also to add to my comment,

    Make the application on multiple platforms. Iphone isnt the only smart phone out there! Please include Android!

  161. 309

    Mobile Apps please for the love of everything that is holy….

    iPhone, iPad, Droids, Blackberry, Windows Phone….Get Mobile Apps going..

    It’s the Only Missing Piece of a Perfect Puzzle with Ally…

    Love you guys.

  162. 310

    As a new customer, I have the same feedback as everyone else it seems…..Mobile App, image based deposits and line of credit overdraft! You do that and no one will ever need another bank.

  163. 312

    Seriously love you Ally, but you need to get some mobile apps or at least a mobile version of the site. Currently I use a Windows Phone, but I’ve also used an iPhone and Android in the past. Thanks!

  164. 313

    So we are now at the end of the first half of the year. Where is the iphone mobile app? The ones for my Bank Of America and Chase accounts work great! 😉

  165. 314

    It has now been over a year of promises for a mobile app. Even local small banks around me have mobile apps. Please finish a mobile app as I would like to stay with ally but this is getting to be unacceptable and we have heard nothing new from ally.

  166. 315

    Hi Ally,

    You guys have to get the mobile app/w deposit running soon.

    I can tell you that it’s not only keeping people from signing up, but it’s also making us more hesitant to recommend Ally to our friends. There needs to be a timeframe to which you are publicly committed so we can all move forward. Thanks!


  167. 316

    Is the mobile app really such a dealbreaker? I have a PC, a Droid phone and an iPad and I get the job done on the iPad and Droid from Safari and xScope mobile browsers. Their rates are among the best available and, frankly, that’s why a chunk of us are here.

    I love the convenience of mobile apps in general.. But I can already manage my Ally accounts from basically anywhere on all of those devices anyway.

    But, Ally, surely it is reasonable that we should be able to expect a timeline. Especially since it’s more than a year after you ackowledged it was a service your customers were demanding. C’mon, Ally.. Throw us a bone..

  168. 319

    It’s unacceptable that Ally does not provide an optimized mobile web version of their site, or a mobile application for any platform. Given that they are a bank with no brick and mortar locations mobile convenience and e-deposits should be near the top of their priorities. Frankly, they should have been one of the first banks to offer this service.

    There has been 18 months of “we’re looking into the possibility of developing a mobile app” and “we’re developing an app but dont know when it will be released”. You people must have some sort of timeframe. The only reason I can think of that you wouldn’t release a timeframe is because you’re nowhere even close to having anything ready by Q4 ’11, and probably not until Q1 ’12. Ridiculous.

    • 320

      We understand where you’re coming from, Hank. There are a lot of things that had to line up on our end to make it happen, but we’ll update this space as soon as we are able. Again, we’re working very hard on this and look forward to getting out a solution to you as much as you want one.

  169. 321

    I would love to see text message banking. This is the only thing I miss from bofa. With bofa I can send a text message saying *bal* and I get my balance for all accounts. You can also type *hist chk(acct#)* to see recent transactions.

  170. 323

    Couldn’t wait any longer, Ally. ING Direct has announced remote deposit by end of August. I am closing my accounts with Ally and moving to ING. If you would have released or even announced a release date for an IPhone app, I would have stuck it out. Sorry……

  171. 324

    Given how long it’s taken to produce a mobile platform, my guess is Ally’s will blow us all away once it’s done. Of course, if it DOESN’T blow us away…

    This obviously ISN’T a deal breaker. If it was, folks wouldn’t be so adamant about voicing their opinions and would instead speak with their wallets. If you REALLY want a mobile app, you should leave Ally and go to a bank that has one. They might actually get the message then.

    But you won’t. Because Ally is awesome. 😉

  172. 325

    I agree with all the discussion prior about lack of transparency and mass amounts of ambiguity with regards to this release date for this elusive “mobile app”. How about, for now, an app that just allows us to check our balances with the ability to transfer money between them? Is that really too much to ask for? Speaking on behalf of myself, that would keep me satisfied for a little while.

    This would also at least give the illusion of progress towards a perfect app.

    Give us something and then roll out new updates.

  173. 326
    MR. APP

    We all need the app for Android or iPhone. I think security is more important than having an app too fast. Ally has been slow to have an app, I just hope when They get it ready for the public is safe for our accounts. I put safety first.

  174. 328

    So, I am seriously getting irritated at the lack of mobile app or electronic check deposit…it DOES NOT make sense that I don’t have access to this, ALLY is a non-local, internet bank…GIVE ME an Easier way to deposit checks than 6 days via snail mail…mail is the past. COME ON help the people who took a chance and went with Ally.

    • 329

      There’s some news coming soon there, Sam. Apologies for the frustration, but we’ll have an update for you in the next few weeks.

  175. 331

    I found this idea exchange because I googled why it takes so long for Ally to receive and deposit checks. I can see here that if Ally ever comes out with a mobile app it will solve this problem for a lot of people, but I am still puzzled as to why USPS deposits take so long. I asked a customer service rep this question once and he told me that checks are deposited and credited the very day that they arrive at Ally. Are they?

    I live in Virginia and I’m mailing my deposits to Pennsylvania. My parents, who live many more states away, can get a letter to me in 2-3 days. Further, I still maintain a bank account with a local bank in Vermont, and when I mail deposits to them, they post to my account within 4 business days. And what about companies like Netflix? Granted they have several warehouses throughout the country, but they’ve made it a priority to make sure there is a 1-2 day receiving time.

    If Ally is going to remain an online bank then there needs to be more efficient ways to deposit money. Clearly a mobile app would solve this for many people. As for myself, I don’t understand why it has to take a week or more to receive my deposits from a neighboring state.

    Please find a solution to the exceedingly long time it takes to make deposits into your bank. If Ally can capitalize on a digital age, then they need to follow through with a whole smooth running digital process.

  176. 332

    On July 2, 2010, Jacob asked for an iPhone app with remote deposit applications. Shortly after, Ally replied and advised Jacob to check the page for updates. 13 months later and counting, we still don’t have an iPhone app. How much longer do you recommend we continue to watch your page for mobile application uppdates? Creating an iPhone application shouldn’t be hard. The cowboys at Wells Fargo did it within a few months!

  177. 334

    “In the coming months!?” Give me a break. Even my local bank with 3 branches and $300m in deposits has an iPhone app. I’m closing my Ally account.

  178. 335

    I love Ally and have had no problems thus far. I know it’s been said time and time again here, but an internet bank should be making mobile banking (iPhone app) with deposits a priority. I’d love nothing more than to get rid of my local bank and move everything to Ally, but until I can get better access, I don’t see that happening. Come on ally… hop to it. I think your business will majorly increase upon better access!!

  179. 336
    Mr. Lopez

    For me, an iPhone app is a priority. I want access to information about my money at all times. If Ally had an iPhone app, I would open an account right now, but since they don’t, I have to keep my money where it is or open a new account with a competitor who does have a mobile banking app available on the iPhone.

    • 337

      It’s a priority with us too, Mr. Lopez. That’s why we’re moving forward on developing one. We hope to have more news for you in the future, so keep an eye out. Would love to have you with Ally soon enough!

  180. 340

    I’d love to have two things from Ally: (1) an Android app for mobile banking, and (2) credit cards.

    Gotta’ have an Android app, guys. It’s the only reason i’m considering switching to CapitalOne (my credit card supplier of choice) completely for all of my banking.

    I’m an excellent credit card user, and love taking advantage of reward programs. This seems like an easy way for Ally to make some money on the side and raise the interest rate in money market and savings accounts.

    I don’t even care if the interest rate on an Ally credit card is 100%, I’ll pay it off each month, anyway. I just want to centralize my banking with a bank I trust and still get airline miles and cash back on gas.

  181. 341

    I have accounts with ally and its a great bank but I would love it if they had mobile apps for like Android, iPhone, blackberry etc. It would be perfect

  182. 343

    Come on Ally. You need Mobile Banking App’s. My wife and I are waiting to switch because you don’t offer this. Android, IPhone. Do you need some help? I work with companies that have achieved this in a relatively short period of time. Yes, I’m sure you’ve got some major issues to resolve to make this happen but give us some news. Please!!!

  183. 345

    I am very happy to see the mobile campaign posted. There is some excellent feedback in there that includes eCheck deposits and everything else that is important in a mobile (iPhone!) app. Looking forward to this.

    It would also be great to see account nicknames referenced with the accounts throughout the online banking site and on statements. It’s confusing seeing the last four digits as the reference in places like bill pay, for example.

    • 346

      This is some great feedback, Mark. Glad to hear that you’re as excited as we are for those releases. Your idea on nicknames is one that we’ve just passed on as well. We’ll be sure to let you know if that’s something we move on! Thanks again.

  184. 347

    I don’t know how long it is going to take. We need a mobile phone app that will allow check deposit by taking pictures. Come on ally! You have known about this for a very long time. Develop the app ASAP!

    • 348

      Thanks, Tyemoe. We are and will be sure to update you as its development progresses. We appreciate the comment though as well as your patience.

  185. 349

    What is going on with Ally Perks? It is a great feature and USED to work quite well. The last two “offers” have not worked correctly at all. One shows in my redeemed list but has not credited my account. The other still shows in my “available” list but has credited my account. This is getting awfully hard to keep up with. Has anyone else experienced the same issues?

    • 352

      Thanks for the comment, Steve. We don’t have a public ETA to share on that right now, but we can say that it’ll be coming in the near(er) future!

  186. 353
    Scott F.

    July 2nd 2010, that’s the first comment regarding the need for a mobile app. I’m beginning to think this page was just made to make us feel like Ally cares. Being an online bank with no mobile app almost sounds like a cheesy joke you would hear on a sitcom.
    By the way, if you guys release a iPhone app and NOT an Android app at the same time, I will definitely be leaving.

  187. 355

    When you guys develop an android app, dont forget to include ally perks.. i would love to have access to which stores i can earn cash back. I know it changes every now and then.

  188. 356

    I will be joining Ally as soon as you guys have an Android app. The concept of Ally lays the platform for effortless and stress free banking, but without check scanning and a mobile app, all of the removed stress was just shifted to a different problem.

  189. 358

    I just joined and Ally is great! Customer service is awesome and I love that you now have echeck deposit and a mobile app coming soon.
    I did want to ask, do you have any plans on developing a saving program? For example, if I wanted to save for a new computer, I could place that money into a separate space to accumulate so that I don’t have to use a credit card, etc. I know there is one new bank that is developing this and I find it pretty cool and useful. Just interested in what you have in the works. But its fabulous so far!

    • 359

      Thanks for the love, Juan. In regards to your saving program idea, many of our customers create separate accounts with nicknames (“New Computer,” for example) and use automated transfers to fund them each month. Just a thought, but we’ll definitely pass yours on as well. Thanks again!

  190. 361

    I just opened my accounts and I already love your service. The one thing I see lacking is a mobile app for android and iphone. I use my phone for everything and really need a mobile app for my android phone. Thanks.

  191. 363
    Frank Fitzgerald

    Just to make sure you can hear the other 50 comments on this Please get an IPHONE APP. If you do have one in the works please annouce a preliminary release date for the application as well.

    • 364

      We certainly appreciate your thoughts, Frank, and want you to know that your voice and desire for a mobile banking application is being heard.

  192. 365

    Will Ally ever consider:

    1. Offering an ATM-only card as a alternative to a debit card, or a way to permanently disable the debit function? I don’t (and will never) use debit cards because of their increased risks of asset loss if stolen compared to credit cards and ATM-only cards.
    2. Adding an account alert to send an sms and/or email whenever an amount over a set threshold is deducted from the account?
    3. Moving faster on the Blackberry app? (many business continue to use BBs over Android phones and still may for some time for various reasons…mostly security related).

    I’d like to know what Ally’s future plans are for these items. I have opened an Ally checking account but it is effectively useless to me and my business until these few items are addressed.

    Thank you.

    • 366

      We appreciate all of the suggestions, LQ, and hope that you’re a happy customer with us. Going to be passing on your comment though to our team to discuss. The second in particular is interesting as we think it’s the first time someone’s brought it up on Straight Talk. Thanks again!

  193. 367

    Could Ally consider placing funds that have been scheduled as transfers as amounts on hold from the account to help see exactly how much is left in the account?

    Also, is there any way to see pending transactions on the accounts?

    • 368

      It’s something that we’ll definitely pass along. Pending transactions are not yet available, and we’ve had a lot of feedback from customers interested in it, keep an eye out on that. Thanks for the comment.

  194. 369
    Adam D

    ++1 on android app! …i am an ally customer already but recently left one brick and morter bank for another solely b/c of a lack of android app. I am already setting up all my payment automated systems and due to the fact there is no app out yet I am setting up most payments w/ another bank. probably won’t change my system once in place, so ally will be my secondary option now.

    feature request…on a separate note, i would love to have the ability to have at least one debit card that I could put funds on it like a pre-loaded credit card -once the funds are out for the month, that is it. no overdraft or overdrawing of my account. just the card gets denied. I could give one to my wife or children for certain expenses w/o fear that i would be hit with extra fees! …will this ever become a reality????

  195. 371

    I’d appreciate some type of email notification when the android app is available. I come check this page every now and then, but email/text notification would be great.

    • 372

      Thanks for your note. We’ll certainly pass that along to the team over here. You can also keep an eye out on Twitter and our Facebook Page for any updates!

  196. 375

    Will you be working on the length of time it takes to transfer money from a non-Ally account to an Ally account? I did a transfer on Friday morning, got confirmation that funds would be available on the 6th. The money cleared the other account yesterday (the 5th), and is still not in my Ally account today. One chat rep this morning told me it would post within 2 hours (4 hours ago), and a second one told me the funds wouldn’t be available until tomorrow (the 7th). That’s ridiculous in my opinion—four business days for a transfer?

    Do you have any partnerships in the works to be able to deposit CASH at ATMs anywhere? I’m starting to regret switching my accounts over.

  197. 376

    iPhone App!!! I’m tired of waiting. You say this is straight talk, yet you said on 8/3/2010 in this same article that you were hoping for first half of 2011 launch date. Now you are saying early 2012. Give it to me straight! This needs to be a priority. I love your bank but have been postponing moving my accounts because I cannot check by balance on the fly. Enough with the asterisks, get it done.

    • 379

      Along with an iPhone app, we’re also working on an Android app during the first rollout as well, David! We’ll update our community as soon as we can.

  198. 380
    Dan Ellsweig


    I opened 2 Ally accounts last year when Bank Of America threatened to impose a monthly fee. I have been extremly happy with Ally since that time.

    I have kept the BOA account so I could use their ATM to make cash deposits and then transfer them to my Ally account.

    This month BOA started a 12$/month min bal fee. Its time to close this account!!!

    Can Ally offer any method to deposit cash – via an agreement with some other bank that has cash deposit capabilty?

    This could be a show stopper for me

    • 381

      We currently don’t offer a cash deposit feature, Dan. Should that change in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know. We’re glad to hear you’re a happy Ally customer.

    • 383

      We don’t have an exact date on the launch of our first mobile rollout, Jimmy but we’re still scheduled to launch the apps in April. Look our for updates on the Straight Talk Blog.

  199. 385

    I occasionally have to write a real paper check (eg, to a contractor) and I was very surprised to find out that I am unable to enter the check into my online checking account to keep track of my balance accurately. I was told that it will only be entered after it is cashed. This means that I have to either keep a separate transaction register like the old days or I have to remember that cash is already spent, neither are great choices for an online banking account. Your competitors already do this, what about you? This is sorely needed!

  200. 386

    Ally, I can’t believe you don’t announce interest rate changes before they happen, the way most other banks do. Making your customers have to find out on their own that their interest rate has changed behind their backs is not a good policy. A key rule is that customers don’t like surprises… Please, in the future, at least send an email notification to keep us in the loop and let us know what to expect.

  201. 388

    why do your deposits and transfers take so long? It seems like an online bank should be faster rather than slower than the traditional brick and mortar banks. I’m going through some banking changes which are challenging and bringing more business to ally, but the delay in fund transfers between external banks is a problem. It also seems like it is just done on purpose so that you can hold the extra money for the extra time.

  202. 389
    Danny S.

    As a .Net Developer and a loyal customer (love you guys!) It would be a great feature for your customers if you could set up alerts when a specific check clears instead of having to login to see if it cleared. Just my thought

  203. 390
    Alan G

    Have you all considered to promote Refer-A-Friend program? It could be a program that comes up a couple of times a year where the current Ally customer recommends Ally Bank and the Friend signs up and both receive a little incentive for the friend signing up. This would increase your customer base, as you know word of mouth is the best advertising.

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